Ohio Rest Stops?

Ohio Rest Stops?

This is a discussion on Ohio Rest Stops? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I typically avoid highway rest areas in favor of privately owned establishments. However my dad insisted on stopping at every rest area on a recent ...

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Thread: Ohio Rest Stops?

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    Ohio Rest Stops?

    I typically avoid highway rest areas in favor of privately owned establishments. However my dad insisted on stopping at every rest area on a recent trip.
    I see that the buildings are posted with " no firearms unless otherwise authorized by law" signs. I called the 800 number posted at the rest stops and the "person at the other end" said that an Ohio CCW license is considered "other authorization by law".
    Now, she did sound positive and reassured me that if was legal to carry concealed and my "paper work was in order" that I was legal inside the buildings at the rest areas.

    Ohioans for Concealed Carry has this posted...

    Quote Originally Posted by www.ohioccw.org
    Can I carry concealed at an Ohio interstate highway rest stop?
    Not inside the buildings. Concealed firearms are prohibited in all publicly-owned buildings.

    However, openly carried firearms are legal in Ohio. Before you choose this legal option for self-protection at a rest-stop, consider this email from the Ohio Attorney General's office:

    While it is legal for a person to carry a weapon openly some law enforcement agencies have said such actions may prompt an arrest for inducing panic, a misdemeanor.

    It is impossible to say if any particular officer will cause problems for any particular person at any particular time, but carrying openly in a rest area � while within the bounds of law � may still result in difficulties.

    Mark Gribben
    Director of Constituent Services
    Office of Attorney General Jim Petro
    Any body have any first hand knowledge or experience with this?
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    Probably best to contact the OH AG's office.
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    All Officers know just how dammed dangerous rest stops are . I think that if you have a valid ccw for any given state no officer is going to hassle you for not disarming to use the cesspool that most of the facilitys are . If you catch any flack just offer to post a guard armed with a shotty while your in the little room as an option .
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    Unfortunately, the person you spoke to is very wrong and it is indeed illegal to carry in Ohio rest stop buildings. This is because there are two types of CPZs (Criminal Protection Zones) in Ohio. Ones that are enumerated in the law and ones that private businesses choose to post.

    The former, enumerated places, include rest stops as they are public buildings. We are not allowed to carry there and Ohio law mandates that signs be posted that include the "unless otherwise authorized" verbage. Section 2923.1212 spells this out. You'll see that in (A)(9) in that section, rest stops have to be posted and we can't carry there.

    Now, this is slightly off topic, but there is dissention amongst Ohioans about what happens when a private business has "unless authorized by law" posted on their door. The vast majority feels that the intent of the owner is to bar CHL holders. I am in that camp. However, it might make for an interesting court case if someone wants to be the test subject.
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    Why will anyone think I am armed?

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    You can carry just outside the door, but you can't go inside the lavatory lest you induce panic? Someone needs to revisit Ohio's strange carry laws.

    All things considered, sounds like heading to the local McDonald's (or whatever) restaurant is just the ticket. State-controlled victim disarmament zones can do without one more dead GG.
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    No reason to stop at rest stops. There's plenty of facilities at gas and food stops. I haven't used one in years, not since a friend and I had to cover each other while we used the facilities. 3 AM and a bunch of hard looking people hanging around. They didn't stick around after they saw the .45 we were using.
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    in addition to what has already been said... they are just plain gross. I wouldnt wear your shoes into a rest stop.
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    Texas has nice rest areas
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    No carry into any building owned or used by any governmental entity.
    No horse shall wear any but a plain black harness on Sunday.
    No person shall back any motor vehicle into any traveled thoroughfare.
    No drunkard may drive anything but a wheelbarrow on any public roadway.
    Ohio has strange laws!
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    I'll Risk Arrest...

    If I'm in a situation where I MUST use an Interstate Rest Area...I WILL be carrying a concealed handgun. I don't care in WHICH state I'm traveling. Don't misunderstand, I'm no scofflaw. But a recent experience in Arkansas (I-40, West Memphis > Little Rock) took my decision from Gun Law Theory to Practical Reality much faster than I would have otherwise preferred. Remote Interstate Highway Rest Areas are TARGET RICH environments for any thinking Bad Guy(s). There are too many factors (isolation, layout, cover, egress, etc.) making Rest Areas IDEAL locations for Criminal Activity of the worst kind.

    I'll risk arrest on a Gun Violation well before I'll EVER present myself or my family as sheep before wolves. It's an easy choice.
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    kinko that ghost tracker. i not sure bot isn't there a law about not stealing,killing,trespassing and felons having firearms in there possessions?

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