Cleaning your pocket carry gun

Cleaning your pocket carry gun

This is a discussion on Cleaning your pocket carry gun within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you pocket (or ankle) carry, how often do you clean your gun, and do you perform a full cleaning as if you had returned ...

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Thread: Cleaning your pocket carry gun

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    Question Cleaning your pocket carry gun

    If you pocket (or ankle) carry, how often do you clean your gun, and do you perform a full cleaning as if you had returned from the range, or some abbreviated version?

    I recently started to pocket carry a PM9 in a Galco pocket holster that leaves the barrel end open. I'm just curious as to the maintenance that others do on their pocket carry pieces.


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    I shoot at least once a month... and I clean them after I shoot.

    I don't really give the pocket gun special consideration unless it specifically gets dirty...i.e I spill something on it, step in a puddle or mud when I'm ankle carrying etc.
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    Pocket (usually) or ankle a 442. Visual inspection nightly when it goes into the safe. Clean weekly.
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    Daily - visual inspection - and removal of any "pocket lint" etc. Everyday Sunday I field strip and wipe down, and check it. I don't do a full cleaning on it unless I take it to the range. I do visually check it often, and check for proper function.
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    Haven't cleaned mine now in a long time. I am trying to make it not work just to see what it would take. I have carried it like this for over a year, and no failures. I am going to the range in a couple of weeks, when I do, it will get shot. Failure or not, it is getting a cleaning and part inspection this time.
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    inspect it every day , more often depending on environment if on the ankle . a full cleaning once a week or as needed if sooner ( being in an extremely dusty job ect.. ) Remember that Kahr pms like to run wet , and oil attracts and retains grime . When i say inspect i mean before i pocket/ strap on the little pm i unload , and pop the slide off the frame to see just what is in the nooks and crannys of the barrel hood as well as rail spaces ect. If i am doing a filthy or dusty job ( some earth work , grinding grain ect... ) I may well give it a quick visual glance a time or two thro out the day .
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    check mine about once a week. Mainly just remove a little pocket lint and then if it looks dry will go back an put a little oil on it, but this is rare. Usually shoot it at the range before this happens.

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    I check mine once a week. Once a month, I'll check it more throughly and see if lube is needed. Found it can accumulate a LOT of pocket lint, holster does not prevent that.

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    My P3AT gets cleaned weekly, whether it was carried often that week or not.
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    I don't pocket carry often but when I do, I check it before carry and after for lint and debris. Clean after every shoot. At least once a month, more like every two weeks.
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    My pocket carry is a model 60 & it gets cleaned after shooting & wiped down at least once a week.

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    A can of compressed air like you would use to clean your computer out with is great for getting pocket lint (or lint from undershirts from IWB carry) out of pistols.
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    Yup, you gotta give them a little extra attention with pocket lint lurking. I'll give them a blast from my air compressor to get all that out, and I inspect it a little more. I wish I could say I do it daily, but that just doesnt happen.
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    Any carry gun can get lint, debris , ect in it. I try to atleast weekly clean out the lint and dust on my carry gun.
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    I clean my firearms after each use. I shoot my concealed carry handguns often.

    I wipe the concealed carry gun down after toting it each day.

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