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Open Carry with a BIG twist.

This is a discussion on Open Carry with a BIG twist. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Believe what you want, but I don't think the "issue" with open carry is with criminals, more like the rest of the unarmed community. Despite ...

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    Believe what you want, but I don't think the "issue" with open carry is with criminals, more like the rest of the unarmed community. Despite what the majority of us believe, most citizens do not want to see other citizens carrying weapons in public. I think it only draws attention to the carrier and if anything adds fuel to the fire of the anti-gun fanatics...

    Concealed works fine for me, I have no need to go around advertising that I have a firearm.

    Cheers! M2

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    I view it as a continuum, one that is necessitated by the evil that exists in the world. At one end of the continuum is utter chaos and nastiness and evil; at the other end of the continuum is peace, where no one even need be armed. (Utopia, you could say.)

    So the way I see the continuum is that when things are at their worst, and society is in a dark age, everyone would be walking around with weapons evident, and lots of attacks would be taking place.

    Next after that, would be people walking around commonly armed (openly), but things are relatively calm and the guns are mostly for keeping order and being ready if things devolve.

    Next after that would be what we have now, with some carrying guns, and doing it covertly, because for the most part human interaction in the vicinity is lawful and peaceful, and only on rare occasions does violence break out and need to be quelled.

    Finally, we'd be talking about a point in civilization where violence is so absent from the population that no one at all would need a gun or weapon. (Needless to say, I don't see that coming to be any time soon.)

    So as far as how I would feel if I saw 10, 20 people in the mall carrying rifles, it would depend on what state society was in at the time. Also on what those people looked like and how they were conducting themselves. Of course, if society changed to be like that tomorrow, it would be shocking and it would probably "feel wrong." But if this were common, then why would I worry?

    The only thing is, the only reason for such a thing to BE common would be that society were in such a shambles that there was an easily identifiable need for people to have such serious weapons ready with them at the mall. Which goes to the point of why people are armed like that in Israel: it's because the place is seriously messed up, with the threat of death and chaos constantly present and not just present but NOT UNCOMMON.

    To pass 20 people in the mall carrying rifles would beg the question what are they preparing for? It's not the same as the question of what is a CCWer carrying a GLOCK 27 preparing for. He's preparing for the rare occurrence of interpersonal violence. The group of guys with rifles are preparing for combat. And if they feel they have to be, then society's all kinds of messed up. And if it's that messed up, then I'm going to be more likely to feel reassured of seeing armed citizens than made nervous by it.

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