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Carrying Concealed in Estes Park, CO

This is a discussion on Carrying Concealed in Estes Park, CO within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; try this link scroll down a ways , it gives a broad defination of federal law in N.P....

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Thread: Carrying Concealed in Estes Park, CO

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    try this link

    scroll down a ways , it gives a broad defination of federal law in N.P.
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    Thanks Flag. I will break her down and store it, but I will also stop by the Visitor's center to see if the regulations are any different for that area. If so, I will be sure to shoot out the update when I return!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    While i will not advise anyone to break any law for any reason, I will post an observation . If one knows how to look for the " tells " one tends to see a lot of armed folks in that park , as well as others that are in fact armed , for the most part in my experience park rangers have better things to do than go around harassing apparently law abiding hikers who are not creating a disturbance, and are seemingly oblivious to some of the apparent tells , even when pointed out in conversations that i will not relate . We have had some fairly horrific crimes in the back country of colorado and rangers know they are unlikely to be able to protect anyone , Drunks and " Scrotes " are another class for ranger attention tho . Its food for thought in that officer descretion is alive and well even at the fed level , and also that how you dress and behave will have an impact in real life no matter your absolute right to be an idiot .

    Edited to add : I live within spitting distance of the Comanche National Grassland , and in fact run cattle on them via a lease . My lease does not mention weapons at all , and the only posted areas i have seen is one campsite , There is even a nice little rifle/pistol range out to about 800 meters or so with steel game targets at 300 and 600 on it a bit south of town . I will point out it is unattended , but maintained by them and on thier property . open to the public at no charge . They only ask you sign a " guest book " there so they can show use of the range and continue to allocate funds , I sign it every time i drive by ( useing a variaty of names and states ) to help them keep funding up .

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    Found this on their web site. Emphasis is mine.

    Fishing and Hunting:

    Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park requires a license from the State of Colorado. Specific park regulations list open and closed waters. Fish populations in high elevation lakes and streams are spotty. The park does not stock, except to reintroduce native species. Hunting is prohibited in Rocky Mountain National Park. Firearms or any projectile weapons are prohibited in the park.

    My family and I just returned from a vacation in Yellowstone. The rules there (also from their web site) are a little different:


    No firearms or weapons, including state-permitted concealed weapons, are allowed in Yellowstone. However, unloaded firearms may be transported in a vehicle when the weapon is cased, broken down, or rendered inoperable, and kept out of sight. Ammunition must be placed in a separate compartment of the vehicle.

    No mention of needing to notify gate attendants or rangers.

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    From my CCW course, the "rule of thumb" was that you can carry in a National Forest but not a National Park. I'm sure there are more specifics than that and don't show this post to your attorney while awaiting bail!

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    I love Estes Park, and thanks to my newfound physical intolerance for altitudes above 10,000 feet, I don't have to worry about the national park. Still, Estes is completely beautiful. I try to get there every other summer for a week or two.
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