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Been compromised in public?

This is a discussion on Been compromised in public? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Almost all of my holsters are from Fist, with clips... You couldn't remove the holster with 'two' hands...the clip must be opened...tough clip... That would ...

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Thread: Been compromised in public?

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    Almost all of my holsters are from Fist, with clips...
    You couldn't remove the holster with 'two' hands...the clip must be opened...tough clip...

    That would be embarrassing though...glad it work out well...

    Stay armed...hang on to your gun...stay safe!

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    I've told most of these here before, so I'll be brief.

    - ~30 years ago in Harvard Square, PRC (MA). Sat down in the restaurant before removing my coat (wore holster SOB). Got up and went to put the jacket on, didn't realize that the entire wall behind me was mirrored! Waiters and bartender were acting very antsy . . . i realized that I was outed and we left before anything happened.

    - Town Meeting at the High School auditorium. I got up to speak and heard many gasps behind me. Realized that the light jacket I was wearing rode up over the butt of my gun (SOB holster again). Chuckled to myself since if anyone said anything to any of the officers present they would have been told 'he's one of us".

    - I've had a few "clatter" on men's room floor incidents with these same cheap leather IWB holsters (the ones that fit almost any gun . . . equally badly)! Each time I retrieved it, no harm no foul. Now I'm a lot smarter and pay real money for real holsters which won't just drop a gun on me.

    Another SOB holster story. I "met" an experienced female shooter from VA on a MA focused eList many years ago. She took a sabbatical from the VA college she taught at and came up to the Boston area to teach for a semester. We arranged to meet for some range time a couple of times. Afterwards we went out for lunch at the local Chinese restaurant. All of a sudden she tells me "oh, oh" her holster came off, so she carefully made her way to the ladies' room to fix it. Also a SOB holster!

    If you buy good quality holsters, customized for the gun and a good gun belt, you won't have these problems!!

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    Dropped my 642 in a mattress store right in front of the sales person. I was lucky that we were the only ones in the store at the time.

    I was being stupid. I had my 642 in my pocket with no holster. This was before I came to believe in the pocket holster. I now have a Mica's and use it often. Works well.
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    I carry owb and let me tell ya, on my way into the grocery store today I was printing big time. The wind was blowing so hard it had my shirt plastered to my body for all the world to see. My wife said "honey, you can see your gun through your shirt" and I said "thanks dear...I know"
    I just kept walking and hoped nobody took notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HnKuspDude View Post
    Has anything like this happened to any of you guys or gals? What did you do?

    Fortunately, no, it has not happened to me. Sounds like you made a decent recovery, and will learn better carry techniques as a result.

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    I was walking into a Wal-mart the wind blew my shirt out like a cape exposing my XD in a OWB. I don’t think anyone other then myself noticed. No one ran screaming from the area nor did I get a tap on the shoulder from a LEO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeDun View Post
    I carry owb and let me tell ya, on my way into the grocery store today I was printing big time. The wind was blowing so hard it had my shirt plastered to my body for all the world to see. My wife said "honey, you can see your gun through your shirt" and I said "thanks dear...I know"
    I just kept walking and hoped nobody took notice.
    People not acustomed to carrying don't really seem to notice or pay attention to it. I try to becareful and not let it happen but it's amazing what poeple just don't notice. Like it just doesn't register. A couple years ago or so I worked in a friends tattoo shop temporarily to help him out. I wore my gun every day. many times I bent down to pick something up or twisted to my left pointing my right finger at something ect ect. My buddy knew I had it and stated that no one ever noticed. Three of the other artists were very suprised to learn that I carried. They were all good friends that never knew I carried at all but since we were now working together it seemed right to me to let them know. They were comforted by the fact. They all said they had seen something poking at my shirt at times but it never occured to them it would be a gun.
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    I was over a female friend's place. As I got up my shirt revealed my XD9. It must not have bugged her too much because I've been over since and once,I think I caught it without anyone noticing, in a store
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    Nope, never happened to me..

    But I love reading the stories of those that it has happened to!

    Let me rephrase my original statement - Nope, it hasn't happened to me... YET. I hope when and if it does, I handle it as good as some of you.
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    Sounds like the moral of the story is....... Dont use an Uncle Mikes IWB holster.

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    I'm surprised my husband hasn't checked into this thread yet. He has a more interested story to tell than I do, but I'll let him tell it.

    I've never had a public oops. I've had a few "wardrobe malfunctions" but nothing so bad as to spill my gun out on a public floor.

    I dropped my gun out of a shoulder holster at a tanning salon but it wasn't in public (I was in the little tanning booth room) and all anyone heard was the very loud CRASH from it falling and hitting the floor.

    I guess there have been a few times at stores or something where reaching has made my gun show, but that's understandable.

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    I am a lefty and carry my wallet in my left rear pocket.

    I went to pay for something at Wal-Mart. Without thinking, I swept my shirt back to get to the pocket exposing the but of my Taurus. The cashier saw it and kind of gasped as if she had seen a ghost. When I went to hand her my card I noticed she was still looking at my waistline in the area that I have the gun. She stuttered for a second then regained her composure and carried on like nothing ever happened. She handled it well. She looked me in the eyes as she handed my card back, so we exchanged courtesies.

    I got a chance to educate her later on about carry, but that is another story for another time.

    That is the only one that I can think of at the moment.
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    I do not carry as of yet in public. no CCW yet. however to prepare myself to be ready for anything i do carry my holsters(s) still trhroughout the day and night even at home or the store. I have been noticing that as my lovely wife shrinks my work shirts that sometimes on my new M&P bladetech OWB holster shows some. mostly the bottom of the holster. however when i use my Don Hume for my S&W 910 IWB I never have this problem. EVER! somy conclusion is that, Bladetech holster are great, but not for me. so if anyone would like to buy a very nice Bladetech OWB holster for a .40 cal M&P let me

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    I walked in to Bass Pro Shops, to buy some ammo that was on sale. As I walked in, a security guard asked if I had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. I told him yes, and he then informed me that my gun was showing. When I checked, I found that my vest had risen when I got out of the car, and had come down behind the gun, exposing it. I puled the vest down properly, concealing the gun. The guard then asked to see my permit, which I pulled out of my wallet to show him. He then checked with his supervisor by radio, just to make sure that it was ok for me to continue on in to the store. The supervisor said that as long as the gun was concealed, everything was ok. The guard then apologized for taking my time. I told him that it was me, not him that should apologize. He was just doing his job. And, in fact, I was very grateful that he took the time to let me know that my gun was showing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HnKuspDude View Post
    Yeah, the clip sucks...Oh I can't wait, I had a Crossbreed for a Sig P245 and I really liked it, so I'm anxious to get it...I am trying the quick clip this time.
    Let me know how well that stays put. I chose the supertuck because I was so sick of my holster going wherever it felt like. Now I'm thinking about a quickclip so I can get it on easier after work.

    I still use my uncle mikes sometimes now that I've modified it. Seriously, a pair of pan-head screws (really short) will grab my 1 1/2" belt without grabbing my pants. Goofy as heck, but It makes the rig tolerable.
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