Ret Was Forced to Show His Gun?

Ret Was Forced to Show His Gun?

This is a discussion on Ret Was Forced to Show His Gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What a day! Went for a consultation for a (future) planned medical procedure today. I've been to this office before and was sure that it ...

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Thread: Ret Was Forced to Show His Gun?

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    Ret Was Forced to Show His Gun?

    What a day! Went for a consultation for a (future) planned medical procedure today. I've been to this office before and was sure that it was just a sit down/catch up on medical history for the last three years.

    When I pulled up to the building, I decided to leave my Kimber inside the belt and under the for this situation.

    I went into the clinic and filled out the usual 'what is new for the last three years?' paperwork. Then the nurse called out my name and inside the doorway I went...first stop was the scale. OK...I climbed aboard and accepted the extra 2-3 pounds for the gun and mag...I could not let the extra pounds be recorded without stating, "How about taking of three pounds for all the metal I'm carrying? I said this while laughing and following her down the hall to the exam room. She turned to me and replied, "What do you have, a gun or something?"

    Well, she was smiling, so I said, "Why, as a matter of fact, I do!" She then said, "What, are you a cop or something?" I replied, "Yep, or something...actually, just a legally armed citizen." She just shrugged it off and said, "No problem here!" "Cool, I thought..."

    Then, after a page of questions, she placed my file in a 'door file holder' and said, "The doctor will be with you in a minute."

    Now I'm wondering if she is going to mention anything to the doctor? She obviously had no concers about my CCW. I waited about 5 minutes and then the doctor walked in...didn't seem to have any concerns, so I said nothing about the previous conversation.

    Little did I know that the doctor wanted to give me another quick 'look over' after reading my chart. He asked me to sit on the table. He began with listening to my heart and far, so good. Then he started 'thumping' my chest and far he stayed away from my gun...kind of 'thumped' all around it...

    Then he announced, "OK, please lay back and lift up your shirt and lay back..." I realized that he knew nothing about the weapon so far, but was soon going to know...

    I stated, "Well Doc, I have a legal sidearm inside my belt"...{waiting for reply...scream...shock...etc...}

    He just said, "Not a problem." I leaned back lifter my shirt...with my Kimber in full view." He made no particular comment about the gun, but didn't seem to even care...he just worked around it.

    After the quick body inspection, I tucked my shirt back in and we then proceded to have a great conversation about the area (he was new to the area), life in FL, prices of land, etc.

    I wanted to talk a little about CCW, but with him not mentioning anything gun related, I let that conversation slide...but he didn't seem to have a problem with the weapon.

    Pretty good day time I may venture into a converaation about CCW in FL with him...we'll see.

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    Sounds like a good interaction with a med professional, especially since so many are antis.

    Since most of my care is through Veterans Affairs, were I to carry into an exam I could end up on the next bus to Leavenworth for a stay as the guest of the federal government.

    A friend of mine, legally carrying in a clinic, walked across the reception area and had the misfortune of watching his little Colt Mustang fall out and go bouncing across the floor. As he retrieved it, he said, "That's not good." to which a waiting patient answered with a chuckle, "That's for sure." and that's all there was to it.

    Over the past three years or so, I've found people to be more accepting of carried firearms. This is simply what I've gathered through conversation, but expect they wouldn't freak out if they detected that I was carrying. That's good.
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    Good result Ken .. but I'll bet in part because FL!!

    I reckon round my area it'd be 50/50 - some OK others not so much but haven't put it to the test your way as yet.

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    Public consensus seems to be changing, or am I just optimistic?

    It must be a hard call for doctors, on the one hand they have sworn to save lives and see injuries and deaths due to criminal usage of firearms that must make them question the role of guns in society, but on the other hand they see people like you - responsible citizens - and realize that carrying a gun is also a method of saving lives.

    I like my doctor, I doubt he carries but I doubt he minds I do either.

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    Exact same thing happened to me. I posted on it about a month ago. I didnt expect to have to dis-robe , but he told me to take off my shirt and lay on the table. I had to tell him I had a firearm in my waste band.. He was cool with it and we talked about the VT shooting. He agreed someone there should have( and could have ) had a gun..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyC View Post
    Sounds like a good interaction with a med professional ...
    That's about it. Kudos to the doc for not getting apoplectic, like so many do when the word is mentioned, let alone it's apparent one's within 10yds of you. Florida, eh? Hm ...
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    I think more and more doctors are starting to come around. On my trip back to Maryland last month I ran into my old doctor at the range!

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    I think the AMA is not getting through to these doctors... Thanks heavens!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyC View Post
    Sounds like a good interaction with a med professional, especially since so many are antis.
    The Doctors that I know personally, from before I ever owned a gun, (firends, never discussed it with my Doctor) all carry, maybe not in the office. I know one radiologist that always carries, he's actually the one that introduced me to CCW, though he doesn't know that.
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    situations can be weird like that. i had a computer "fix it guy" come to my house at a last moments notice. he was a friend of my mother so it seemed laid back. well, i always carry, even at home and when i answered the door, after a meet and greet, that was the next thing he brought up after seeing the IWB (untucked... it is my house after all). surprised but not startled, later i found not only was he ex-military but his son was a cop and was still surprised i felt a need to carry. i just thought to myself how artificially safe some people feel. ...especially someone who makes house calls to strangers for the most part.
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    I'll bet your doctor as well as nurses everywhere see so many work clothed & plainclothes police, govt. agents, and other law enforcement types come through their doors per month that it's no big deal to them at that level.
    As long as you don't look, act, or talk like you might have some kind of problem then there really is no need for alarm.

    I wouldn't go out of my way to engage them in conversation about as much though. Treat it like it's a pair of Nike Air or a alligator boots, just something not unheard of that you but not everyone happens to wear. :p

    - Janq

    P.S. - By the fact that your sidearm was holstered makes a big difference. If you came in with no holster carrying inside your waist band or it flopping around in your hoodie pocket...then well that might be a sign of incompetence and concern.
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    One time I had a "surprise inspection" at the Dr.'s, a bone density scan that required I change in to a paper pair of shorts. I just did everything kind of "matter of fact", removing my weapon and setting it on the table and then continuing to undress and nothing was said. I did roll my jeans around my holstered gun though.
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    My doctor's office is posted. It took awhile but I can see a reason why they would not want weapons around. More than likely you are going to take your clothes off at some point, the doctor is poking and prodding around, plus if you need an X-ray. The X-ray machine is in another room, do you leave your weapon with your clothes in the exam room? You sure as hell don't want it on you when it is X-ray time.

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    Yeah... I have a doc who is CCW holder so we are always talking guns at almost every visit. Have known him for years.

    Not all doctors are like that. I remember during the height of the Clinton administration I know the American Acadamy of Pediatricians were sticking their nose in the middle of the gun debate and how pointing to a lot of studies, later debunked of how guns kill children and the like. Also they were having their Pediatricians grill the little kids about how many guns does daddy own and how are they stored and my understanding in some cases even going to DFS for families who appeared to be pro-gun.

    I suppose there are still lots of doctors who are still anti-gun and let their emotions dictate their hipocracy.

    All I know, is my doctors office does not post 30.06 signs so I don't worry about carrying there.

    Now the local hospital is a different story. It is posted.
    Semper Fi

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    Be careful in the future. Florida has some new tricky laws regarding CCW and medical facilities. See the link below for starters:

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