Confusing Texas Carry wording

Confusing Texas Carry wording

This is a discussion on Confusing Texas Carry wording within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm planning a trip to Dallas in a couple of weeks and of course am planning on taking my pistol with me. Just as a ...

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Thread: Confusing Texas Carry wording

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    Confusing Texas Carry wording

    I'm planning a trip to Dallas in a couple of weeks and of course am planning on taking my pistol with me. Just as a kind of "heads up" I looked up the Texas CCW laws online. Unfortunately, the wording is confusing me a little. I'm planning on going to Six Flags while down there. The following is from the brochure from the DPS that I found online:

    In an amusement park. "Amusement park" means a permanent
    indoor or outdoor facility or park where amusement rides are
    available for use by the public that is located in a county with a population
    of more than one million, encompasses at least 75 acres in
    surface area, is enclosed with access only through controlled entries,
    is open for operation more than 120 days in each calendar year, and
    has security guards on the premises at all times. The term does not
    include any public or private driveway, street, sidewalk or walkway,
    parking lot, parking garage, or other parking area. No posting is
    required by the Act. Violation is a Class A misdemeanor under Texas
    Penal Code, §46.035. This subsection shall not apply if the actor was
    not given effective notice under Texas Penal Code §30.06.

    Now, it says that no posting is necessary, but then it goes on to say that the subsection shall not apply if notice of 30.06 is not given. What exactly constitutes notice of 30.06 if no signage is required? I really would like to rides some rollercoasters, but I'm not wild about the idea of being around so many people unarmed. Just for the record, I'll be carrying a P3AT in my pocket on this trip.

    Someone wiser than me please let me know what they mean.


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    I believe what they mean is that the full 30.06 signage is not required. They can just have no fire arms as a park rule and that is enough. The deputy that taught my CHL class in march said the only amusement parks that meet the 30.06 requirements are the six flags parks and sea world.

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    Sounds like if Six Flags meets the other requirements then you are not allowed to carry.
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    I know for a fact you are not allowed to carry there. And they have metal detectors at the entrance.:(

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    SeaWorld in San Antonio still has the correct 30.06 sign. And you will not be allowed to carry inside Six Flags even if there is not one posted. It is clearly an amusement park as described by law.

    And you have no reason to worry while you are at the park. If there is any theft there, it is via pickpockets and scum like that. You will not likely be held up.

    Cheers! M2

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    The lil teens that work the metal detectors up front dont give a flip about it. I walked up, put my wallet with chain in lil bucket, walked though and it went off as i knew it would cause of my belt buckle, change, keys and all the other stuff I didnt have time to remove before being herded through. The kid didnt even look at me, just waved me through. Didnt even check me further.
    Is it illegal to carry there? YES.
    Would I suggest you to carry there? NO
    I dont like the fact you cant carry there either, but we no other LEGAL choice.

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    Is Six Flags open for 120 days?

    Doesn't really matter since they have metal detectors.
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    IIRC, The Texas Gunowner's Guide, by Alan Korwin, said Six Flags was the one in mind when the law was writen. It didn't mention Sea World. That may explain why Sea World is "posted". Bottom line--Six Flags isn't CHL(CCW) friendly.

    Disclaimer--I haven't lived in the Republic in the last couple of years.

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    oobray is correct. At Six Flags there are several notices that you will encounter, as well as signs right next to the metal detectors that everyone must pass through. Sea World does not have metal detectors at their entrance, but the postings are clearly there and in plain sight.

    The only thing that concerns me in these parks is that I carry all the time; therefore I am leaving a loaded handgun inside my car that is left in the parking lot where I am not sure how good security is...

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    You are not even allowed to carry a knife there,They sure took mine away but they gave me a number on a piece of paper and I got it back when I left. sj

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