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Locked and Cocked: How do you carry?

This is a discussion on Locked and Cocked: How do you carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Thumper I carry my Springfield Loaded Champion in Condition One! Thumper, I absolutely LOVE the Punisher logo on the grip! However did ...

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Thread: Locked and Cocked: How do you carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I carry my Springfield Loaded Champion in Condition One!

    Thumper, I absolutely LOVE the Punisher logo on the grip!

    However did you have that done? I'm jealous! Do tell about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by top_gizmo View Post
    XD-45 Always condition one.
    +1 on one with my XD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiptheJacker View Post
    Thumper, I absolutely LOVE the Punisher logo on the grip!

    However did you have that done? I'm jealous! Do tell about it!
    semper fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck R. View Post
    I carry my Stinger C & L, condition one. I use a well made holster with a slide guard. Once the holster is molded to the safety, it's close to impossible to accidentally swipe it off while wearing it:

    As for the HD shotgun, my Benelli is my primary HD gun. I also keep it in condition one. I don't believe there's any advantage to letting any intruder know that I have a firearm until I'm ready, and I'm not waiting till that point to load my chamber.

    I keep mine stored in a V-Line long gun case for security and safety:

    +1 otherwise it's just an expensive club
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    I think one of the main reasons people fear the "cocked and locked" pistol is because they truly don't understand how the gun and its safeties work.

    Many people who see the 1911 think that the thumb safety does absolutely nothing but lock the slide in place. And even if they "hear" or "read" what the safety does they haven't seen it and so they don't know FOR SURE that there is NO WAY the hammer can fall on a properly functioning 1911 with the thumb safety engaged. The hammer and sear are literally locked in place.

    All they see is a cocked pistol with nothing to stop the hammer from falling on a perilously exposed firing pin.

    I actually had someone ask me if something could hit the firing pin (other than the hammer) and fire the weapon. I assured him that nothing short of a deliberate act to include a punch standing on the firing pin and a willing blow to that punch with another blunt instrument would be sufficient to make the weapon fire in a means other than pulling the trigger, and on guns with a firing pin block, even THAT would be impossible because the firing pin block would prevent it.

    Cocked and locked guns are just as safe as any other out there. Engineers, designers and craftsmen have dedicated all of their time and resources into making guns that were both reliably functional and completely safe. Without the balance of the two, they wouldn't make much money as few would purchase their products.

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    I think you will find most , if not all of us carry in Cond. 1
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    I bought a new Kimber Aegis Ultra. Look it over and tell me there is another way to carry it other than Condition 1. You would play hell trying to cock it, and same with lowering the hammer. Kind of forces you to use it as it was originally planned to be used.
    All my 1911's go 1, end of story.
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    My USP stays in condition 2 all the time. The firing motion is the same as a cocked and locked 1911, just with a longer DA trigger pull. That doesn't bother me, though.

    When I travel, my 1911 comes along as a truck gun, always in condition 1. I would not try to get my 1911 into condition 2. There's just too much potential for a slip, resulting in an ND and likely injury to my thumb from the slide.

    Was it just me, or did the writer of that article seem to have a downright disgust for anything that was not SAO or striker-fired? Certainly no love for DA/SA.

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    Condition One, for me.

    The hammer and sear are literally locked in place.
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    Springfield XD9 stays HOT all the time. Just have to train to keep that nose picker out of the trigger well till you're ready to distribute some customer service. Remington 870 under the bed with chamber empty and safety off. I also believe in giving that sound of racking in a shell a chance to send a message to Mr. BG! Got couple boxes of ammo on standby just in case they came to play and dont wanna leave after the first few rounds. Any SD firearm should be hot or very close to it. Condition 3 is putting you at risk.
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    My 1911 is carried cocked and locked. My Makarov can be carried in a condition of a round in the chamber and the hammer down. You can cock the hammer and fire or pull the trigger in a double action and fire. It (Mak) has a decocker and may be decocked safely with the movement of a lever on the side. My P89D is the same and can be carried cocked or decocked. It is safer decocked. I am not that familiar with the Glock which I am sure if a fine gun but I don't need another gun and I feel that the 1911 is superior in construction because it is all steel. Many LEOs swear by the Glock so it has its followers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juking View Post
    I found this pic to be funny, because it appears to show a jock strap holster, w/ a cocked and locked Para Warthog (my weapon of choice) inserted..I understand that there are two internal secondary safeties, but..
    That holster may look funny like a jock strap. But I can tell you it works real good! I had a SC Spring Field XD 9 in it. I had a small confrontation with a guy that allowed no guns. I said come on look at me do
    I look like the type of guy that has a gun. Where would I put it. I raised my arms and showed him my waist and turn out all my pockets. It truly is a deep cover holster.
    To close for missiles, switching to guns.

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    cond. 1 here too... IMHO the ONLY way.
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    Oh yeah, guns with a decocker are still technically condition 1 when hammer down on a live chamber as the safety it ON.
    M9s in the military are often carried this way and it is described as condition 1.

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