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This is a discussion on cant see my sights within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Closing your left eye is fine. Once you get used to holding the gun so the sights are in line with your right eye, you ...

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Thread: cant see my sights

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    Closing your left eye is fine. Once you get used to holding the gun so the sights are in line with your right eye, you may be able to open you left eye. By focusing on the front sight you will have no choice but to use your right eye since you won't be able to see the sight picture with your left. But, for now, I'd recommend closing your left eye.


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    I guess I'm kinda odd. I'm definatly right handed but I switch eyes when shooting. If I'm aiming to the left I use my left eye, if I'm aiming to the right I aim with my right eye.
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    I would suggest training your eyes to shoot right eye. once that is set, try opening your left eye just a bit at first.
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    I had it backwards.
    I'm still left eye dominant, just had the test wrong.
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    This is from some an older thread of mine where I went through some of the same issues.

    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post

    Recently while practicing off (weak) hand drills with my new Colt, I had a disturbing revelation, I was shooting better with my left hand, not just because I was using my left hand, but because I was using my left eye.

    This led me to retry shooting with both eyes open, I have been trying to transition to shooting to both eyes open for the last 6 months or so, and I was having no luck, I couldn't get clear focus on the front sight.

    When I went back to shooting with both eyes open I changed the position of my head moving my chin more to my right, placing my left eye more in line with the sights, and presto I had crystal clear sight picture.

    This confused me at first, because I've been right eye dominant for as long as I've been shooting. When I performed an eye dominance test I was shocked to see that I was now left eye dominant.

    So now I'm in a rough spot, I'm right handed, left eye dominant, and I've been shooting with my right eye for the last 22 years.

    In trying to overcome this new affliction I've discovered the following things to be true:

    1: After "X" amount of years using my right eye I can't keep my left eye only open for very long.
    2: Dry firing exercises utilizing snap caps works wonders.
    3: In order to correct my weaker yet dominant eye, I have to shoot with just my left for a while.

    I have also reevaluated my needs in sights for my pistols.

    I have opted to give the XS 24/7 Big Dots a try going on the theory that the larger front sight will be easier to focus on.

    While using my left eye only, or prolonged two eye usage I was "loosing" the front sight in the rear, my sight picture startes looking like a fuzzy black box, instead of a clear front sight centered in a fuzzy rear sight.

    I am also going to eneavor to use my left hand more and try and build my weak hand pistol skills more than I have in the past.

    I ordered my Big Dots for the Sig tonight, unfortuantely I am out of town for the week and won't be able to practice anything while I'm gone (had to drive through NJ and NYC and I didn't even want to risk a traffic stop with firearms in either state) but as soon as I get back Lima should have the sights installed, she opted for the standard XS 24/5 dot sights for her Kimber CDP to replace the fading factory 3-dot night sights.

    As soon as I get a chance to utilyze the Big-dots I will do a complete range report with the Sig w/ XS sights compared to my factory 3 dot sights on my Colt and the Novaks on my Springfield.

    In the mean time I will be researching eye dominance further and trying to find other ways to "strenghen" my left eye use.
    For the whole tread see HERE

    What really worked for me was moving my head laterally to change the angle on which my eyes saw the sights.

    If you experiement around enough you may find a position that works better and gives you proper sight alignment.

    If you can find a position that works, I can't stress enough about dry firing practice, it works wonders. In just under a month I've gotten to the point where shooting with both eyes is pretty natural.

    I'd also suggest following the advice given above regarding getting your eyes checked, just to be sure that your good to go.

    You may also try different sights, Lima has XS 24/7 STANDARD DOT sights on her 3" 1911, I have the BIG DOTS on my Sig and they helped alot with this issue.

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    hm. never thought of moving my head laterally. ill try that when i get home

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    Get a set of crimson trace or lasermax grips and shoot with both eyes open.

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    ive got crimson trace grips :)
    i like them but id like to be able to use iron sights with both eyes open. i think for now ill just shut one eye when using irons. not the end of the world. like i said, in an emergency situation i can use the laser

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    It's a tough problem. For me, personally, I'm literally neither eye dominant. When I perform the eye dominance test, I don't see the target when I close one of my eyes (Either one).

    I just keep both eyes open, but if I'm trying to get better accuracy, I close my left eye. I know I shouldn't but otherwise I have problems seeing the real sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GotSig? View Post
    Put scotch tape over your left eye on your shooting glasses and go to the range. With both eyes open, you'll only get the right side view and your brain will start to realize the right eye's view is the correct one.
    I just started doing this @ the range this week and over the last 3 days, it's become tremendously easier to aim with both eyes open :) Thanks for the tip!

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