If you "make" someone, what do you do?

This is a discussion on If you "make" someone, what do you do? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm just curious. This has never happened to me, but maybe some of you have experienced it. If you are walking around in a store, ...

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Thread: If you "make" someone, what do you do?

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    If you "make" someone, what do you do?

    I'm just curious. This has never happened to me, but maybe some of you have experienced it. If you are walking around in a store, or in some other public place and you see someone that is carrying, what do you do? Do you report it, do you ignore, do you keep an eye on the guy (or gal)? I'm just curious.
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    Well speaking only for myself of course ... I whip out my ccw badge , ask the nearest sockermom to duct tape a trama plate to my back , and immediatly go ninja securing the high ground on top of the gateraid display ( hey ya gotta stay hydrated ya know ... and they look at me funny when i wear my camelback in stores ) . Then i challange the miscraint to a high noon showdown .

    Nahh lol ... ill try and let them know they may be displaying or printing with the same discretion one should know to let a fella know his fly is down .
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    If the guy appears to be a CCW holder, has a holster and isn't acting suspicious, I might approach an inform em if they were printing badly. Otherwise PD may get a call.
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    Unless it is a unwanted visible concealed weapon due to clothing problems then I will do nothing.

    We are more likely to see things that the average person will miss, so just because I see someone printing doesn't mean it is a problem, an exposed rig is.

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    Smile and get on with my life.

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    Sorry I just can't help myself today...

    If you "make" someone, what do you do?
    Hrm...well, I need a wifey first so ummm yeah.

    I'm just curious. This has never happened to me, but maybe some of you have experienced it.
    Definitely not me yet...

    If you are walking around in a store, or in some other public place and you see someone that is carrying, what do you do? Do you report it, do you ignore, do you keep an eye on the guy (or gal)? I'm just curious.
    I dunno, I've never seen a guy carrying, but usually at least offer to hold the door etc... for the gals.
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    Typically would not say anything, but may let them know they are printing.

    Here is a quick story on what my girlfriend ran into a couple of weeks ago. She was in a bar in the downtown area with some friends and noticed a guy walked in with his pistol tucked in his belt in plain view. She told the rest of the group it was time to leave and they did. As the left they let the bouncers know at the door on the way out. All left unhurt.

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    Assess him for treatening behavior, then move on with my life.
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    It would for me depend on context and appearances.

    Considering how few of us nationally practice carry I'd not expect to see another as the odds of two or more in the same space who are not law enforcement or criminal would I think be a bit long.
    I've only noted this once, on a day I wasn't carrying, a dad at Dick's bent over helping his kid into her carseat. His leather holstered sidearm was showing plainly. I gave him not a second thought considering the context and his appearances.

    On the other hand many times I've seen people while myself out and about at night in higher crime zones that my spidey senses were telling me 'that guy is armed'. I've no clue if my gut was correct but not wanting to bet my life on it I've chosen to put distance between myself and them leaving establishments and/or going elsewhere.

    Context and appearances for me is and would be key toward making an assessment of concern.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBrombach View Post
    Assess him for treatening behavior, then move on with my life.

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    I have carried concealed for over 40 years and have run into the situation twice. Since I don't know of the person is a legal carrier or not (and I DO know that concealed means concealed) I have, in both instances, sought to report. In the first instance the guy was in a Toys R' Us store and someone beat me to it. The police showed up immediately and, sometime later, I found out that the guy was an off duty policeman and had his chief carve him a "new one" for being made!!!

    The second instance was in a supermarket and the guy turned out to be carrying unlicensed and was detained and fined.

    I don't know if someone is carrying legally or not but, even if they are CCW'rs, they should not be printing. It is not my job to find out which.
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    There are a LOT of folks around here who carry, and open carry is legal. The only way I would comment is if I was curious what kind of weapon it was, or if I liked the holster. I've done that one. The wife gave me a funny look, but I think it was because the girl I asked was kinda cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzmtg View Post
    "These aren't the droids we're looking for-move along..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtDawg View Post
    "These aren't the droids we're looking for-move along..."
    Haha! Good one!

    An armed citizen doesn't bother me. Open carry is legal in many states and although I don't do it I know some that do. I am not flaming or disrespecting anyone but jumping to conclusions and reporting someone like that is acting kind of sheepish in my opinion. As long as he is going about his business in a civil manner then all is fine. If his gun is out of his holster and he is waving it around or pointing at me or mine, then we have problem.

    P.S. Sometimes it is good for the general population to see someone that is not LEO carrying a gun in a responsible matter in public. Consider it a lesson in Civics if you will...........

    P.S.S If you call the PD, then you may start something like this where a legal citizen gets harrassed. http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...ad.php?t=28653
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    Open carry is legal although uncommon in MN. As a previous poster said appearance is everything. If they looked non threatening I would go on with my day. If they looked suspicious I would definitely keep an eye on them. Suspicious behavior is not an indication of a problem but I would want to be cautious anyway.

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