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This is a discussion on Gun Show Shooting within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There is one more possibility; a friend of mine went to a gunshow, and stopped to look at a .45 (1911). He asked permission to ...

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Thread: Gun Show Shooting

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    There is one more possibility; a friend of mine went to a gunshow, and stopped to look at a .45 (1911). He asked permission to handle the pistol, picked it up, and checked the chamber. There was a round in it. He told the vendor, who knew that the firearm was empty, and had been handled by other show attendees. An announcement was made immediately to check all firearms on the floor, but nothing else was found. Either some dangerous idiot wanted to cause a problem, or someone wanted to discredit gun shows. Luckily, it didn't happen, but if someone with less training had picked up the pistol, the outcome could have been terminal.
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    I was at a gun show once many years ago and there was a ND. If the sound of a 45ACP going off in the building didn't get your attention the sounds of all those weapons being cycled and checked sure did. Luckily gun was pointed in a safe direction when it was shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bashful View Post
    The incident occurred at a high-caliber gun and knife show at the George R. Brown Convention Center.
    :( That sounds like Houston! I haven't heard about it and I live here, so fortunately it wasn't publicized much.

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    Another reason why we have to be stringent about observing safety rules. It seems that only the "unloaded" guns "go off by themselves"

    Hopefully no one was seriously injured.


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    They had a round lit off at a show locally. There was quite a bit of a howl, as you can imagine. The version I heard was that the dealer had loaded it to carry while he carried his wares into the convention center. Then, when done, he emptied the magazine and put it on the table with the other ones he was selling. You know what happens next...
    I think that people forget that guns in a store, show, or classroom are NOT "off duty." I gave a guy in a gun store a bit of a look one time while he was pointing some type of bolt action rifle at me (bolt closed). He gave me the "Don't be a wuss, it ain't loaded" look. I just left. I recently saw a student/officer unload a gun for in-service training, and muzzle discipline vanished. Hopefully, that is fixed. It almost seems that a few people think that these "off duty" or "off work" guns won't discharge since they aren't at a range. The rules aren't just for the range.
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    Well....if he did have the AD/ND at the checkin table, while trying to show it was unloaded, he might get off with a slap on the hand, the injury of course & a whole lot of embarassment. If he had the gun go off after the checkin, by not declaring it....he could loose his Texas CHL, if he has one, be charged with a felony & of course go to jail. I hope that he is OK physically, because the storm he is about to be a part of is going to change his world in a big way. The bad thing affects us all. The anti's will jump on this like a buzzard on roadkill. If I take a gun into one of our Texas Gunshows, I unload the gun, lock the slide open or leave the cylinder out, and no magazine or rounds in the cylinder. I always hand it to the officer there with the muzzle pointing at me, grip first.

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