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Your first day carrying concealed?

This is a discussion on Your first day carrying concealed? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; October 2006 got my CCW ten days later went to the gun store for an S&W came out with a Tarus 9mm reasonable price, stop ...

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Thread: Your first day carrying concealed?

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    October 2006 got my CCW ten days later went to the gun store for an S&W came out with a Tarus 9mm reasonable price, stop at the ATM while it was getting dark. First venture outside vehicle, put firearm in my left sock which was very hard to walk to the ATM felt like it would drop out, walk back to the car and the feeling like it would drop out. Next day called to order ankle holster. So normal now, I think I need two ankle holster now.

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    I got my CCW in the mail, and like most of you have stated that safe but nervous feeling was definitely there. After just 4 months of carrying, I'm so used to having it there I feel like if I don't have it, that I'm going to get sniped from a building or jumped by a mob of thugs! lol! I look back, and at other people I know who don't carry 1 thing to protect themselves, and just shake my head. I think we all can agree that too many of us wait till we have been victimized before getting serious about self-defense. I don't know how long until you're no longer a "novice” carrier but I feel like it's changed my outlook on self-defense and fighting back against crime ALOT. I assess exits and people who look "strange" now when I used to be oblivious. Paranoia? maybe... The guy the group wants to have on their side when they go out in public? Definitely... God bless you folks.
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    My first time packing was a little nerve-wracking as the only holster I had available at the time was my Fobus Roto-paddle holster. I was expecting my Milt Sparks any day, so I didn't want to buy something else.

    Anyway, if you don't know, that thing sticks out a good 8-9 inches from your belt. :) I covered it with a light button up shirt, but was still paranoid everyone can see it. A week of carrying like that quickly cured me of any paranoia about people noticing my now tightly carried IWB. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormtruck2 View Post
    If the United States where to get an enema, New Jersey would be the insertion point. From a politics and laws position. Not from a peoples position. The people of New Jersey (particularly from southern) are good people.
    Then how come they have the issues there with the laws and politics? I know the answer, and if everyone else would get on board, the issues would disappear. I can not believe we in Missouri elected the now deceased Mel Carnahan and all of his family to public office; as well as Clair, you are all peasants McCaskill and Kansas ran out a conservative for a liberal for a house seat there. I think more folks think like them than us at times, thus, we got what we got...
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    You mean today...

    Im nervous like you wouldn't believe. I don't even have a full mag's worth of hp rounds. I plan on going to wal-mart shortly to give it a whirl, then off to the range to practice some.

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