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Daily care of your carry gun?

This is a discussion on Daily care of your carry gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Every day when I take it off, I switch ammo (from gold dots to federal efmj) then I blow out the dust with canned air. ...

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Thread: Daily care of your carry gun?

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    Every day when I take it off, I switch ammo (from gold dots to federal efmj) then I blow out the dust with canned air. I shoot once or twice a week, so it gets a thorough cleaning after all of those sessions.

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    I don't do anything except check the holster when I transfer the pistol from the carry holster to the bedside holster. The G26 just doesn't need any special care for daily carry.
    I do clean it after every trip to the range and I swap to fresh ammo and the next mag in the rotation every few trips.
    Now, if I have not shot for a little while, I blow the lint out of the hollow space in the grip and rotate the mag & ammo.
    The "trouble" with the Glocks is that when I carry the Sig, I have to worry about wiping it down or it rusts.

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    If you want to keep your gun looking new, don't put it in a holster. In and out will wear the finish after time. Look at police trade-ins, shot little, holster wear is the norm. Want a gun to look nice for years, don't shoot it..kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it. Luck.
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    Daily no, I clean it monthly and do a function check almost daily.
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    Monthly cleaning here.
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    I notice that I sometimes have a very tiny bit of oil find its way out of the G36 during the day. That really only happens the day or two after a full cleaning and re-oil. I'll just wipe it off with a cloth before putting it away. Other than that, I field strip and clean after every range session (even though you don't have to with a glock) as I do with all of my guns.
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    I wipe the 1911s that have been carried down every 3-5 days with a rag and CLP, then place them back in the safe or holster. On autos I lock the slide back and place some light oil on the slide rails and position the gun so that the oil runs down the frame rails. I do that about every two weeks.
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    I don't know that I do anything daily other than a quick once-over when I holster it every morning, blow out lint, etc.

    At least once per week I clean it and use a silicone rag, more if I've gotten a lot of sweat on it or fired it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcp1810 View Post
    Silicone cloth before it goes in the holster and dry cloth when it comes out. Once a week field strip and blow it out, then a little oil and reassemble. Field strip and clean after each range session.
    Depends on the weather and the particular gun I'm using. In case you hadn't heard, we've had LOTS of rain here in E. Texas for the past month , so rust is a real concern lately. All steel guns get a bit more attention than plastic framed ones, but essentially the same as above, though I use an oily cloth instead of silicone.
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    I carry a Glock or an HK so I have tough finishes/corrosion resistance

    Daily: blow off lint/dust with canned air/compressor each evening when I go to bed

    Weekly (unless needed more often): wipe off with silicon cloth

    Monthly: complete strip and clean

    of course clean after each range trip
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    None - weekly is good enough for me. Well, maybe a wipe-down if it's really sweaty weather.
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    i fire them enough that cleaning after a range keeps them well off till they are needed or used again. ...i love them all... but the family still needs to grow.
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    The only thing I do daily is check the chamber to be sure there's still a round in it, count the rounds in my spare mag and look it over for any rust or problems.

    I shoot A LOT and I always thoroughly clean my guns after every range session. That means that my guns get a thorough cleaning 1-2 times every week.

    After a cleaning like that I lube them up nicely to prepare for the humid weather outside and they go back into my holster.

    I might wipe a little exsess oil off of them if I feel it's necessary or do a functionality test if desired. But other than that, that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by me View Post
    Do any of you have something you do daily to your carry gun to keep it nice? If so what is it that you do?
    I give it a kiss and thank it for helping to keep me well defended.

    Naw, really, I don't do much except for take it out once in a while and make sure it's not dusty or linty. Occasionally I'll re-lube those few spots where a GLOCK is supposed to be lubed. But I am leaning toward not even doing that: it's a CCW gun, not fired regularly, and the tradeoff of not having it lubed is worth it in terms of not having it collect lint and dust.

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    Daily wise I don't really do anything to my G19,except of course when we go to the range.

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