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Am I nuts?

This is a discussion on Am I nuts? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Actually in many cultures today this would not only be accepted but expected! It seems like just one more thing we've lost in our fast ...

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Thread: Am I nuts?

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    Actually in many cultures today this would not only be accepted but expected! It seems like just one more thing we've lost in our fast paced western society. In light of things here I would make sure that any young female has her man or a suitable escort around to prevent ideas from springing into peoples heads though.

    When my son was in his mid teens we were living aboard and cruising our sailboat. We met a lot of retired couples who would often take him under their wing and loved the fact they could pass on a little of their knowledge to him. My son also learned a great deal about relating to people outside of his age bracket and that has served him well in life. In that world/culture it was considered a good thing. When I first started out as a wooden boat shipwright I had two old timers who became good friends and mentors and I learned a great deal from them and still value what I gained there. While sailing around some of my very best friends were 30 to 40 years older than me and my wife, so what? What we need is a whole lot more of this stuff! People just starting out in life can often benefit from some of the experiences of those who've seen more territory in life.
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    You are doing a good thing! I don't get the weird comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fed_wif_a_sig View Post
    The thing is, I have tought a young couple the art of the longbow, making their own arrows (soon bows), to shoot (she just shot her first IDPA match), to track, and have taken the hunting. The she part of the team, after tons of questions and talks, applied for and just was offered a job as an officer today to gain experience before applying for the feds. So now in this world are is a young couple that knows how to make, shoot and hunt with a traditional bow/arrows, properly shoot firearms and the world of law enforcement just got a heck of an officer and now he is talking about going to EMT school. Not to say I did it, but hell I didnt hurt it and now who knows who they will pass it on to. Sorry I'm kinda venting and I really do appriciate the support.

    That's the really great part of it, there's no telling how many people your mentoring will ultimately affect. Far too few young folks are exposed to true outdoorsmen skills these days so anything we can do to pass on and preserve that knowledge is a good thing.

    Self reliance has become a somewhat alien concept in American culture and too many folks would starve if they didn't have access to a grocery store. Doesn't matter if the folks you're mentoring are children or pensioners, it's a fine thing you're doing so keep it up.

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    Okay, a slightly different perspective (although I completely support your teaching).

    I'm 41, and shot my first deer last season. My father took me fishing and camping/hiking when I was growing up, but isn't a hunter. When I decided I wanted to learn how to hunt, I was lucky enough to find a new friend locally who took the time to teach me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate him taking the time to do that.

    You are doing something very important for these younger folks. There is nothing weird in the situation you describe, and I'll go ahead and say 'Thanks' as well.

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    Not a thing wrong with it. I enjoy taking the grandkids to the range and helping them gain a healthy respect and a measure of competence with firearms.

    Too many kids never get to learn some of these basic skills because their parents are so wrapped up in keeping them "safe" that they won't let them venture near anything that might be "dangerous". Then they grow to young adulthood and haven't a clue.

    How many kids today will never know the joys of their first Zebco? Or even know what a Zebco is? How about a trotline (how often do you hear someone say "troutline")?

    Or their first .22? I still have my Ithaca Saddle Gun .22 single shot, and it has perhaps the most honored spot in my gun case. With it, I learned to make the first shot count, because there probably wouldn't be a chance for a second one.

    They may have mastered Playstation or X-Box, but can they tie a bowline? How to take a hook out without getting finned? How to build a fire you can cook on? The list just goes on.

    Any chance to mentor willing young folks is a good thing. Well done, Fed.
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    Fed- Sounds like you have been very generous with your time and invested it in the lives of two deserving young adults. Is that weird, yes it is. Only because not many enough adults choose to invest in anyone, but themselves.

    It also sounds like this young couple is well on their way, and perhaps there is a spot opening up in your "Mentorship Program". My wife and I live in Dallas and would appreciate the opportunity to submit our application!

    From one 20 something, keep up the good work.

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    No! My Dad never had a interest in the outdoors (I think Europe in 1942-1945 "cured" him) and so I was self-taught (and never very good.......LOL)

    It would have been wonderful to have an older "coach" and mentor!

    Have at it! I think you'll pass the "Background Check"!
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    I don't see how that's weird.

    What's weird is that a couple of years ago, I taught my DAD how to shoot.
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    Teach em,or they won't learn....Hats off to ya!

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    It's not weird. On the contrary, as a twenty something I'll take all the extra help I can get. I tend to recognize the experience and knowledge of those older than me as an asset.

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    It's just another example of our PC society at work. What's really wierd is that it's now become normal for most people to think that three adults, regardless of age, can't enjoy a common interest and activity without something "odd" happening.
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    your not

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    I was invited to a young man's graduation from High School party. I knew he was hunting with relatives and was always interested in my hunting adventures. I got him a book on white tail hunting and a certificate for a weekend Pheasant hunt on my farm. He was very appreciative and told me it was a great gift.
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    Nothing weird about it at all.
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    Weird? Not hardly. If you'd like to put a word on it, go with "commendable" and leave it at that.

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