Daily care of your carry gun?

Daily care of your carry gun?

This is a discussion on Daily care of your carry gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Do any of you have something you do daily to your carry gun to keep it nice? If so what is it that you do? ...

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Thread: Daily care of your carry gun?

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    Daily care of your carry gun?

    Do any of you have something you do daily to your carry gun to keep it nice? If so what is it that you do?

    Recently I have been making it a point to wipe down the gun that I am carrying that day with a silicon rag. I want to try too keep my guns from rusting from fingerprint oil marks. Both of my guns are new (bought the first in November) but I want to keep them nice for decades to come.

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    Silicon cloth sometimes, sometimes I blow out all the lint, sometimes I give them an 'oily' rub down.

    Humidity, carry method and actual gun all dictate the level of care.

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    Qtip with breakfree on my TFO's, they have a tendency to rust, at least the ones on my glock did. I clean the lint that collects by the hammer and wipe everything down with a paper towel just to get the lint off. Weekely, ill strip the gun down and just give everything a good looking over. Ever since i started using Mil Comm tw25b grease, re-oiling is not really required, it stays put and everything is nice and slick. With the glock it would be weekly re-oiling.
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    Dry cloth at night when I remove it to make sure no sweat sits on it over night. Other than that, my HK needs nothing. Even if I left the sweat on it, well it just would not matter.

    I do want to carry a 1911 though. Now I will actually have to pay attention to it.

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    Silicone cloth before it goes in the holster and dry cloth when it comes out. Once a week field strip and blow it out, then a little oil and reassemble. Field strip and clean after each range session.

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    Wipe down with a silicon cloth and check the rails for proper lube during this hot/dry summer we're having.

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    Quote Originally Posted by me View Post
    Do any of you have something you do daily to your carry gun to keep it nice? If so what is it that you do?

    Recently I have been making it a point to wipe down the gun that I am carrying that day with a silicon rag. I want to try too keep my guns from rusting from fingerprint oil marks. Both of my guns are new (bought the first in November) but I want to keep them nice for decades to come.
    I do not have the privilege of carrying 24/7 being primarily located north of the 49th. in Kanadakistan; albeit a dual citizen - American and Canadian. In Kanahakistan we simply to not have the right to carry unless under the most bizarre conditions. Anyway, should I be permitted to carry daily, I would do the following first and foremost:


    That's about it. I don't care what it looks like, just that it works when required; and 24/7 carry tends to create things like fuzzballs and lintballs within, is my understanding.

    I think I would carry one of those wee cleaning kits and a can of compressed air and make a quick pass through the gun before getting it ready for the next day.

    That's all.

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    Everytime I come home, I first thank God that my gun is still in the same condition that it was in when I left the house. Then I wipe down the slide with a silicon cloth, and put it in its place where I keep it at night.
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    A lot depends on your body chemistry and the area where you live.
    If your sweat is acidic then you should wipe down you blued guns whenever you handle them. Some people can start rust going on a blued firearm just by touching it or they can burn their fingerprints right into a blued finish.

    For me personally I do not clean my "everyday carry" every day.
    There is no need for me to do that.

    I keep a light, buffed coat of Carnuba wax on the exterior of my blued guns so they do not rust.
    Right now...my everyday carry is blue but, the barrel is Stainless steel.
    I like Stainless barrels because I can keep the bore and chamber totally free of oil and the bore will not rust or collect dust.
    No Oil is always better for the ammo also.
    I do not like oil near my carry ammo.

    I also do not have any kids so I keep my carry gun loaded and holstered.
    I always treat every gun like it's loaded so I might as well keep mine that way.
    I do not constantly jack my chambered round in and out of the barrel chamber.
    There is no reason for me personally to unload my firearm at night just to load it again in the morning.
    My firearm cannot tell the difference between night and day.
    It does not know when it's dark outside.
    That does not make sense for me. I want my personal carry gun hot.
    It won't ever do me much good empty.
    My everyday carry is also right with me at night and nobody touches my carry firearm but me.
    My carry firearm stays clean.
    I use Jardine's Extreme for my rail lube between the slide and frame. That lube does not dry out.
    I do a quick slight "press check" and mag check (out of force of habit) before I put my firearm on in the morning - though (for the life of me) I don't know why I do that since my firearm has never unloaded itself overnight.

    I do a complete function check of my everyday carry weekly and apply a fresh light coat of wax. That works great for me.
    At that time I check my rail lubrication and my bore.
    I do not check my bore every day because I would have to jack the chambered round out in order to do that.
    Right now my carry holster has a closed bottom so my bore stays clean and dirt free.

    When I do my dry fire practice I use my other Commander or my other SIG.
    They are all basically identical and if you have drawn one you've drawn them all.
    That way I don't have to constantly unload my everyday carry during the week just to practice skills.
    Since I am the only one at work where I work - I practice drawing for an hour or two from leather and concealment when I should be working.
    But, since nobody really cares what I do at work that works out great for me and it passes the time.
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    I check holster retention, that's about it.
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    Wipe down every day, my EDC see's a lot of mother-nature
    on my job.
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    I keep an old toothbrush with a very small amount of FP-10 on it in my lock cabinet, along with some FP-10 and Mil-tech in needle oilers, and Q-tips. I use the toothbrush to wipe it and hit the nooks and crannies. I use the brush to keep the dust at bay, and put a tiny bit of lubricant on the rails/pins every couple of weeks in hot summer conditions. If the weather gets worse, the gun gets more attention.
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    I don't think I would have to do anything daily to my XD however I would do a weekly FS, clean and lube.


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    My carry guns: Glock and XD's have very tuff finishes. They are great! My SP-101 is stainless. My 1911's are blued and I'm not carrying them much these days.

    Regardless of which gun I carry, afterwards I do a visual inspection for lint or debris or sweat. Sometimes I have sweat on the surface of the spare magazines. I will wipe down as needed with clean dry cloth or silicone cloth. If lots of sweat on surface I may re-coat with breakfree at that time, although the Glock, XD and SP-101 doesn't seem to need it. I do usually give a quick coat of breakfree on a bi-weekly basis if I haven't been shooting.

    When I shoot my guns, I will field strip, clean and lube at end of day.

    (Probably not necessary, but just to head off potential problems... when carrying a gun, I prefer to have it clean and lubed and free of shooting residue. The reason is that if for some remote reason, I am ever stopped by LEO and questioned about some shooting incident, I want my firearm to be clean, lubed and not recently shot for their examination of my weapon.)

    I have never heard of that ever being an issue, but it seems like it could be, however unlikely. Besides, it just seems to be reasonable care of my gun on my part.
    Semper Fi

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    Daily I do a "press check" as I prepare to carry, in the evening blow or wipe off the lint etc.

    Weekly, unload, re-lube if needed and wipe 'er down before reloading.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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