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This is a discussion on ammo, holsters etc around the house within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Bark'n First thing... the use of paneling is great method of hiding seams and creating hidden doors in walls. Second. If you ...

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Thread: ammo, holsters etc around the house

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    First thing... the use of paneling is great method of hiding seams and creating hidden doors in walls.

    Second. If you have a friend who is a magician who builds his own illusions, you're in luck. He can be very helpful. I have a friend I grew up with who is an illusionist and has built his whole house with a few secret rooms. He had the building inspector scratch his head a few times when reviewing his blue prints... he just said, It's a closet and directed his attention elsewhere. LMAO.

    Also there are a few books out on the market regarding this issue... one of them can be found at the below link.

    Here are a few other sites.

    Even if you don't use these products, you can get some creative ideas from them.

    Good Luck!
    Thanks I'll check those out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Put in a dummy safe full of concrete in a oblvious place.

    I always wanted to build some kind of secret rooms when I build my own house. That's won't be anytime soon though.
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    If I were a thief, and I found ammo or holsters, the LAST place I'd want to be when the owner came home was still in the house. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by semperfi.45 View Post
    I put everything gun/work related in the safe. Also, I have no LEO uniforms at home now. A guy I work with had uniforms hanging in his closet and the crew that broke into his house "stayed" a little longer to get open his safe and get his G22 duty and a G27.

    If I do have a uniform at home it goes in a garment bag. I guess "concealed is concealed" applies to all your junk too.

    Did they take the uniforms as well? I have heard of dirtbags stealing the LEO uniform to do other crimes. Hope your friend only lost the G22 and G27 (that is bad enough and the paperwork would be a bit in the a**! Not to meantion explaining it to the supervisor!!)

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    Just the guns and some jewelry into pilowcases.
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    If you should get a well experienced thief. He can probably sniff out your guns within 60 seconds. They are real savvy on where people hide things.
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    Maybe this would deter a criminal..

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    Guns are in the safes, but I have too many holsters & ammo. That stuff won't fit in my safes with the guns!

    If the BGs were to even find us, they would still have to deal with the dogs & armed home owners! When we're not home, the dogs still are!.....& they don't like unwelcome company.
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