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CCW'ers that DON'T carry

This is a discussion on CCW'ers that DON'T carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The laws are so limiting in GA. If the restrictions removed food establishments w/drinks, I would be OK. I can go out to eat and ...

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Thread: CCW'ers that DON'T carry

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    The laws are so limiting in GA.

    If the restrictions removed food establishments w/drinks, I would be OK. I can go out to eat and not drink.

    I would carry when I was out and about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post

    I say, to each their own and don't hassle them over it.
    Well stated! To each their own. Not everyone is hardcore about concealed carry...

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    I think it is up to the person if they want to carry or not. Atleast they can carry "legally" if they want to and not illegaly like alot of people in this world today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyccw View Post
    I am in process of getting my CCW here in KY, but will not be carrying, at least initially. I am pretty new to the whole scene (though I have thought about it for years) and as such, I want to get plenty of range time and practice in before I would consider carrying on any sort of regular basis. That said, I am obtaining my CCW at this time for a few reasons.
    1. It will ease my first handgun purchase
    2. It relieves any knife carrying concerns.
    3. Ease of 'carrying' a handgun to and from range (or wherever) while getting acclimated to a potential regular carry situation.

    I guess an important aspect to it is that I would not want to carry until I can do so in a manner that is responsible and with the appropriate level of experience. The last thing I would want to do is have my inexperience create a situation that would tarnish the image of those who carry. I see it as a big responsibility and as such don't want to jump in too quickly.
    Sounds like a thoughtfull process to me. I can't imagine carrying without being properly informed. This site has been a blessing. There really is alot to know to do it right and one must have the right attitude. I wish everyone that carried would be as concerned as you and would tap into this site as well. Good luck

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    I have an uncle and cousin that love to shoot. Have ccw and loads of guns and ammo, but don't carry concealed. Don't know why, never asked. I carry all day every day. Some people will fill you full of reasons and excuses, most just don't feel comfortable with it, and that's ok. It is a lifestyle change and some people just can't make that change.
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    I am two weeks into having my permit and plan to carry all the time, I do have to air travel at lease every 6 weeks and will take my gun along, I can check it in baggage in a lockbox. Just picked up Thunderwear concealment holster for work and purchased the 5.11 holster shirt. I carry a small P3AT for work, which is easy to conceal and plan on getting a .45 once I am back in MI. My son had his permit before me and he carries all the time. What a privilege.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biloxi Bersa View Post
    Opened the same thread in October, 2006 ("Permit but no carry?).

    A lively discussion.

    Permit but no carry?

    Can't fix stupid.
    Even tho I dont understand having a permit and not carrying, when I first set out to get mine, I didn't know if I'd carry all the time or not. I just wanted the "option" to carry if I wanted to. After educating myself on the matter, I realized it would be a good idea to carry all the time.
    If one doesnt have a permit , there is no way to legally take a gun if you feel the need to without the permit . I don't believe someone is stupid if they have a permit and doesn't carry. Its a choice. Personally, I look at it as an advantage to have a gun on me , some don't.

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    I just wonder WHY some people don't carry.
    Its all about Mindset. While its true that many dont because of legalitys of it, those that dont when they can simply dont understand how quickly things can happen to them. They have considered the ramifications of not being armed and accepted it.

    Looking at many of the responses, it seems a lot of them fall into the 'hassle' category, with the issue being either a requirement to constantly disarm due to polices and/or laws, or a requirement to conceal perfectly, so it's a hassle to dress around it (thats the main reason I might not carry on a particular day).
    Yeah its a hassle alright, but it is the lesser of two evils. Its not near as much of a hassle as going to the Emergency Room to get repaired because something happened to you that you didnt expect. It is a hassle to dress around it, but not near the hassle of watching someone you love or even a friend lose their life while you stood by and did nothing...because you left your gun at the house.

    It is a choice and one that we all make it should be.

    But how would one feel if they could have made a difference if they were armed, and they didnt make a difference because they werent?

    Yeah...there is a 99 percent chance that nothing will ever happen if you carry a gun...but that ONE percent looks alwful big if it happens to be your turn.
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    I have two 9mm guns that I carry. One is a Glock 19 and the other is a Taurus pt 111. Sinse these are a mid and small frame guns they are easy to carry without haveing any disconfort. I'm armed 99% of the time. I think that people who carry the larger and heaver guns will not carry as much due too the hassel involved. this is just my thought .

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