AZ carry question

AZ carry question

This is a discussion on AZ carry question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering whether anyone had information concerning carry at golf courses and bowling alleys in Arizona. Bowling alleys have a bar, but it is ...

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Thread: AZ carry question

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    AZ carry question

    I was wondering whether anyone had information concerning carry at golf courses and bowling alleys in Arizona.

    Bowling alleys have a bar, but it is typically a separate area with its own door. Most have a place where bowlers can buy alcohol and bring it to the lanes. My guess would be no carry.

    Golf courses have a clubhouse, which serves alcohol so clearly you cannot carry there. On the course there is typically a cart that comes by periodically offering alcohol. It seems that it might be legal to carry on a golf course.

    The reason I ask is that there was a heated fight at a bowling alley (because one idiot thought someone on the other team was too slow.) And by heated I mean that four people had to restrain the attacker after is grabbed the other guy by the neck. And some might be aware that the Washington snipers murdered a man playing golf at a city golf course.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have no idea, but AZ law forbids carrying where alcohol can be consumed on the premesis.


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    Thumbs up Golf course carry

    We had in the city of Atlanta an incident where golfers were actually held up and robbed while playing a game. A handgun in the golf bag was the thing that stopped it.

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    The only exception to carrying under the same roof as a business serving alcoholic beverages in in a hotel with attached bar, as long as you do not carry the sidearm into the bar. Other than that, no go, thanks to Aunt Janet.
    A golf course is outside, and subject to the rules of the owner. If the golf course owner posts a sign barring firearms from his property, well, that constitutes a valid request under AZ law. If there is no sign posted, no list ofrules gioven stating that fact, and nobody working at the establishment asks you to remove it, then AOK. BUT, I would not consume any alcohol while carrying. Also, if there is no sign/request, carry concealed on your shall-issue AZ permit, and maybe they won't start thinking about posting. We have alot of touristas from anti states who vacation here, and if enough of them whine to management, they might cave.
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