Why do we as a whole choose to conceal like its a bad thing?

This is a discussion on Why do we as a whole choose to conceal like its a bad thing? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ccw9mm The folks from 2yrs ago aren't the ones discussing it now. All "dead horses" are not the same. that would be ...

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Thread: Why do we as a whole choose to conceal like its a bad thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    The folks from 2yrs ago aren't the ones discussing it now. All "dead horses" are not the same.
    that would be why they are still open instead of closed .. ya think ?

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    I don't have the choice--South Carolina is a concealed-carry only state.

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    I choose to carry concealed because it is very non-confrontational. I live in an area where the summer tourist feed our families for the whole year. I don't want to remind them that feces occur anywhere and at any time.

    The 'surprise' factor is also a big plus. I may look like an easy mark - old and overweight, but I am the very last person you want to rob. The very, very last!
    "If we loose Freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the Last Place on Earth!" Ronald Reagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protect View Post
    I think the point is we are creating or at the least perpetuating a self fulfilling prophecy.

    If we don't talk about it
    If we don't educate people
    If people don't know we are exercising our God-given-right

    then we are only serving our own wants and desires
    alienating those that could be taught,
    While hastening the erosion of those rights.

    "A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost." I would extend that to say a Unexpressed as well as Unexercised.

    I'm not saying open carry if you don't want to, but if you keep it so secret that you lie to people or are ambiguous about it, you are doing nothing more than hurting the RKBA and using it while it happens to be around.

    If you still have the right to Open Carry, do it every once in a while, make a statement.
    If your right to bear arms has been legislated away, talk about it, don't shy away from it.
    If you CC, talk about it, don't shy away from it. (talking about it here does not count, we know how you feel, its the people out there that need to hear it.)
    Keep your gun hidden, but not your beliefs.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulG View Post

    Not trying to flame here but it does seem that people advocating open carry seem to be more tolerant than those advocating only concealed carry.

    The tone of some of the "concealed only" comments seem to imply that open carry people are looking for trouble, trying to prove a point or are just plain stupid. The only point I am trying to prove when carrying openly is to let the sheeple see that decent, respectable people carry guns. How else will they learn that?

    I easily concede the point that concealed carry is tactically better, but I really believe that in the areas where both are legal, we NEED both.

    I know of at least four people who now have concealed carry permits and carry a firearm because they saw my openly carried gun and asked questions about it.

    Is that worth some risk. YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have stated before that due to tactical concerns, I only carry openly when I have other armed friends with me, but I have open carried where I was the only one carrying openly and have never had a problem.

    Maybe we should change our discussion to the First Amendment. "Just because you have the right to free speech, doesn't mean you have to exercise it". Sounds kinda stupid in that context doesn't it.

    I applaude both the open carriers and concealed carries (I belong to both camps), but I am confused by the way some of us refuse to see ANY advantage in the other person's position.

    My preference: carry open or carry concealed; but carry!
    Agree with both of your ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White View Post
    This topic was beaten to death 2 years ago but yet people keep opening it up
    We must do something about it!

    Bud, some topics will always have a life of its own. But like you said, let's keep it civil people!
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
    Randy Cain.

    Ego will kill you. Leave it at home.
    Signed: Me!

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    Yes Miggy they do and while it might not be the same people arguing the topic it is the same stuff i have seen nothing new..

    Give it a few more days and unless something totally cool happens i think ill give it 2 to the head

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    Sometimes, we as gun owners are our own worst enemy.

    If you choose to open carry where legal, good on ya! It's not my place to judge / criticize / declare you a "problem".

    If you choose to lawfully carry concealed, good on ya! It's not my place to judge / criticize / declare you a "problem".

    Too bad we waste all this energy having a go at one another. We're all on the same side here. We should, IMHO, try to remember that.

    Battle Plan (n) - a list of things that aren't going to happen if you are attacked.
    Blame it on Sixto - now that is a viable plan.

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    I agree with EXSoldier,

    No tactical advanage to open carry, you are just setting yourself up as a potential target. I will remain concealed.
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