Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"?

Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"?

This is a discussion on Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The question has obviously come up HERE , some agree, some do not. In retrospect I've been thinking about some of the changes I've (we've) ...

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Thread: Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"?

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    JD [OP]
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    Do you feel that CCW effects your "Lifestyle"?

    The question has obviously come up HERE, some agree, some do not.

    In retrospect I've been thinking about some of the changes I've (we've) had to make since starting to carry a firearm.

    I've had to make sure that my clothing would conceal my firearm.

    I've had to buy new accessories to aid in CCW, I.E. a quality belt.

    Provide lockable storage for my vehicle.

    When making travel arrangements and plans I study reciprocity agreements and the laws of states that I may be traveling through and to.

    Airline travel, do I need to say more?

    I tend to me more aware of my surroundings and the people around me.

    My overall behavior has changed as well as some of my routines (mostly for the better). I have to deal with more idiocy in public in order to avoid any confrontations, no matter how small they will be, they could easily turn bad. Pending on what state I'm in I can't carry in some restauants. Nor do I frequent the bars any more.

    If I need to go into a Gov't facility I need to be aware of the laws and proper ways to secure my firearm.

    I am more aware of the law than I was prior.

    So lets here it, do you feel that it's a part of your lifestyle? How so, or why not?

    *Note Websters defines lifestyle as the following:

    The typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture.
    Wikipedia defines it as:
    In sociology,a lifestyle is the way a person lives. This includes patterns of social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. A lifestyle typically also reflects an individual's attitudes, values or worldview

    This is a private poll, feel free to voice your opinion, but lets keep it civil please.

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    Nope for the most part

    Don't Do anything i didnt do before still dress like a bum in loose Cloths so that covers worrying about printing

    Don't drink so Bars were never a issue

    Go to sporting so rarely would rather watch it at home where nachos and a pop dont cost me 20$ so its not a issue

    Never looked for trouble still don't

    I pretty well keep to myself always have

    Only thing that has changed is i stay aware of the Carry laws ..

    One other thing having a CCW here makes it lot easier to buy a handgun so i guess that effects it to

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    IMO, once you get the mindset that you will shoot to kill & start to carry, you've made a lifestyle change. If somebody wants to get in your face you are obligated by law to try and back away, you can no longer get back in their face for any reason.
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    Jdl honestly you need another option on your poll ... Too old in ccw to tell . It does not affect my lifestyle , but i honestly cannot say what my lifestyle would be had i not carried and took responsibility for my family as many years as i have ... I am starting to teach grandkids gun safety and shooting now , and my kids never knew me unarmed .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

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    Sure it affects my lifestyle but it does not define my lifestyle.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    JD [OP]
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Sure it affects my lifestyle but it does not define my lifestyle.

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    My signature defines it.
    Carry 24-7 or guess right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Sure it affects my lifestyle but it does not define my lifestyle.
    "The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
    Malcolm Forbes

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    Sure it changed my lifestyle, now I walk with a limp as I have a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 on my left hip in a home made holster I made out of a small trashcan, and I can no longer afford breakfast as I spend upwards of $200 per day on gun magazines..

    Anyway, I seem to recall the previous thread, I brought up the whole matter of semantics after another poster mentioned something about something and I attempted to appease him with logic, or 'something'... it slid downhill after that and the whole notion of 'lifestyle' and guns became contentious. Or not.
    Which is why we are now voting.

    I voted 'sure'.

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    Sure it affects my lifestyle but it does not define my lifestyle.
    Another vote for Sixto.

    I maybe prefer to use the ''my way of life/living'' term anyways ..... I basically live my life much same with or without CCW but - certain 'aspects'' do require modification that's for sure.

    Things like awareness, primarily the enhanced ability to hopefully avoid trouble. Then too the effects on clothing choice tho - doubt that'd be real huge except in summer. Then there is the need to be cognissant of where one can or cannot carry - as Bud says - current carry laws.

    The other potential change is with regard to one's friends, contacts etc ....... there can still be times when carry is less easy and so ''plans'' sometimes have to change to work around things. Mindset is another thing naturally but that does not impact day to day living directly for most part.

    Overall change in way of life is minor in the broad picture but ...... the minutiae involved are important and very relevant - and IMO not to be dismissed.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    I feel it is a lifestyle. My lifestyle has changed. Ive bought alot of new clothes, and when I do buy clothes, I make sure its something I can conceal in. I never went to too many bars, but its very rare I go now. I dont drink a beer or 2 if I go out to eat anymore. I'm much more aware of my surroundings where I never really was before. I feel I would back down alot easier now from a confrontation. I have to think about where I'm going with friends and how I'm going to hide me carrying. My bank account has got smaller from buying guns and ammo. I sit where i can see the door, i never thought about it before.
    I feel it has been a big lifestyle change for me. I really dont do much less than I did before I started carrying, but it can change the way I do things.
    I think the people it would change the most would be the ones that use to spend alot of time in the bars and such. And some I guess still have permits and go to bars but maybe they just dont carry as much as others do.

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    Yep! I had to go buy more cover shirts! Seriously though, CC changes your whole way of thinking, acting in an insane world, hopefully for the better.
    "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier
    and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the
    service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the
    love and thanks of man and woman."

    -- Thomas Paine (The American Crisis, No. 1, 19 December 1776)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Sure it affects my lifestyle but it does not define my lifestyle.

    Probably the most truthful response anyone can make.

    HELGA: Where are you going?
    HAGAR: To sign a peace treaty with the King of England.
    HELGA: Then why take all those weapons?
    HAGAR: First we gotta negotiate...

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    I didn't vote, becuase you didn't have a spot for, "been doing it so long I can't remember"

    Some minor effects I guess. I really can't say what though.

    EDIT: I'm going to add something because I think the above answer was sort of a cop out. I have been around guns since day one. Kept a gun in my bedroom since I was little, and in my car since I could drive. So, I can see where some people's lives might change when they are awakened to the "sheepdog" mindset. I just grew up like that, thanks to my Dad and Mom. The transition to CC for me was not really a big deal. In fact it was a gradual progression I guess. It's just the natural thing for me to be armed whenever I can an to be prepared to protect myself and my family. No drama, just being prepared. Not something I fret over, sort of like breathing, I just do it as a part of everyday life.

    RE-EDIT- oh yeah.. I have some smaller lighter guns now.
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    When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow. Semper Fi.

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    I will admit that when I first got my permit, when I lived in Nevada, it was a bit of a novelty. I already had the "outfits", as they were the way I normally dressed prior to the permit.

    Once I moved to North Carolina, I didn't immediately get my permit. I waited for some time before I persued it. Time and money would never come together at the same time.

    I had a chance to grow up a little more and realize what it meant. My lifestyle has undergone many changes over the course of the last 17 years, and carrying a gun has been a portion of it, but I was the same guy then that I am now, I just have matured enough to know that I am my only first line in this world. Now with the wife and kids, that understanding has become solidified.
    "A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in ... And how many want out." British Prime Minister Tony Blair

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