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Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"?

This is a discussion on Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Been carrying for so long I don't feel properly dressed without it....

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Thread: Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"?

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    Member Array Excalibur's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Been carrying for so long I don't feel properly dressed without it.

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    It has definitely changed my life style to some degree. JDLV nailed most of the highlights. I do see myself being 'nicer', trying harder to avoid confrontations. I have changed my dress as well. I do not tuck in my T-shirts, polos and even dress shirts, depending on venue. Do not frequent as many of the restaurants i used to due to Ohio laws in regards to alcohol. I also do not give my money to businesses that fear law abiding permit holders. If I do decide to drink, it is in the same mind thought as driving. Alcohol means no keys and no gun! Good thread!
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    Apr 2007
    I am new to ccw but it is amazing if you have a great carry weapon that is easily concealed that you can become very Comfortable. I have noticed myself forgetting I even have it on. Feels odd to be with out it.

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    Member Array d.40v's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    I voted yes, but after thinking about it I'm not sure if the change came from obtaining my license or having my son. I didn't really think about getting it until I knew my son was on the way. I've always had guns in the house, but realizing how defenseless I was while out and about started to haunt me. I don't know what I'd do if my family got hurt and all I could do was stand there and watch. I know that having a gun is not a guarantee that nothing will happen, but at least I have the mindset and ability to do something to protect them. My clothes have not changed, and I still do everything I did before, but I am more aware of my surroundings and do what I can to avoid trouble. I never looked for trouble before, but I don't think I really thought things through as I do now.

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    VIP Member Array mcp1810's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    I voted yes. I have only been carrying on a daily basis for about six months, but when I went back to the Peoples Republic of Maryland for a weekend I felt naked! I also noticed how many idiots were now patronizing my old hang outs. I now drink as much in a month as I used to on a typical friday night. I used to tuck, now I go untucked except for a few pairs of shorts, and then I use the fanny pack.

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    Sep 2006
    Dallas, Tx
    I voted yes but to be honest the main change is in the way I dress. Now my casual wear is 5.11 shorts with and underarmour tee shirt and either a vest or a size too large tee shirt or polo shirt with the tails out.

    I never did go to bars or to places that would get me in trouble and I generally watched my temper pretty well.

    The other change is taking my gun off to go into my kids school.

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    Senior Member Array glock21guy's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Other than how I dress to some extent, no. In reality I dress with more style than I did before.

    If you don't protect your self, who will?

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    Member Array Alien Nation's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Carrying fit the lifestyle I already had so well IT just blended in. I agree with a couple of the others, I feel incomplete when I don't have my gun on me. Course I had one gun or another on my right hip(or just behind it at the 3:30-4:00 position) for bout 15 years now.
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    Jul 2006
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    Says It All...

    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Sure it affects my lifestyle but it does not define my lifestyle.
    My lifestyle has not really changed! Wearing a loose fitting shirt to cover the weapon effects my dress, but does not define any 'new' dress.

    Am I more cognizant of those around me? Yes, but I have never really trusted most people I understand, more clearly, why...

    Has my temper 'cooled'?...yes, the weapon has created part of that, but so has age and experience...

    I believe that the 'older' CCW'ers here may view life experiences in a different weapon has not really changed my lifestyle as much as 'life' has changed my lifestyle...the weapon is just added protection, awareness, and confidence...


    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Ex Member Array HOLYROLLER's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Spokane, WA
    I will make an honest list of what has changed;

    -It costs an extra $15 every trip to Walmart.
    -I look for XXL instead of XL shirts.
    -Spare time is spent in this forum.
    -When I stop at the magazine rack, its at the Gun section.
    -Any spare $$ I can scrounge goes into a secret "Next Gun Fund".
    -Its a topic of conversation at work almost daily.
    -In public, I find myself staring at men's waistline (looking for a print) more than before...which was never!

    Having said all of that, I put that much effort and research into everything I do at first (knives, bikes, painting, photography, etc), and when I have learned enough to be comfortable I naturally back off a bit. Life boils down to #1, 2, & 3 cannot change, therefore there is only enough time and resources left over for few things.

    I guess thats the struggle, I probably resent the pressure to give more focus to gun / defense issues because I am unable to give it.

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    Senior Member Array DirtDawg's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by jdlv4_0;
    Why is it that you always find things at the last place you looked?
    Because when you find something-you stop looking-Mooch

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    VIP Member Array goldshellback's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Back home in Louisiana !!!!

    CCW is a lifestyle.......just a concealed one

    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Sure it affects my lifestyle but it does not define my lifestyle.

    1. Clothing hasnt changed much with exception of looking for slightly larger (one size bigger) britches to accomadate an IWB holster and a
    quality belt......never realized good belts could cost so much.

    2. I review laws now....and not just CCW laws.

    3. I pay MUCH closer attention to the people and the area around me.

    4. Complete change in biggest change.....avoide ALL confrentions if/when possiable....ego has been set aside more than once. That and I won't allow myself to get as mad at the little things that REALLY irked me drive-thru fast food order never right, etc.

    5. This is serious business, carrying a sidearm,....and most people are oblivious to the obivious 99% of the time. I will NOT be one of those people anymore.

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    Senior Member Array Andy W.'s Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by 0.02 View Post
    Sure it changed my lifestyle, now I walk with a limp as I have a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 on my left hip in a home made holster I made out of a small trashcan, and I can no longer afford breakfast as I spend upwards of $200 per day on gun magazines..
    We need pics!

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    Member Array dls56's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Good post.
    I consider the changes made are all for the good. Many weren't changes in anything more than mindset and attitude. There is a world of truth in the phrase "An armed society is a polite society." All in all I feel more secure and a better person. It makes you think instead of just react.

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    Member Array whamonkey's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Spring Hill, Tn.
    Sure it affects your and such are a given, but mentally you put on the attitude as well. I think it's the exception rather than the rule, that those who CCW didn't have a marked lifestyle change.

    Anyway...polls are interesting but I don't give them much weight. I've changed, that's all I know for sure.

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