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This is a discussion on Asked to Unload within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; yeah, firefighter_56 has it well said! Limatunes is on the money too... guns and alcohol are not a good mix - something like rattlesnakes and ...

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Thread: Asked to Unload

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    yeah, firefighter_56 has it well said!

    Limatunes is on the money too...

    guns and alcohol are not a good mix - something like rattlesnakes and alcohol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR D View Post
    guns and alcohol are not a good mix - something like rattlesnakes and alcohol...
    I think it was WC Fields who said: "I only carry this flask in case of snake bite....I also carry a snake with me everywhere I go."

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulG View Post
    Once again Lima nailed it.

    My situation is more the educate whenever possible position.

    The wierd thing is everyone I know knows that I am the pro-gun guy. However, I have only been asked about carrying a couple of times.

    My answer has been "I have been known to carry a firearm at times". That satisfied all except for one occassion. The guy then said, "are you carrying now?" I responded with "Since you don't know the proper etiquette, let me explain something to you. In the progun world, that question is considered rude. It's like asking someone what color underwear they have on".

    He just said "Oh, OK. . .no problem". and left it at that.

    I don't go out of my way to let people know I have a gun but if the topic comes up I make sure everyone knows I support the 2nd Amendment.

    Look. . . .I know all about the tactical advantages not talking to anyone about guns. I am well aware of the "greyman" concept.

    But I feel that if NO ONE ever discusses firearms and lets the masses know that many of us are armed, they will NEVER get comfortable with the idea of people carrying guns.

    I can proudly say that because of me, there are quite a few converts out there.
    hear hear

    I am not averse to letting people know that I carry. Most of my friends know that I bought a handgun and my good friends know that I got a permit (or that I was in the process of getting my permit--I haven't talked to some that much over the summer). Some on these boards believe that you should tell no one. IMO its not a big deal if they know I carry "sometimes" (all of the time that I can ). I have to set boundaries with some of them who don't realize the etiquette but most people don't realize they are being rude or inappropriate.

    By being open about these things I have opened up a whole new world to my friends that they were pretty much clueless about. MY best friend from high school bought an rifle and joined the NRA after a trip to the range with me. I have since been to the range with several other friends one of whom is determined to get a handgun on his 21st birthday (in a few months). There have been some debates and I have cleared up several gun "myths". Most of my friends are either neutral or pro-gun but I do have a few that are anti...I actually just don't bring it up around them(so I don't really know if they know).

    The topic is a really good conversation piece and I enjoy the discussions that usually ensue after the topic of my gun ownership or carrying comes up. I personally believe that I have made an impact on over a dozen people I know (in a good way) about gun ownership, 2arights, and ccw.

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    +1+....Limatunes! (I think I used that correctly)

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    My first and last thought about this story is that too many people know that you carry.

    Nobody would think to ask me to disarm, because it would never occur to them that I might be carrying.
    When in doubt, just ask yourself, "What would Theodore Roosevelt do?"

    Every society is 3 missed meals away from anarchy.

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    "Confide in the people you trust. Let everyone else guess." - GDDYUP

    Sounds like good night to me. Regardless of what anyone thinks, if you walk away feeling as though you helped wrap someone's mind around the fact that guns are good and not bad, it's worth whatever it took to get there. I go by the quote I came up with on another post awhile ago. I'll talk about it with the people I trust as far as carry and whatnot. Those are the people who I know will not get me in a dangerous position if one ever arrises. They are respectful of my decision, even the few who do not agree, and will not use that fact as a crutch at any time. For the people whom I do not or cannot trust, they can guess at it like the rest of society...

    Maybe I do... maybe I don't.
    "You've never lived until you've almost died. For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know" - T.R.

    <----My LT was unhappy that I did not have my PASS-Tag at that fire. But I found the body so he said he would overlook it. :)

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    Firearms and alcohol do not mix.....
    "Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment" - NRA/ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.

    " water, my friend."

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    [QUOTE=firefighter_56;426479]I'm glad you had a positive and fun filled night. One thing though it sounds like people were having a good time and drinking, alcohol and firearms lead to tragedies, sometimes leaving it locked in the car is the best thing to do. I have seen way to many guns and alcohol/drugs "accidents". /QUOTE]

    +2! Ditto also on the blabbing friends who let it be known that you carry.

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    It sounded like an 'OK' night to me...but let me make an additional point here.

    I have been to family functions (in fact, a family reunion a week ago) where some MAY know that I carry or enjoy guns. I don't bring it up...I'm always armed...and no one has ever asked, especially in a group. It was never a point for discussion, nor did I want it to be.

    Looking back at your situation as I understand it...I would not have discussed the issue. If you chose to leave the weapon w/o a round in the chamber, that's your choice, but not one I would make. The only point I might mention...for your bringing a gun (empty as it was)...for people to view. As you explained, some were pro, some anti, some 'oozy'...I would not have had a gun out for inspection...but then, that's just me.


    Stay armed...quietly...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA Life Member

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    Glad it turned out well, but Josh still gets a smack on the mouth for being a loose cannon.

    Don't tell this guy where any bodies are buried.
    Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!

    -- Theodore Roosevelt --

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    I'm struggling with this one quite a bit. I don't believe it's a good idea to casually talk about this subject. I'm glad you had a great time at this party, but the image of someone going to a party of mostly strangers and having "several" different conversations about this is spooky.

    In some respects it's like the newspaper problem we had where all kinds of peoples names were published. The big difference, of course, is that you, and I guess some friends, did the telling. Absolutely your choice. Where this may go and who ALL might learn of this is no longer your choice. You forfeited that - for good or bad.

    Every single concern raised by that Sandusky Register thread is now in play.

    Very, very few people know I carry. If I had someone that I knew well and they wanted to discuss it - great. I'd help them any way I could. I'm sure as hell not ashamed of it, but I haven't looked in to taking out a billboard, either.

    I honestly think you have some potential problems with this - self inflicted, or not. In reality, you now don't have a clue who all you've told, through friends or otherwise.

    If you choose, you can tell everybody. You have no option, or choice to "untell" anybody.

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    To me chatting with people about it was no biggie, I never said I was conceal carry the gun. Since open carry is legal here and everyone there had eye and could see. Another thing that I find myself in minority on this forum is the reasonings I carry. I feel that is why I have some fairly different views that some of those posted here. But like I said above I love discussing guns and gun related things. I get good exposure to new thoughts and opinions. The more food for thought the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wht06rado View Post

    I'm not sure "because I can" was the best answer you could have given. Try something like "Because I can't carry a cop and my personal protection is very important to me." If you're carrying just "because you can" then you're not carrying for the right reason in my opinion.
    It's a guaranteed right of the Constitution, and as such, stands alone as a good enough reason. It's nobody's business to ask why I carry, but why would "because I can" not be a good enough answer or reason? I'm curious.......

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    I think it could be seen as smug, immature and maybe even provocative. Then again, maybe not. These things typically are governed by the tone and circumstance.

    "Because I can" doesn't seem like the best choice for anything.

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    Limatunes sure has a way with words. My pro-gun friends know I carry. In social situations, I often steer the conversation to 2nd Ammendment issues to feel out who the pro-gun people are. Depending on the situation, I may confide in them that I carry (but usually not that I am carrying right now).

    With that said, I think this thread has drifted away from the most important part of the poster's story, and that is drunk sexy Kayla. I think she sees him as just a little dangerous and exciting because of the gun he displayed. And since he did it with safety in mind, she is attracted to a certain level of maturity in him, too. It's time to invite Kayla to the range for a shooting date and see where it leads to!

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