Quick and secure access

Quick and secure access

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Thread: Quick and secure access

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    Quick and secure access

    I'm thinking about what I should be getting ready for in the way of my guns, since I recently found out I'm going to be a father. Kind of cool, so far, but I'm trying to make sure everything is ready come January.

    Obviously, sleeping with my .40 in the night stand drawer or the shotgun velcro'd under the bed isn't going to be an option much longer. However, I'd like something a bit closer than the gunsafe in my office across the house. I made sure to get a S+W so it won't fire without the magazine, but I know it would be amazingly stupid to depend on that ( illegal too, in Fla ).

    What options do the rest of you use with children in the house ? Quick access safe under the bed ? Trigger guard locks ? Super secret James Bond retinal scanner activated hidden panel ?

    What about when they are older ? When did you give them the keys/combo to the gun safe ? I'm not talking about gun training, but allowing them accees on thier own.

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    I use a gunvault on the nightstand. Has these little things you can feel in the dark to press the code. Easy to break into (with tools) so I don't keep a gun in there when I'm gone, it either goes with me or to someplace more secure. But at least I can sleep at night. Kids are 10 and 13ish. No code yet for them.
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    When my oldest little brother turned 9 and I deemed him responsible enough, I took him out shooting with me with my Marlin .22 and my uncle's Walther P22. He did great with it. He then got his own Red Ryder BB gun, and it took the curiosity out of it for the most part. He never really shows interest in the BB gun unless I'm out in the field shooting, but he'll end up shooting the 22 anyway.

    My youngest brother, 7, recently got a Daisy Buck BB rifle, basically a Red Ryder but much smaller/lighter and it has a fiber optic front sight.

    The rifles and shotguns stay locked, since pistols are our HD guns. The one pistol in my bedroom stays hidden, one on the fridge stays unloaded and out of general view with mag hidden nearby, and another stays hidden in the other bedroom. We never take them out without closing the door behind us so the kids can't see. My 9 year old has shot the Kahr P40 and he hates it, so I don't think he'd be too inclined to fire or play with it.

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    I use an electronic handgun safe on the nightstand. I leave it open while I'm sleeping and close it as soon as I wake up in the morning. Oh yeah, my kids are grown and all I have is the occassional sleepover by one of the grand kids.

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    I raised my children in another time , and in an area that accepts guns as tools . I kept longarms , and pistols ( other than my duty gun and bug ) locked in the gun cabnet . I also kept the drills , saws , routers , and other power tools locked in the tool cabnet . The kids got to work with guns and power tools almost anytime they wanted to under parental supervision , and understood that they are dangerous . By the time they were 6 or so they could safely unload any gun in the house , as well as safe any power tool i owned . I did not so much kid proof my guns as gun proof my kids . At times when i had too many guns for the cabnet they set in my closet secured togeather by leg irons ( hey it was free to me and avalable ) which we had a bunch of keys to around the house .. MY kids were never a worry , its other kids comeing over i worryed about . BTW i still use a set of handcuffs , or legirons to secure unattended firearms when not at home ( say at a hotel when i step out for a meal i secure them to plumbing with cuffs ect. ) . Some how if the maid comes in there is no complaint , no gun is bothered , and she seems to do a great job on the cleaning , many times with extra towells that i did not ask for lol .
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    Gun Vault under the bed works great. You can open it at night when you turn in, close it back up in the am. My other guns remain in my main safe, and as far giving them access on their own. That has not happened yet and doubt it will any time soon. Teenagers can be amazingly stupid, even more so when there is a group of them and I don't trust their friends. My children have been taught gun safety, but who they bring around, I have no idea what their background is.

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    Until recently, I’ve slept with my P229’s night sight glowing at me from my bed side table. My wife recently asked me to make other arrangements because my 1 ½ year old is now walking & can just about reach the bed side table top. I did a bunch of research & came up with this http://www.adgsports.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=106 There are 3 spring loaded models under $100.00 & the quality is good. I’m not counting on it keeping my firearm out of the hands of a thief, just my son or other’s who happen to be curious. As soon as I’m out of my PJ’s & have a cup of coffee in my hand, the P229 goes on my person. All other weapons & ammo is stored securely elsewhere.

    Hope this helps, just my 2 cents.

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    I've got what is essentially the 1st safe in the link from gisharp. I keep two of my three pistols in there. My Glock 23 which will be my EDC (once I actually receive my permit from the country). Is only in there when going out of town.

    at night when I turn in, it goes in my nightstand drawer...which can't be opened without waking me..when I wake up.. it gets put up out of the reach of the kids (3 years, and 18 months) until I'm ready to go to work, and then it goes with me into the car.

    When my oldest is a little older I'll introduce him to guns and start ensuring that he understands the basic safety stuff... till then, I keep them out of the kids' reach..and locked up when I'm not around.

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    Kids are curious they are also capable of learning good habits. Teach them gun safety. Like someone else said we raised ours in an earlier more gun accepting time. All I ever did was unload the guns and kept the ammo somewhere away from the guns. The kids learned to use and care for guns as soon as I thought they were ready.
    Now that they are adults I still enjoy giving them guns as gifts, they have families coming up and I expect they will keep the respect for guns and their safe use a family tradition.
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    First of all congratulations.

    Actually you have quite some time to prepare. I would say that come January you will have even more reason to have something close. Once you look into your baby's eyes you will do anything to protect it.

    I have 2 12 year olds and a 2 year old. I sleep with a pistol on the nightstand beside my head. My first move in the morning is to secure the weapon either in my holster or the safe in my closet.

    You don't have to spend a ton of cash. I bought a little Honeywell digital safe and mounted it in my closet at eye level. Cost was about 70 bucks. Here is a link. http://www.everysafe.com/Honeywell-2050-HNW1027.html
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    I have two kids, 6 and 3 and keep all my guns locked. I use a gunvault under my bed for my Glock 23. I like that it is secure but offers quick access w/the keypad at night. The other handguns and long guns are in a basement safe. Although I grew up w/my dad's guns hanging on the living room wall, we live in different times and I don't believe that "hiding" a gun from kids is good enough. They need to be locked. There are too many variables that involve neighbor kids, babysitters and curious guests to leave guns unsecured. I think Redneck Repairs is right with training his kids to use all tools (guns included) properly. I've already introduced my 6 year old to the guns and let him hold the .22 that he will be shooting when I feel like he is ready.

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    Gun security & access

    Kids, especially boys, are naturally curious, particularly about things that are off limits to them....like firearms. I have two sons, the older who is now a police officer. My guns were never mentioned or displayed to them until they were 12 and 10 respectively, when they were old enough to be taught about gun safety and responsibility. They were informed that guns are not toys, that they are tools that must be handled safely; that guns are capable of causing serious injury or death. Gun safety was repeatedly stressed ... all guns are to be considered loaded; the next rule was "check it twice", visually and digitally, to insure that it is unloaded. Then, the muzzle must always be pointed in a safe direction; and proper handgun grip was taught, with the trigger finger always indexed OFF the trigger. They were allowed to handle my Walther PPK at any time... but only if they asked permission and demonstrated their knowledge of gun handling safety. The always pointed the muzzle safely, removed the magazine and opened the slide to visually check that it was unloaded (it always was), and to "check it twice" by feeling with a finger for a cartridge in the barrel. They were taught proper sight picture and trigger control by dry firing. Finally, the next summer I took them out to a safe area and taught them to shoot with a .22LR pistol. Since then, they have embraced safe shooting and I've never had to worry about them misusing firearms.

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    Isteki fingerprint-access safe, worth every penny! If something goes 'crash' in the night and the adrenaline starts moving I don't want to force myself to fumble with a keypad. Mash your thumb on the sensor & it's good to go. My kids are 4.5 and 3.

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    There are so many small one or two pistol safes out there now with electronic speed locks, reasonable in price that it just doesn't make sense not to have one if you have kids.

    As far as how old they should be? Well that depends on you and how your kids handle responsibility.

    Massad Ayoob was carrying a concealed .45 colt automatic working in his fathers jewelry store when he was 11 years old.

    Now I would say that he was more the exception rather than the rule, but he grew up in a gun family and his father owned a "high-risk" business so growing up with a level of maturity seemed mandatory.

    Still there are a lot of competative shotgun and pistol shooters in the junior class who are barely in their teens.

    Just realize that children have a natural curiosity and if guns are "OFF LIMITS", eventually they will find a way to circumvent your wishes and that's when tragedies happen.

    I feel if you own firearms, especially defensive arms, then the kids should be introduced to them at the earliest possible age. At least to the extent of letting them shoot them under close supervision and to instill in their minds the destructive power a gun can deliver.

    Allowing them free access to the firearms should be dependant on trust, their level of maturity, and the amount of responsibility they demonstrate over the years.

    There have been more than one 10 or 11 year olds who have used a gun to save another family members life against a home intruder in this country, and thank god, in those cases, the child had access to the gun and the where-with-all on how to use it.
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