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Fact or Urban (CCW) Legend ?

This is a discussion on Fact or Urban (CCW) Legend ? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ExSoldier SHUGGLES I Love It! Face it we are all paranoid, hyper-sensitive, ultra conservative ex(or current) GI's. Of course we notice others ...

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Thread: Fact or Urban (CCW) Legend ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExSoldier
    I Love It!

    Face it we are all paranoid, hyper-sensitive, ultra conservative ex(or current) GI's. Of course we notice others carry methods...or do we?
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    I know a guy who carries a fanny pack, married but very metrosexual IMO... But he's also a pharmacist so who knows? Does he or doesn't he have a gun in there... I'll never know. I always wanted to ask, but never have the courage to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasGeezer View Post
    I keep reading posts on this and other forums that certain methods of CC "Scream Gun!"

    Probably at the top of the list are fanny packs, followed in no special order by:

    Hawaiian shirts or other patterned shirts worn unbuttoned over a t-shirt or buttoned but untucked, with or without a t-shirt
    "daytimer" type cases
    and a maybe few others that escape my memory right now.

    My question is: Have you personally, or do you actually know anyone personally, who has ever been "made" or actually ID'ed when carrying using any of these methods?

    Or, do we forum readers/posters just "know" these methods "scream gun" and thus have created our own version of an Urban Legend?

    I firmly believe that 99.9% of the population out there is not clued-in to know what might or might not "scream 'gun' ". Cops might. Feds might. The average citizen? NO.

    I live in Florida and there are plenty of people who carry fanny packs around here (the kind you wear around front, generally). I have used such carry methods before, as well as a shoulder satchel. Never been challenged. Now, whether people have observed me and thought to themselves, "Heh, I'll be he has a gun in there," I don't know. But many many people have seen me with it and not said a word about it, or even asked what I have in there. MOST people are completely ignorant about the number of people who carry guns, and how they do it. All the better for us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCW View Post
    I've only been on this forum for a few weeks. I've been spotting fanny packs for several years, they are without question the easiest to spot, imo.
    How on earth can anyone claim to know whether the fanny packs they've spotted being worn contained a gun or not?

    Suspicion is one thing. Knowledge is quite another. I guarantee you that nothing about my pack's appearance can confirm for you, or anyone else, that there is a gun inside. (Besides, sometimes there is, and sometimes there isn't, with my pack.)

    So you've been spotting fanny packs for years. Are you saying that you claim to have known they contained CCW?

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    To me if I see someone who is wearing a fanny pack, I automatically think gun. But, like you guys, I think that is because we all think about this type of thing much, much more than the ordinary person out there in the world.

    Vests, Hawaiian shirts and other button up type shirts worn over a T-shirt but unbuttoned also make me think the person is carrying. But if they are not printing, there isn't really any way to be sure.

    It is something I have noticed ever since I started carrying. I look for this kind of thing as I am sure you guys and gals do.
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    I'm surprised no one mentioned folders or Wilderness belts (the buckle is pretty distinctive). To me, those would be at least as good an indicator as a vest, that the person may be more likely than not, carrying.

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    Dress as the sheep

    I thnk the one thing that can scream gun is the fact that some folks will dress so much more differently than the rest of the population where they currently are. An example of the fanny pack, sure this can scream "gun" while walking around the mall but if at a place where many travelers or tourists might be, it may be acceptable.

    Like one of the previous posts, wearing a phtographer vest in the middle of town without a camera will have many folks making comments like " fish biting". Howver a black leather vest for a rough looking dude makes one just look like a biker or motorcycle enthusiast.

    Hawaian shirts seems to be very acceptable but even a regular shirt, left unbuttoned and untucked can hide a weapon very easily.

    I think the key is to blend in, dont look so different than the sheep.

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    Before I started "packing", I really didn't pay attention to others form of clothing. But now that I carry, I pick out the people who have a high probability of being armed, based on their clothing. The "tactical/cover vest" should just have a sign on the back, I mean really who thinks those are actually real clothing that unarmed people wear.

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    The sheep won't notice as they float by with their Ipods,etc. Cops and criminals might suspect you might be carrying, but I think that's just fine. What would probably give me away is I'm already checking out someone checking me out.
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    If a fanny pack screams "GUN" to everyone on the planet then 98% of the men and women in Branson, MO on any given day seems to be packing.

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    If fanny packs scream "GUN" then there are a lot of retired gun carriers. I was at a resturaunt the other day and two busses pulled up loaded with older men and women. I was sitting next to a window and as they started to disembark, I started counting and all but 11 had fanny packs......were they all carrying guns.....I think not.

    Go to any theme park in the nation and you will see multitudes of fanny packs.....in most you cannot carry and they check the contents when you walk through the gate.

    Before I started carrying, my wife and I both wore fanny packs for years.

    I tend to look at persons acting nervous, constantly touching their sides or hips, with bulges in their clothing around the waist areas, more that I ever consider folks wearing fanny packs or wearing vests. Here in Texas, a vest is sometime worn instead of a sports jacket.

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    I remember not too long ago I was in a restaurant and a man came in with a fanny pack and sat across from us. For an instant I wondered if he had a gun in there. He opened the fanny pack and took out his diabetes testing meter and medicine.

    I take the cover shirt a step further. I dress in my BDU shirt and put on my Retired USAF hat.

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    First post on this forum. Hello All.

    People in the know, know. People who don't know, don't know. It's that simple. If our clothing choices are the typical choices of those that CCW then those that CCW will recognize the clothing. Those that do not carry will make other assumptions. Those that do not carry make up the overwhelming majority of the people we meet and see everyday.

    Our clothing choices are actually uniform choices. Others look at our uniforms and make decisions based on what they see and what they know. Walk into a restaurant in a suit and they will call you sir. Enter the same place in a pair of dirty jeans and a tee shirt and admittance may be barred. It is the same at all points in society.

    If we care, we choose carefully with regard to climate, custom, and geography. This the way we were taught to dress as children. If we do not care if some people might think we are carrying then wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the dead of winter in New England or a photographers vest in Las Vegas during August is fine.

    The big question is whether or not we care if we are recognized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRB View Post
    First post on this forum. Hello All.

    People in the know, know. People who don't know, don't know. It's that simple.

    Welcome, I think most will agree that about sums it up.

    I spotted a guy in the mall once with a black fanny pack on, I looked his way, and couldn't help but smile a bit, and as I was turning back towards the direction I was going, I saw his wife hit him on the arm and say something, I can only guess it was about being "made".

    My apologies if it was someone on here.

    Edit to add: My usual carry set up is a one size larger golf shirt, that covers up my G21 strong side IWB, spare mag weak side OWB, and my belt, for that reason I was thinking about going with one of those nice custom leather belts, but we'll have to see. This setup fits in here pretty well, and works just fine for work too.
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