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CCW'ers that DON'T carry

This is a discussion on CCW'ers that DON'T carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Myself I just got my permit about 2 weeks ago. I originally got it for carry while hiking but plan on carrying all the time. ...

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Thread: CCW'ers that DON'T carry

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    Myself I just got my permit about 2 weeks ago. I originally got it for carry while hiking but plan on carrying all the time. However I live on the border of ME and still have to get my NH permit to carry there where all the shopping is.
    Just got a blade tech holster I ordered but the gun sticks out away from my body to much to conceal, so I am off in search of something better that has a cant to it. Will absolutely start carrying once I find a holster.

    I can understand why people only carry sometimes as that was my own plan, but the more I read the more I think I don't want to be caught in a life/death situation with out protection. I live in a rural area that I thought was very safe but my instructor was telling me that there have been a lot of home invasions around here lately and authorities are keeping it quiet. Scary.

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    I follow the military policy of "Don't ask, don't tell". It's nobody elses business (unless I decide to tell them) whether I carry or not and it's none of my business whether someone else does/doesen't and why. If someone wants to bring up the question and asks me, I'll give my opinion, otherwise, I consider it a personal choice and we all have our own reasons why we decided to carry or not to carry.
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    I know 2 guys at work who don't carry, but got their CHL because they wanted to exercise their rights. NOt comfortable with guns...but feel they should be able to if they decide to.
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    I'll expand on why I don't carry everyday, since it's hard for some people to understand.

    I can't carry at work, or any of the local lunch establishments that I can get to, due to 'no guns' signs or the fact that they also sell alcohol (Ohio, btw). So this means I would only be able to carry in the car, and I'd have to lock it up in the car whenever I leave.

    One problem, I drive a soft-top jeep that can't really be locked, and the center console has been busted from the last break-in (while I was at work). I don't have the cash to buy a metal box, or metal console insert ($180) that can secure my gun. So basically, I don't really have any options. ....Unless someone wants to make me a steel box for 20 bucks...

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    I know of two people related to me who don't.

    One doesn't at all, and has likely let his permit expire. In fact, he lectured me about how I might be inclined to shoot somebody "just because I'm armed" and how I should write and article for SWAT on why it's probably better to not carry. He's been ostracized from the family for many reasons involving his own stupidity, so he doesn't concern me much.

    The other doesn't carry during the work day because he's incredibly set in his ways and doesn't want to adjust his wardrobe to accomodate. He owns his business, so it's not like there's a law against him carrying there. One of the former owners of his store was murdered right there in that store.
    "Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." - Yoshimi Ishikawa

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    Thanks for the replies

    Thanks for the great replies.

    I think we're all agreed that it's pretty much up to the individual. It is after all, a right to carry, not a duty to carry.

    I just wonder WHY some people don't carry. Looking at many of the responses, it seems a lot of them fall into the 'hassle' category, with the issue being either a requirement to constantly disarm due to polices and/or laws, or a requirement to conceal perfectly, so it's a hassle to dress around it (thats the main reason I might not carry on a particular day).

    So, I guess we just need to chip away at those obstacles.

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    My dad got is waiting on his and the only reason he has it is so he can use my car with out concern. I do not always have my .32 on me and sometimes it is in the seat compartment not the glovebox. In Ky glovebox is not considered concealed but in the seat compartment it is. Thsi was mainly just to take care of this concern if he were to get stopped in my car.

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    My father has already admitted to me that were a concealed weapons permit available in Wisconsin he would apply for it though he doesn't think he'd carry much, if at all.

    His rationale is that they live in a very rural area, and surrounding areas were they shop, live, go to church, eat and visit, are small communities of low crime and gentle people. While it is still not perfect, in 50 years of living in that community he has never had one single instance where he was in fear for his life and so he thinks he would not have to carry in those areas.

    He says he would mostly get his permit to a) have the option to carry if he ever feels he will need it or if he's going someplace else in the state where people are not as "down home" as his home community and to b) exercise his right to obtain a permit and get its popularity up.

    He believes even one person getting their permit (even if they don't use it very much) shows the government that people enjoy that right and that they want to keep it.

    He wants Wisconsin to allow concealed carry, he wishes he at least had the option to carry if he wanted to. He wants his kids who still live in the state to have that option. He thinks it's fabulous that I carry and loves talking to me about it and about helping to spread the word to get more people interested. He would advocate and speak out positively about it, though he's admitted he wouldn't do it often himself.

    To him, it's more important to have the ability than to actually do it. It's about rights to him and about exercising those rights or at least having the option to do so.

    Who knows, maybe he would change his mind once the option was available.

    I think he feels he'd have to buy all new belts and holsters and clothes, and for sure he'd have to buy a new handgun.. all of his are collectors items that predate the 1900s. Many of them are so old he doesn't even know if they work. I think he only has one revolver that would be reasonable for home-defense or carry though it's quite large.

    At nearly 65 years old, he'd have to do some shopping and while he's quite knowledgeable about calibers and older weapons, he's not very up to date on modern guns and what would be good for concealed carry and he doesn't take change very well at all (and he DEtestS what he likes to call "TOY guns" (i.e. polymer). He doesn't even like aluminum. He's probably end up carrying an all steel 1911 if I know my Dad).

    The point is, at least for my Dad, and probably for others, they know they wouldn't carry much, but they think that themselves and others should at least have the option and they get their permit to show their support.

    I've seen it a few times in the shop I work at. People who get their permit and say that they just want the option should they ever, later, decide to get into it.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all.

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    I got my CCW back in '05 and carry at all times with the exception of to and from work as I work on a Federal installation - that would be a big "no no" if caught. Not worth it. Also, finally the wife has decided to get her CCW and will be taking classes in the next few weeks - she will be carrying. With everything happening in the news lately, she is starting to see the light - especially since we have 3 daughters, 15, 13, and 13.
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    I carry 24/7, even when at home, but I do have a friend at work who recently got his permit but does not carry. I don't think he even has a gun he would consider a carry gun yet. He took the course with his son who gave it to him for Christmas. They took the course together. I keep giving him a gentle prod from time to time.

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    Got the license simply to get around the Brady check - this was before the so-called "instant check" system was operating - with no real intention to carry every day.

    Once I had the card, it seemed natural to excercise my rights and good judgement, and carry.

    The thought of possibly needing to defend myself and/or my wife, having a carry license, but no pistol on my person, cured me of what I consider my laziness (note I am not attacking anyone else, who chooses not to carry).

    Now, my pistol is on my hip whenever I am in a place that it is legal. It seems only prudent.

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    My wife dose not carry very much, I would like her too carry more.

    If you don't protect your self, who will?

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    My only thought about not carrying is, I'd hate to have a gun stuck in my face, have a permit in my back pocket, but my gun is at home.
    You know how Murphy likes to visit.

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    A lot of the people I know here in NC got their CCW just so they wouldn't have to hassle with getting a pistol permit. Its required to purchase a handgun and you have to wait 7 days to receive after applying for it at the sheriff's dept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncffp163 View Post
    A lot of the people I know here in NC got their CCW just so they wouldn't have to hassle with getting a pistol permit. Its required to purchase a handgun and you have to wait 7 days to receive after applying for it at the sheriff's dept.
    + no school no on base no post office,bank, most resturants hospital, I think Dr office, etc some states it is hard. We went through this just a few months back ........................................

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