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This is a discussion on Almost had to draw within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm not sure you had the right to pull the weapon at that point. I could be wrong. Just seems like the guy would need ...

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Thread: Almost had to draw

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    I'm not sure you had the right to pull the weapon at that point. I could be wrong. Just seems like the guy would need to present some immediate threat to produce a reaction like that. I'm glad you didn't need to draw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom Doc View Post
    ... I noticed a car suddenly stop right in front of the store and the guy jump out. As he did so, I turned to face him. We eyed each other for a few seconds -- no words were spoken -- then he jumped back in his car and left.

    As it was, perhaps he sized me up as possibly carrying. Or maybe he could tell by my demeanor (and the fact that I saw him coming) that I was onto him, and showed no fear.
    Your "radar" was spot-on, it seems. Mine's pretty good, too. Every so often, I'll get a double-take from someone who's coming toward me rapidly or aggressively, and I'm sure that my demeanor, appraisal and preparedness explains why each and every one of them simply turns around and goes elsewhere. Only a few times have I felt the need to duck into a doorway, or in between a couple of cars, or to simply get off the "line" of travel. I often take a non-direct line of travel, myself, to ensure I keep folks in view, particularly if I'm in no rush and it's an open space. Haven't been overtly attacked since the mid-'90's, though each of these (above) seemed to be developing into exactly that. Radar was the main factor, I think, in catching each one early.

    Kudos for maintaining your sense of surroundings and being prepared for what was likely an attack brewing against you.
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    Good job on staying alert. I agree that body language and demeanor can do a lot to discourage a criminal, and that having an option in case of an attack (CCW) can give one confidence that bolsters one's body language. I had a similar experience to yours once when my car broke down next to a not very good neighborhood and I had to wait outside next to the car under an interstate underpass at 4pm, waiting for AAA to come. A young guy screeched up to a halt right behind me and started to jump out of his car - well I was really glad to be carrying just in case. He then asked if I needed help, and I hope that's all he was there to do. But, when he screeched up, I had my hand on my pocket (pocket holster carry) and made sure to keep the edge of my car between us. Maybe nothing, but stories like yours make me wonder if maybe he was just testing the waters for a potential victim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey View Post
    I wonder if he continued on and found a more approachable victim after declining to try something on Doc.

    Doc, did you call the police and report the suspicious guy?
    I think that might be advisable. Could end up getting a patrol to stop the guy and find out he was up to no good, before he caught up with someone he could victimize...
    At the time, I didn't think it that big of a deal, it was only after thinking what COULD have been that I decided to even post this. I did not see his license plate or I probably would have called the cops. Also I had a very hazy sense of what car he had (I'm 55 and no longer keep up with vehicles like I once did). You're right, I should have done better on that score.

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