May 08, 2005

May 08, 2005

This is a discussion on May 08, 2005 within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; :love: This might be in the wrong part, but it's where most people first visit. Sunday, May 08, 2005 is Mothers Day. I think(hope) the ...

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    Exclamation May 08, 2005

    :love: This might be in the wrong part, but it's where most people first visit.
    Sunday, May 08, 2005 is Mothers Day. I think(hope) the majority of the family/members of this forum still have the pleasure of having your Mother with you. If so, God Bless you, and her, Regardless of how much you think you love her, she loves you 100X much more. She brought you into this world and stood by you when all seemed lost. She sacrificed for you in ways that you'll never know. She was always there. She is, and always be, your best friend. Please, give her a hug (at least a call) and tell her how much you love her, and appreciate all she's done for you. She doesn't require a gift, just you. When was the last time you did that ? Believe me, there WILL be a day when you will wish that you'd broken away from your "world" long enough to say those three beautiful words that all parents love to hear ------I LOVE YOU ! For the rest of us that don't have that pleasure, a cemetery visit, or just a few moments of rememberance ---she's still watching over you and very proud --- and she still hears those three words. MOM, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

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    Maybe not the ideal forum but hey - your sentiment is what matters.

    Geezer - my folks are gone - Mom died just over two years ago and sadly I was halfways over the Atlantic when she died - too late for goodbyes.

    She was tho pretty much unconscious last 24 hours and so doubt I'd have been able to communicate - tho my daughter did try. I had spoken on the phone tho not so long before and told her what she meant - tho she was in so much pain that day - I wonder whether that even got thru.

    I have no cemetary to visit - but I do have my ''folder'' - the place I keep treasured memories... and it is that I open at times to be able to remember and give thanks. I suffer some guilt - heck, never seems like we ever got everything possible all squared away - those little things - the ones that nag and haunt.

    OTOH - I know she knew what mattered - just never said it enough - oh so it always seems.

    Not sure we should separate a Father's love and a Mother's - and yet somehow a mother has something special I guess - she bore the infant and nurtured it more than any man probably could.

    Once I have attended to my ''folder'' - and grieved a little - I put it away again. Life has to go on and so I ''compartmentalize'' in this manner. She and my Dad (and many others) are not forgotten because I am getting on with life - just that I reserve special times to devote solely to that ''folder''.

    I give thanks also that my own kids (now far from kids!) had the joy and privelage to know their grandparents well - and they in turn I know derived enormous pleasure from seeing my kids grow and blossom.

    Many of us live life at too fast a pace - and take too much for granted. A pause for breath - and a step back - are very fruitful and worthwhile.
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    Actually, I was going to move it, but what the heck. We'll leave it here until after Mother's Day is over. Good sentiment and you are 100% right.
    Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde; Beware the anger of a patient man.

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    I think it should stay right were it is as well. God Bless all our mothers extant or not. I am fortunate that my mother is still with me, tho she is in LA and I'm in Las Vegas, we have expressed our love and sentiments to eachother frequently, especially these last few years as she is getting well into her 70's now. She will be here next month and I'll give her a hug for all of you that can't hug yours.

    To all the women who are mother's and spend time here; Happy Mother's Day!!!
    Heroes are people who do what has to be done, when it has to be done, regardless of the consequences

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    Man, do I feel foolish.

    I had my best crappy T-shirt laundereded. My jeans were patched. I found some valve lapping compound in the gun-room and polished both of my gold crowns.

    I found the best side of marbled beef I could afford, had it flash frozen and stacked on dry ice. I sharpened a new Japanese laminate kitchen knife to a mirror finish, and a duplicate left a tad toothy. After all, it's her kitchen.

    I bought a Greyhound ticktet to Tennessee, and then the wife stops me.

    "Que su chasse,' bufuni gumba?" she snapped in sloppy Sicilian.

    ("What's going on, you foolish Sicilian?")

    "It's Mother's Day," I intoned, tapping my chin with four flattened fingers.

    "That's her mother, paisano," she snarled, clipping the back of four flattened fingers on the bottom of her chin, "You're not Vietnamese!"

    "It says 'Mother's Day,' it doesn't say whose mother it has to be!"

    "So, she's going to drop everything, and cook Asian beef for some saddle tramp with a handful of 'gimmee' and bus ticket?"

    "I don't think her daughter will shoot--at first anyway..."

    "You watch, you'll be picking Asian lead out of your puckered Guinnea butt before you can say '...e' Mama, te fi'o de Napoli'..."

    I threw down my suitcase, "It doesn't say whose mother..."

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    Give your Moms a big hug, kiss, and an "I Love You"...cherish the moment. I'll not be able to do so again as my sister and I buried mine in March. A few tears are forming as I respond to this one.....Happy Mother's Day to all!
    "Endeavor To Persevere"
    Chief Dan George

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    A Mother is the most precious human being on earth, I remind my kids each day to be grateful and to tell her how much she is loved. I never knew my Mother as she passed on a month or less after I was born from blood issues so they tell me. My Mother was beautiful giving life to me on a cold Feb day in a house back east, I look at her picture and say something to her each day, I miss her so much, one day we shall see each other I say.
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    May the splinters never point the wrong way.
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    Just having found out Monday of this week that my Mom has been diagnosed with the intermediate stages of alzheimer’s, this mothers day has a special meaning. Oh, she has been showing the little signs for a long time now, forgetting why she opened the fridge door, where she put the keys, little things like that...not that unusual for a woman in her 80's.

    But somehow hearing an absolute diagnosis of an irreversable condition conjures up an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. I remember Nancy Reagan's interviews telling how Ronald faded away until he no longer recognized her and the kids. It's an inevitable fact with this disease.

    Living so far away I haven't seen her as much as I could have, or should have over the years. I'm feeling the urge, or the necessity, maybe the guilt, to fly home to Ohio and just sit with my Mom for awhile, to hug her, to tell her how much I love her, and to make sure all that needs said is said before it's to late, and I become just another stranger among many to her mind.

    As Prospector said, give your Moms a big hug, kiss, and an "I Love You"...cherish the moment...cause there will come a time when the moment's gone, and only memories remain.

    Happy Mother's Day everyone!

    Kimber Ultra CDP Elite STS II

    A gun is a tool...the real weapon is between your ears!

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