Just started carrying...what do I do with my wallet?

Just started carrying...what do I do with my wallet?

This is a discussion on Just started carrying...what do I do with my wallet? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've had my CWP for one week today. :D I'm still working through the logistics of carry and getting used to it and there is ...

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Thread: Just started carrying...what do I do with my wallet?

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    Just started carrying...what do I do with my wallet?

    I've had my CWP for one week today. :D

    I'm still working through the logistics of carry and getting used to it and there is one particular issue that I haven't found a great answer for yet and that is what to do with my wallet.

    For years I've carried my wallet in my back right pocket but that's really not going to work with my IWB holster in the location I'm wanting to carry it. It's difficult and clumsy to get the wallet out and it's pretty easy to accidently "flash" the gun when at the checkout line.

    Another obvious option is to switch the wallet to the left side but I don't find this very comfortable either and not all my pants, especially dress pants, have a pocket on that side.

    So I'd like to hear some creative options or wallet designs that might make this easier.

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    I got rid of a wallet and now use a money clip in my front left pocket

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    I switched to left side. takes about a week to get used to it.
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    I had to transition when I started carrying 5 plus years ago. I always had right side back pocket for wallet but was soon aware of the problems of retrieval!

    I moved to left rear and after a week or two it settled in to normal - and that is my current continued choice. I am of course fortunate that I almost always have that pocket option - but if it was lacking then I'd opt probably for money clip front left but that still leaves the need for keeping DL and other cards somewhere else.
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    I moved my wallet to my left rear pocket about 4 years ago. I got use to it.
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    I carry with an iwb strongside , and wallet strongside . It just takes a bit of practice to get that sucker out with most pant styles . It does help to clean your wallet out so it isnt easily mistaken for a pregnant prairie dog tho .
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    Wallet on left side; when no pocket, carry on left side cross draw.

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    I just carry my wallet in my left front pocket. I have no problems with it looking unseemly, even in dress pants, but I suppose if it bulges too much for you, you can go to a thinner wallet or money clip - I've seen several styles of clip that include little envelopes to carry necessary cards in them.

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    I switched to a money clip.

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    I switched sides. Any dress pant that has only one pocket should be comfortable enough to carry the wallet in a front pocket.
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    I carry my wallet on my weak side back pocket.

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    Give your cover garment a tug from the front to take up the slack in the rear. May want to position yourself from curious eyes as it may promote printing, and then retrieve wallet. As mentioned in thread, may take some practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ron8903 View Post
    I switched to left side. takes about a week to get used to it.


    Toss the wallet in a safe direction with left hand, while drawing with the right hand, if he turns back from watching the wallet, he get's to speak with the complaint department, Funny thing about that Complaint Department, a Glock has no ears, but it does have a mouth that speaks with authority.
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    I haven't had any problems. I carry IWB strong-side (RIGHT-HAND) about 4oclock and wallet strong-side rear pocket. Then again I usually wear jeans everywhere so I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

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    I carry both strong side, but I position my gun a little more forward than most. As with anything new try different options, give it time, and practice.

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