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Just started carrying...what do I do with my wallet?

This is a discussion on Just started carrying...what do I do with my wallet? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I went to a money clip, in my right front pocket many years ago....

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Thread: Just started carrying...what do I do with my wallet?

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    I went to a money clip, in my right front pocket many years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    I carry with an iwb strongside , and wallet strongside . It just takes a bit of practice to get that sucker out with most pant styles . It does help to clean your wallet out so it isnt easily mistaken for a pregnant prairie dog tho .
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    Wallet in front left pocket, IWB on right... that's just me though... I found that sitting on my wallet was pinching a nerve in my leg and I was getting a wicked pain from my backside down my leg to my knee... turns out IWB and moving the wallet fixed that!

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    I have so much crap that I carry around on a daily basis its absurd. I have my wallet, my keys, my cell phone, and my gun...it doesn't sound that absurd when I type it out like that but when you are wearing pants with 2 front pockets it gets tricky.

    For shorts: I carry my gun in my right front pocket or my right front cargo pocket depending on the shorts. This is where I normally kept my wallet prior to cc-ing. So now I keep my wallet in my left cargo pocket and my cell phone goes in my left pocket. My keys go in whatever pocket I have left on my right side.

    For jeans its ultra uncomfortable. My gun takes up my right pocket completely so I have to fit my keys, wallet, and cell phone in the left. Needless to say thats incredibly uncomfortable. I am going to get a belt clip for my cell as soon as I get a new phone (plan expires in a couple months anyway).

    Dress pants usually have deeper pockets so they aren't as uncomfortable as jeans but its still a pain with all of that crap im my pockets.

    But, I guess thats the price you pay for pocket carrying.

    I usually only wear jeans in the winter/colder months also. So, carrying my XD9 OWB is concealable which frees up my pockets.

    In your case it seems simple enough. Switch your wallet to your front pockets? Not only does that solve your issue but its also a safer place for you wallet to be.

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    Check out these wallets. It has made all the difference.


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    Wallet in upper left pocket of my cover garment - typically a Wrangler shirt - so it is accessible seated in the truck (if stopped - does not happen often at all) and I do not need to sit on it (uncomforable).

    This could be a problem if you change types of outer garment often, but a suit coat has an inner pocket and a cowboy shirt such as the ones I wear have flap/snap pockets that are pretty secure.
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    I've always carried my wallet in the front left pocket. It's harder t steal that way. I now keep an extra wallet in my back left pocket to use as a decoy. It contains a picture of out of state family, a used gift card, fake credit card, my Army Values card (for irony's sake), some old receipts, and $3.
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    I carry two wallets.

    Wallet #1 is my day to day "civilian" wallet, for lack of a better term. This is the one with all the credit cards and such.

    Wallet #2 is my Departmental ID wallet, it also holds my driver's license.

    I would carry wallet #1 in my support side rear pocket. You will get used to it over time. In the strong side front pocket I carry my Departmental ID wallet.

    I suggest that you move your wallet to the support side rear pocket and be done with it. It will take time to "adjust" to having your wallet there, but it beats accidentally "flashing".


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    what is this money thing you people speak of?
    you carry around with you?

    ....oh yeah, thats that stuff you buy things with, .....that I used to have......a few years ago...........

    I don't usually carry any money with me....none
    however, I do have a wallet with y DL, CHL, Hunter Safety Ed card, and insurance, then another small wallet with business cards and sometimes money, they both fit in the right thigh pocket of my cargo pants along with my OC :)
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    I have always carried my wallet in my left rear pocket. The solution for dress pants is simple, buy them with pockets on the left side.
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    Good to see another Browncoat on the forums.

    Depending on what you're carrying, that can definitely be a problem. A full-size 1911 will be hard to explain away if you're in a non OC state. I would suggest just moving the wallet to a front pocket or perhaps the other side.

    I used to worry about this constantly because I carry at the 3 oclock. It makes getting anything out of my right pants pocket difficult. But I've found that people only notice if you look nervous about it.
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    Move the wallet to the front pocket. It's better for your back anyway to have your back pockets empty. That way the wad of cash you carry around (so you can't be tracked buying tons of magazines and ammo on plastic) won't make you sit crooked.

    I moved my wallet to the front left, along with my keys. If anything's in my back pocket it's my cell phone that gets tossed in the other seat in the car or on whatever desk I'm at.

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    Serenity what all do you carry with you day to day?

    Some of this stuff may give you a problem when trying to reposition your wallet as well.

    I did all this transition stuff 9 months ago when I started carrying. I found the hardest thing was having a huge cell phone in my pocket. I carry a cell phone and Fire department pager WS belt, Slim line wallet WS rear pocket and Surefire G3 with it. My keys recently re-transitioned (read I got tired of misplacing them) back to my strong side clipped to my belt, I am now trying to move them weak side between my pager and phone.

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    I just give mine to the wife, PM me for the address and she'll hold onto yours too.

    More seriously, I switch to weak side front pocket years ago wenmy ciropractor made me. Took just a bit of getting used to.
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    At least you won't be handing it over to the BG

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