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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    Bob - one thing I do know - fitness or no - if my adrenaline cuts in I am 100% certain that the wobbly knees are not far away. Heck - I have never managed to tame those!...
    My hands and arms, I could always control. It was the wobbly knees that always made things difficult for me, and that would kick in after the fact. I hated that.

    I think a general level of fitness is important for self-defense. In my prime, I ran about 40 miles per week, did a weight workout three times a week, and three miles in the pool. When I lived in Nashville, I would run around Centennial Park, do the hill at Percy Warner, run on the road at Montgomery Bell State Park, or spend the weekends camping and hiking around Falls Creek Falls in east Tennessee. Now, I don't pretend to have that kind of stamina, but in a close quarters fight, at 6'6" and 240 lbs, I could hold my own.

    Now, I walk 14-28 miles a week with my Greyhounds and play tai chi (Yang) for about 90 minutes twice a week. I still practice open hand combat and bladed weapon techniques.
    - Tom
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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty
    I'm trying to keep a physique I can maintain over the long run, without looking like a [deep_voice]man.[/deep_voice]

    Hmmmm...Perhaps if you posted some pictures of your physique(minus any and all clothing that would interfere with making a complete evaluation ), we would be able to make a proper determination as to whether you look "manly" or not!!

    We're here to help, Betty!

    (Is is just me, or does the Lovely Miss Betty's Avatar pic juts keep geiitng sexier and sexier...Something about them armed, petite females...! )
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    And that's where the subject of Betty's "camouflage" ends. Thank you.
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    For me, it's comfort. I lift to live, not live to lift. Although I'm late for the gym right now.

    I'm a tad heavier this month than I'd like, about 30 to 40 pounds. Even my eyes widened when I weighed myself and got '272.' I got off, re-set the lyin' sack of diodes and gear-motors and weighed myself again. 272.

    I don't like sore muscles in my back and neck during early riding season, so I've been lifting heavy in those areas, and 'dining out' a bit.

    I'm happy, I'm healthy (I've had two physicals in the past 2 months), so I'm not going to worry about it. My pants fit.

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    Have you tried ballet?
    Excellent for balance, quickness, stamina and flexibility.
    My daughter dances for a ballet company. At home, while watching TV, she raises both her feet up to 45 degrees, then does situps, body parallel to legs, shoulders rotating toward the opposite knee. At night, to limber up, she puts two 6" stacks of books leg length apart, puts one foot on each book and does 190 degree splits onto the floor: front, back and both sides (each side, stomach flat on the floor; front, body flat onto the forward leg).
    Her legs are an irresistable force.
    My son is 6 ft. 5 in. tall. When he hugs her from behind, she can kick him in the face with a forward kick. She is 5 foot 6 inches tall.
    Me? I have not been taking ballet that long, so I don't have her flexibility.


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    Jacob - welcome

    Ballet?? Shucks, not for me dude. My age anyways would preclude having even 10% the flexibility required - plus I guess I have never been a fan of guys doing it.! Just me!

    OTOH - I can well see where suppleness and an ability to move fast and sure - could be very handy.
    Chris - P95
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    Talking I'm in shape

    Hey, I'm in shape... Round is a shape, right?
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    great subject. at almost 71 yo, i'm 6' and 230 lbs. i probably could wrestle around pretty good at close quarters for a short, very short time. i get winded real quick. heck guys, that's why i carry a pistol.

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