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Ignorance of the law!!!!!

This is a discussion on Ignorance of the law!!!!! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Miggy Really? I think these two would not steer me wrong! If he wore the hat, I might believe him....

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Thread: Ignorance of the law!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    Really? I think these two would not steer me wrong!

    If he wore the hat, I might believe him.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Makes you wonder where this idiot got his permit training. I wonder if his instructor is that bad or he just heard what he wanted to hear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smith&Wessonfan View Post
    Your brother should shut his pie hole about when and where you carry a weapon. It is none of his business and nobody's business.

    Your dad's friend is a fool best avoided.
    +1 on pie hole!

    +2 on avoiding the fool!

    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

    "A superior Operator is best defined as someone who uses his superior
    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    those who don't put enough thought into the subject seem to develop their own philosophies. ...they are NEVER right, and then later learn... "OOH... so that's the way it really is."
    What's this button do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Never take legal advice from a bounty hunter.

    The bounty hunter must have slept through that part of the class. Most people who have a ccw permit know when or where they can carry if they take the time to read the laws for that state.

    Did you read the story about the bounty hunter who walked into the police station in NYC with his gun. He was arrested due to the fact that he didn't have a permit to carry it in the city. His permit for the state did not include the ciry. I believe I read this on this forum.

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    5 hour Bounty Hunter Acadamy, eh?

    So does his diploma read, Graduate of the "Class of June 30th, 8 am - 1 pm"?
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    I think its your brother that you need to educate at this point. He's the one that has heard two versions of the truth; one from you and one from the Bounty Hunter. I agree with an earlier poster that your brother shouldn't be talking to others about your CCW practices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mocarryguy View Post
    Reading is highly overrated anyway...So few take the time to read what it actually says, always I heard this or that. Smile, nod and move on.
    But, I saw on the internet...
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliott

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by python2 View Post
    My dad's friend just got his permit and also took a 5 hour class to get his bounty hunter license (so now he's an expert). He open carries first of all, but he takes it off everytime he goes into a store or anywhere but someones home.
    This "bounty hunter" is going live a short life, methinks. Disarmed, as a hunter? Someone who doesn't want to come nicely is going to get him. And he is making suggestions to others? Best avoided, this one.

    My brother was over there the other day and told him ...
    Your brother has almost assuredly told others. He's putting your safety at risk. He needs to shut his "pie hole," as others have suggested.

    ... I carry mine all the time and the guy told my brother that I wasn't suppose to. He says he read the law and he knows that you can't carry in public.
    The law's the law. What this fool thinks is irrelevant, so far as your carrying and security arrangements are concerned. Sounds like he needs a sit-down chat with the local Sheriff, assuming your Sheriff knows which end is up. I'd simply pick up a business card for your Sheriff and hand it to the guy, suggesting he get his answers directly from the "source." Your getting into it with this fool might turn out badly, and then you'll have that to deal with as well.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
    Reason over Force: Why the Gun is Civilization (Marko Kloos).

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    I agree with the pie hole remark and all the rest. I've already told my brother not to talk about where I carry with anyone else and I also showed him georgiapacking.org . He now knows what an idiot the guy is. Also I'm not sure about the 5 hour class, it might have been 8 or so....lol.... I saw a few posts about permit training and the bad thing about GA is that you don't have to take a CCW class so that makes it that much worse for people that are too lazy to read, but whoever said it was right: he would probably be better off not carrying in the first place so I'm just going to avoid the whole thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Sounds like he needs a sit-down chat with the local Sheriff, assuming your Sheriff knows which end is up.
    One good thing about the county we live in is that the sheriff's office offers a free handgun clinic for applicants. It needs to be mandatory but it's not. They explain the laws and go over alot of other great info not to mention let you shoot on their range. The sheriff is for citizen carry 100%. He says more need to get their permit several times in the class. He says the reason being is that they only get called after something takes place so citizens need to know their rights and protect themselves until they can get there. Very smart man and great sheriff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obxned View Post
    The world is full of idiots. Smile, nod your head, be agreeable, and get the h... away from them!!!
    No they just seem to be the most vocal. Its easy to be an expert when you don't know what you don't know.

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    The only bounty hunter I trust is Josh Randall.

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