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This is a discussion on Traffic Stops within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The classes official response here was tell em either way; a Sheriff's Deputy [LT] said tell them only if armed. So the dilemma continues, the ...

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Thread: Traffic Stops

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    The classes official response here was tell em either way; a Sheriff's Deputy [LT] said tell them only if armed. So the dilemma continues, the car plate is linked to the permit; but, Mrs. Clean drives the car and doesn't have the permit. She has never been stopped by a LEO in 48 yrs of driving, I bet she would be so shook up that she would not remember I have a permit. I will tell them either way and hope the LEO and dispatcher can tell gender from a name in the computer records, if Mrs. Clean would be stopped. Even a routine licence and registration check point could be a problem for a permittees family member.
    I saw several comments about car searches, does this mean someone comitts a non major traffic violation, there is going to be a search? I would hope not, even if the TV Show Cops seems to indicate so.

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    Informing the LEO is required by law in NC. And it is just good manners.
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    Here in Louisiana we are required to tell LEO if we are carrying. I'm not sure if I would tell them if I wasn't carrying. However, since DL and plates indicate "GP" (gun permit) I would probably tell them that I have a permit, but that I am currently not carrying. I have been stopped several times over the years, not while carrying, and never have I been asked if there are any weapons in the vehicle. I'm not sure if that is because of the "vehicle is an extension of your home" part of Louisiana law (I love that part) or just luck. It seems every stop on "Cops" they always ask about weapons, etc.

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    I suspect that the officers who appear on Cops are playing to the camera to a certain extent, and say and do things they ordinarily wouldn't say or do in daily life. I've never been asked about a weapon. I think that the question could be a useful tool in that the person's response could indicate that he was up to something. Generally, a traffic stop remains just that unless the officer notices something illegal in plain view, or the person indicates it.
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    In Kansas you are only required to notify the officer if asked.... having said that, if I am ever pulled over I will offer the info right up front.
    Having spent over 3 years in the SO Reserves and making many traffic stops, I know I'd appreciate that. Plus, I feel it sets up some automatic respect between You and the LEO (which is a good thing!)

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