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Why do we as a whole choose to conceal like its a bad thing?

This is a discussion on Why do we as a whole choose to conceal like its a bad thing? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Open carry? Concealed carry? If both are legal, it really doesn't matter. Just be aware of the pros and cons of each, act responsibly and ...

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Thread: Why do we as a whole choose to conceal like its a bad thing?

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    Open carry? Concealed carry? If both are legal, it really doesn't matter.

    Just be aware of the pros and cons of each, act responsibly and make your decision.

    I do both frequently. I will admit that I don't usually carry open unless I have several other armed friends with me.

    See: we can discuss this in a friendly way.
    fortiter in re, suaviter in modo (resolutely in action, gently in manner).

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    Quote Originally Posted by OPFOR View Post
    I for one carry concealed not because I think it's a bad thing to carry in general and I want to hide the fact that I do, but because CC offers tactical advantages that open carry does not...
    BINGO! ^^

    Additionally carry concealed for the same reason I don't generally walk around wearing muscle ts anymore, or shirts from fight clubs (I've been seeing alot of these in my zone lately), I don't walk around telling people how much I make per year or what my networth is, or have a lic. plate with my horsepower or 0-60 times noted on it as I've seen other fools do as marketing to police and thieves.

    Carrying concealed even in states that otherwise allow open carry works great for me because I don't have an object of high value hanging off my hip as motivation/temptation for hyena to think and plan to steal or 'test' me. As well if by chance I'm confronted and cornered by hyena they will not be aware of my actual/real power and resistance capabilities as a concealed person both in armament and base physical concern, and thus they are at a disadvantage and I am advantaged.

    I some times think it would be 'cool' to carry openly but then my senses return and I'm like, nah.
    Not even law enforcement officers other than beat cops and spec-ops /SWAT/drug interdiction carry openly if they don't have to and they commonly conceal secondary support tools such as BUGs and concealed knives for the same reason as I see it prudent and as very well put by OPFOR.

    - Janq

    "I carry in order to protect myself from danger.....not so that danger can be invited." - KellyCooper, Defensive Carry.com
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    i'd prefer the BG not know i was carrying. small element of suprise, and doesn't promote me getting killed first. simple as that.
    War is not the ugliest of things. Worse is the decayed state of moral feeling which thinks nothing is worth a war. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which he cares for more than his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free. -J.S. Mill

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    LEOs carry openly

    I think one of the things that convinces me to carry concealed is looking at what happens to our law enforcement officers who carry openly. They are in the trenches every day and the BGs know that they are armed. The LEOs face getting ambushed when they walk up to cars, around corners, and into other buildings in response to a call. And in scuffles the BGs try to take thier weapons.

    So if I am concealed, no one but me knows I am armed. This does create a tactical advantage as BGs may relax their guard somewhat since they feel they are dealing with a sheeple.

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    "Why do we as a whole choose to conceal like its a bad thing?"
    There is Absolutely NO Doubt in my mind that legally carrying a
    firearm to protect me and mine is a GOOD THING.

    I carry concealed because in todays world to do otherwise will
    SURELY bring me Unneeded and Unwanted attention.

    If you carry a gun for protection , advertising it is just plain BAD

    FYI - I don't always carry a SMALL gun either.
    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

    know your rights!

    "If I walk in the woods, I feel much more comfortable carrying a gun. What if you meet a bear in the woods that's going to attack you? You shoot it."
    {Bernhard Goetz}

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    +1 on what P95 stated so nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmy40 View Post
    In a nut shell:
    Open carry can be restricted by local munies in Ohio. Concealed carry cannot.
    Concealed carry gives a tactical advantage.
    Concealed carry doesn't scare the sheeple

    If the wolves can't tell the sheep from the sheepdogs then I may not have to bite to protect the sheep.
    Except for the part about Ohio, these are my feelings exactly. I don't have the time or energy to explain to the nice police officers who were called on a 'man with a gun' complaint that open carry is in fact legal in this state. Granted, that may not happen as frequently as I imagine it would, but I'm sure it would happen eventually. I want no part of it. I'm not ashamed that I carry and don't really try to hide it the way some people do, but I don't advertise either.
    - Kurt
    “Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” ~Pericles of Athens
    Primary Carry - Colt Commander .45 in a Brommeland Max-Con V

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    Eh, the gun community seems to be filled with a lot of individualists. People that don't depend upon others for a lot of things, including protection.

    So, it makes sense that they would choose to conceal a weapon so as to not draw attention to themselves and ultimately be left alone.
    ...He suggested that "every American citizen" should own a rifle and train with it on firing ranges "at every courthouse." -Chesty Puller

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattLarson View Post
    I live in Florida, where open carry in public = getting arrested.

    Simple decision, really.
    +1. Same thing will happen here in Texas since we're not an open carry state. If I could, more often not I would.
    "... Americans... we want a safe home, to keep the money we make and shoot bad guys." -- Denny Crane

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    I don't open carry for the same reason I don't hang a sign on my neck that says "SHOOT ME FIRST". It is not my job to be a crime deterrent, It is my job to protect my "family". I can do that best if a BG doesn't know already that I am armed. (I hope)
    To those that paid for my freedom,

    As with all statements I've made and All that I will make, please check your local laws to verify accuracy. (and if i'm wrong let me know as I like to be right in the future) After all I'm just some goofball posting on an internet forum.

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    First--ditto the tactical advantage thang. Just makes good sense. Why advertise?

    Second--and I hope I never have to--for the look on some BG's face when I'm forced to pull out my Kimber with 13 rounds of 230 grain HP .45 just when he thinks he's got ME by the short ones!! Can you say: "I'll be your huckleberry?"

    Third--I don't feel I owe any explanation to any person as to why I choose to carry ["need to know" as the spooks would say]. Concealed carry let's me arm myself while minding my own business.

    Four--I do it because I can and because I trust ME.
    Don't forget to bow as the chariot passes.

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    I have to completely agree with the tactical advantage of the element of surprise. I see no need to advertise to the potential BG that I am armed. If he forces me to show him, I want it to be an unpleasant surprise.

    Battle Plan (n) - a list of things that aren't going to happen if you are attacked.
    Blame it on Sixto - now that is a viable plan.

    Learning to shoot again : Starting Over

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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    Bottom line is - for most of us ..... we have a concealed carry permit. In PA and also in other states, this behoves holders to remain concealed.
    Mine just says "Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearms", form SP 4-129 (12-2003), Chris.
    Clinging to guns and God in PA...

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    This question was put forward by a member from Alaska, which is still very much 'free'. Others here are in less 'free' states.

    So all tactical considerations aside we need to remember that some of us are bound by local laws.

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    The reason most members here on DefensiveCarry.com carry concealed is that while we entertain all modes of legal self~defense firearm carry...we are primarily centered around legal concealed carry of handguns.

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