The Reasons Why I Carry…

The Reasons Why I Carry…

This is a discussion on The Reasons Why I Carry… within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This will be a long post so I am warning you now. I have had quite a few events that lead me to carrying, I ...

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Thread: The Reasons Why I Carry…

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    The Reasons Why I Carry…

    This will be a long post so I am warning you now. I have had quite a few events that lead me to carrying, I felt it was time I shared it with more than just my family and a few friends. Granted I am a guy, so I never had anything to the means of what women can go through but I still consider myself lucky. Hmm, maybe lucky is a bad term. My attitude and awareness is what have kept me alive, luck just played a small role in it. As an info tidbit, I am under 23.

    I’ll start with high school. I went through a rather rough falling out with a few friends. We went from just not talking, to them trying to fight me, to them trying to jump me. It got to the point where even my teachers knew about it and had us separated during our class periods otherwise comments would be thrown back and forth at each other, with fists soon to follow. I even had 3 of them try to fight me in class before the bell rang. It’s not the greatest feeling watching 3 of the most hated people walk into your next class when none of them are even in it. Now, I never once initiated any of this, I did my best to stay away from the confrontation. I knew what I was capable of and so did most of the school as they knew what sports I played. This is why it was never a solo person threatening me. They could only stand strong when in numbers. The day came when blows were finally met. The lead idiot was on my sports team with me. He made some comments, another team member passed on the word and I confronted him. At this point I was sick of the crap being spread and his taunting you could say. My coach stood on the side and let us hatch it out. I had no worries about it, at the end of the day I knew I was still starting for the rest of the season and this kid would be sitting the bench like he always did. Needless to say, this kid took three hits and dropped like a rock. High school drama, sure, but we all knew it was going to end this way.

    All became quiet on the western front for a few weeks till I managed to run into these pains once again. This time we were at a car show, except it was me and a good friend talking with a few of the other show car owners. Unfortunately I was greeted by idiot #1, #2, #3 and the rest of their friends. In all there were over 15 of them in a group spouting at me. Not only did they plan to not fight fairly they were going to attack my friend as well who had nothing to do with the issues. 2 kids, not even 18 standing in front of a half circle of over 15 guys. I will not lie, I was scared. I can handle the 3 main guys, but with the group they had some of them were brothers who were old enough to legally buy beer. Thankfully, someone came to our rescue. The owner of the red Dodge Viper whom we were just speaking with just minutes before. This guy was no older than 28 and stepped up beside us. 3 against 15 are still not good odds. But it was not his size that helped. The words that came from his mouth were. He was the first person I had ever heard of that was not a LEO or some variant who CC’ed. He uncovered his OWB holster and stood there beside us. I remember his Glock very well. He said very little, the only thing needed was “If you attack me and my friends, we will defend ourselves.” I could not believe it; a complete stranger came to our aid. I knew this guy for all of an hour and he stepped up to help. Needless to say, what he did may not have been in the best interest for him but the gang bangers who hated me never said another word for our last year of school. They actually feared that wherever I was this guy just might be with me. Like I said, standing against 1 or 2 people is one thing. But watching a group of people who can almost span your field of vision spout threats at you and your friend and take steps towards you makes things quite rough. I do not even want to know what condition I would have been in had he not stepped in. I do believe in Karma and let me tell you. It came back and kicked a few of those kids butts. For high school drama, that pretty much sums it up. It was a rough year though, my parents knew about everything that was going on and they were awaiting me to come home one day with some bruises after a fight.

    College is where I saw the light. Thankfully it was in the proper way and not the path majority of students seem to follow. I was at a small school just outside a major city. Went there for my sports scholarship and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, when you are located on the outskirts of a city, you get a lot of riff raff passing through. I had 2 attempted robberies while walking on the outside of the schools perimeters. I also avoided a conflict when I caught sight of a blacked out car, engine running and lights off sitting in between the house I was partying at and my college dorm. I was walking back with a female and kept my eye on the car the whole time. Never let it out of my sight and picked up the pace as soon as the guys hopped out and advanced towards us. Thankfully I did that. As the guys who came just a few minutes behind me were not so lucky. That said group of individuals pulled a gun and demanded their wallets, cell phone and cameras if they had them. College parties are a prime target, a lot of people carry digital cameras with them for obvious reasons and they are easy to pick off and quite easy to sell on the street. Thankfully, my buddies got away unharmed. Their belongings were taken but the gun was never used. Who knows with that situation, the gun could have been a water gun or cap gun. But for hooded men with a “gun” is not something to mess with.

    Not to long after I was again walking home in the wee hours from the same house with the same girl. Hooded man started approaching us from my right. It’s hard to make a drunken person move faster than they want to. Especially when it’s a female with a form of heels on who is holding on to you to walk in straight line. Needless to say, I picked her up, and took off running as best I could with her over my shoulder. She had no idea what was going on, just assumed I wanted to get back to the room faster than we were moving. I viewed quite a few hooded people during my time there. Some I watched as I went jogging after dinner along our major road. I have actually jogged out in to the middle of the street because a sly looking character stepped out on to the path I was on. I told you we had quite a few riff raff passing through. Situational Awareness was key while at that school. We even had random people enter our party house and stir trouble. One actually groped a girl I knew and 2 of us threw him onto the kitchen table and he actually broke through it. He was then picked up again and thrown out the front door onto the drive way.

    Now that I have written 2 full pages single spaced and can probably go for another 3-4 I’ll just sum up the rest of it. Multiple times I watched people circle like hawks as I walked to my parked car. Sometimes in an open lot, others in covered. Most of these occurred at shopping malls, mostly when we were leaving after a movie. I have walked out of my favorite lounge twice now and found myself in the middle of a fight. The first consisting of a group of angry people with rebar, yes construction rebar bashing on a car that another group of people were in. The next consisted of a group fist fight and someone claiming there is a gun. I have had quite a few other run ins as well with angry drunks, some just looking for a fight, others who mistake you for someone else.

    Well, sorry for the length and my paper probably just dropped to a C or below as the ending sucks. Although, I am willing to guess 5 out of 10 people just read 1 paragraph and will reply with “I know what you mean, as I went through things like that as well.” But on a good note, I now carry everywhere I can. I also vow to do everything within my power to make sure me, mine and the family and friends are safe and remain unharmed.

    The hardest fight I expect to have is whether to intervene and help a stranger or stand by and use my cell phone. I already know and practice daily what I will do for myself in different situations. I just have a mental battle about standing by and just being a good eye witness or putting my foot in their door.


    Stay Safe, Keep Your Eyes Peeled

    And remember the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

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    CCW should be both a positive and enlightening experience. As you stated correctly, awareness of those around you is a key element to staying safer and avoiding conflict...

    I also think it's time to find a new neighborhood to 'roam' in...

    Thanks for sharing!

    Stay armed...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA Life Member

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    I happened to read your entire missive.

    I and my family carry because of 232 felons that i pulled out of a population pool that would be considered a village back east . Most of them understand that its a job , but a few dont , and they all have family's , most large ones . I dont expect any retribution , but you never know . I used to do crazy things at the limits of moral for an officer to make a case on the smart ones .. and karma is real imho . so i go prepared for Mr Murphy and his ******* sister .... dammed blind bad luck .

    I will say from your post you should consider either not attending partys , or not attending them in the neighborhoods that you have been tho lol . Girls gone Wild stuff aint worth a lethal confrontation .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

    Criminals are looking for victims, not opponents.

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    I ready your entire post as well. Each of us has different reasons as to why we carry. Some are good, some not so good, but it's a reason anyway.

    One of the reasons I carry today is because, unlike you, no one stepped up to help me in my time of need. You saw a positive example and determined that you wanted the means to defend yourself and help others like that man had done for you and your friend. I decided to carry so that I would never again have to be disappointed when I wished someone would step up and help me. Two different examples, one solid result.

    I'm glad you were able to think things through and come to your own conclusion. Let's hope that trend continues into your future.

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    I carry because I can.

    More people should have that attitude, in fact we all should.

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    I went to college on a sprawling, walking campus in the most crack ridden city (at the time) in eastern Massachusetts. Situational awareness is all you've got, and if it served you so well in your unarmed years, then with your new tools, it will continue to keep your bacon out of the frying pan in the years to come.

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    I started because I could, I was in a situation where my weapon was fired in self defence. I continue because I can. It a horrid feeling having to use your weapon, but not as bad as not having one to use.

    Defensor Fortis
    Tutor et Ultor
    Aduentes Fortuna Juvat
    Libertatem Defendimus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
    I carry because I can.

    More people should have that attitude, in fact we all should.
    Good enough for me!
    “You come at me with a sword and with a spear. But I come at you in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you". 1 Samuel 17, 45-46

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    I will say from your post you should consider either not attending partys , or not attending them in the neighborhoods that you have been tho lol . Girls gone Wild stuff aint worth a lethal confrontation .
    Well, I did follow that to an extent. I transfered out of that school to one that did not have issues.

    I spoke with a woman not to long ago that just graduated from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth Univ. located in Richmond) She told me that she was robbed twice at gun point and 3 times with a knife in the 2 years she was there. She said the last few months she never left her apartment and had her professors give her the work online. Sadly, VCU is the only school in the VA state law that you cant carry at.

    (Virginia Commonwealth University (8VAC90-10-50). Violation is a trespass charge.)

    Lima, I did read your story a couple days ago. I was saddened when you stated nobody helped you or even said a word. I am glad you have a happy life now with your SO.

    And apologies on the work around for a couple of the words. I was thinking *'s are in the clear.


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    I don't believe that you can carry at Virginia Tech either. If you could, things may have been diffferent a few months ago. I carry, because the world has changed. It's gotten less safe, more drugs and gangs. And, now a low budget terrorist group may decide to shoot up a shopping mall. I just want to be able to defend myself and my wife, and, in the right case, someone defenseless being attacked.

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    I've posted several times here when I first joined as to why I now carry.

    For whatever reason people decide to carry, I think the point is that they do!

    For one reason or another, good people who know that evil exists in this world and violence is perpetrated against good people, often times for no good reason at all, see that when it comes right down to it, we are responsible for our own safety and choose to exercise that right.

    For the life of me, I can not understand the mentality of those who feel you do not have the right to defend yourself against a lethal attack and use lethal force to repel it. I just don't understand that.

    I only hope is that more good people see the light and join our ranks in massive numbers and slowly we can start to "take back" our society from the thugs, and gang bangers and the evil who prey on us who have been allowed to rape, kill and rob us, with virtual impunity for way too long.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squawker View Post
    I don't believe that you can carry at Virginia Tech either. If you could, things may have been diffferent a few months ago.
    It is not illegal to carry at Virginia Tech, but it is against school policy. So students or faculty who carried could be expelled or fired, but they wouldn't have faced any criminal charges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    It is not illegal to carry at Virginia Tech, but it is against school policy. So students or faculty who carried could be expelled or fired, but they wouldn't have faced any criminal charges.
    Thats correct. I do not know if any school in VA allows you to carry by their student handbook laws. Some schools have it written that an outsider can carry but students/faculty can not. Right now, VCU is the only school that has a written Virginia Law stating you can not carry. All others would ask you to leave or if you are a student possibly expel you. At this time though, I think even some of the worst lawyers out there can get you back into school because you are defending yourself against future Tech incidents.

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    I have 8 reasons that I carry. They are:

    1. Because it is my right and a right not exercised is a right left to wither and die.

    2. My wife Beckie.

    3. My oldest son Ryan.

    4. My Daughter April.

    5. My middle child, my son Chance.

    6. One of the twins, and oldest of the two by one minute, Brandon.

    7. The other twin, and youngest child Scott.

    8. To protect my own life because I do not want my children to grow up without a Father.

    What other reasons would I need?
    ,=====o00o _
    l_--- \___l---[]lllllll[]
    (o)_)-o- (o)_)--o-)_)

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    My reason is simple, it is something i lived by in the Marine Corps and continue to live by today:

    I refuse to die due to a lack of ways to defend myself.
    "The only people I like besides my wife and children are Marines."
    - Lt. Col. Oliver North

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