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This is a discussion on Alcohol? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I agree, do not drink and carry. Remain on top of your game, and prepared. If your going to go out and drink, lock up ...

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Thread: Alcohol?

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    I agree, do not drink and carry. Remain on top of your game, and prepared. If your going to go out and drink, lock up the gun.
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    Never. I use to have a beer or two with dinner if I went out. Since I've been carrying , never do.

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    IMO, having a drink or two is no reason to leave your sidearm in the car or home as long as the law permits it. Yes, it may be used against you in court. However, think of the alternative. The only reason you should be using the firearm is to stay alive or to preserve the lives of others. So, alcohol or not you are either allowing yourself or someone else to die by not having your sidearm if something were to come up where you would need it. I would much rather have my day in court than to not have another day at all.

    I can understand the decision to not drink while carrying though.

    Myself, I do my best to stay inside the legal limit. IIRC, the legal limit is .1 for carrying and .08 for driving. I go by "too drunk to drive too drunk to carry." There has been a time or two where I went to a party and had a few too many while carrying. At a private residence this is legal but for the ride home(not me driving) I take advantage of the glove box.

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    I have to agree with the "I would rather go to court than be dead" side of the discussion. I understand the principal behind not wanting to carry because of the extra grief involved... however being alive to have that grief or a family member of mine is much more important to me.

    Just my .02

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    In Alabama the permit is void if "under the influence", so if I choose to be a real dork, 1 beer will send you to jail.

    NOW.... have I done it.... yes. A beer or two will not make me take you to jail, but being an dork will. I look at it like this, if I wouldn't arrest you for DUI in your current state, then I will not press the issue of the permit being void.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spyderdude View Post
    I do not touch an ounce of alcohol when I'm carrying, whether I am eating or not. It's just not worth it.

    I agree
    If you have any alchol in your system when you use your gun for a legit purpose, it may get really nasty for you.

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    I rarely drink and never in public. I want to be alert and aware of what is going on around me. In Louisiana the blood alcohol level for driving is .08 but it is .05 for CCW. If I drink at home the gun goes in a safe, accessible place.

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    I may have a glass of wine or beer -- just one, only with a meal -- and drive if it's at least an hour between drinking and the drive. At my weight, that is way too little to affect me, but I'd hate to have an accident and have to wonder.

    But I do not drink even one-half glass and carry, not even at home. The decisions to present and fire are too important.

    So if you see me anjoying a bbq rib with a brew, I may have the keys to use after the movie but my wife is our designated last line of defense.

    I'll go one step further ... yeh, it's legal for you to drink and carry in FL, but please don't. I don't need to pay some lobbyist to keep the legislature from messing with our carry laws because a lightweight let Schlitz do his thinking and shot some bystander with a legally carried but illegally used weapon.

    And in my home, just because I don't carry a sidearm when having wine with manicotti doesn't mean I can't find the 12GA faster than a BG can dodge pellets!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLSquirrelHunter View Post
    And in my home, just because I don't carry a sidearm when having wine with manicotti doesn't mean I can't find the 12GA faster than a BG can dodge pellets!
    So, let me get this straight. You will not carry a handgun while you are enjoying wine with your dinner but you have no problem grabbing the shotgun?

    I can certainly understand not wanting to carry when drinking anything at all, but faced with a life threatening situation I think each and every one would choose to fight rather than submit.

    While waching a ball game and having a couple of beers a man breaks into your home. "Sorry sir, I cannot shoot you because I had a beer. Feel free to take what you want and please don't hurt me."

    Yeah, right!

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    Well I have definitely accomplished what i set out. Create an interesting post that has not caused an inter forum war.
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    Alcohol when CCW? NEVER!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by customtle View Post
    Well let me tell ya guys I had a close one a couple years back on
    4th of July. The afternoon started out regularly enough met a couple of the boys that were off duty at Applebees had 2 tall boys there while laughing and over a course of 2.5 to 3 hours I left there and took off to Girlfriends house where her family was having a big party Firewirks kegs liqour ETC Catholic Partiers LOL anyways after about 3to 4 hours of being there I had had like 3 solo cups of beer and as always in the midwest 4th of july's are always sweltering so i had sweated most of it out, playing volleyball washers horseshoes throwing people in the lake etc lol about 9 o clock most of the family starts leaving going to other partys etc well all of a sudden its myself, girlfriend, her cousin and his girlfriend is the party we're hanging out i'm trying to persude thing inside, hey i'm young you know how it is, All of a sudden we hear a Harley pulling in the drive way, Angie and her cousin Jeff look at each other and you could feel the mood change, one says "oh $@*&" He's here, I said whos here they then informed that earlier Jeffs moms Boyfriend and jeff Had an verbal altercation, well I said I'll tell him he needs to go and hopefully that ends it. With him knowing I was L.E. i figured honestly how bad can this get well let me tell you guys NEVER THINK THAT I walk up to Jay and go "hey buddy whats going on we're just getting ready to leave and everyone else is up the road why dont ya take off and go up there" well his answer to that was a .357 wheelgun to my gut and his comment "this isnt between me and you biggin' I need to talk to jeff"well I had been Carrying all day and I pulled my back up duty weapon and said " you just made it between me and you Drop the gun Jay " in a commanding voice he refuses adn we have a bit of a stand-off, Now i'm sittin here thinking man this is going to go over wonderful with the soon to be in-laws I'm going to be forced to take this man out in their Backyard I choose to use some Kahones instead of brain I decide I'm going to try to disarm this fool, So we fought he was disarmed we fought some more and he was subdued all the while 911 is one the line with my Girlfriend, I hear my badge number being repeated and next thing I know here comes the calvary and I mean the Calvary we got 8 cars and 2 sargents showing up 1 of which lives up the road and was off duty. I was asked if any shots were fired I said no i was asked if my weapon was drawn and I said Yes I was asked why didn't I Fire, my response was well I had been moderatly drinking nothing serious since 1 oclock i had 5 or six beers now this is at 2330 thereabouts I was administered a PBT By my own dept. I blew .02 My sarge said D@(( son your lucky if you would have shot him you'd be out of a job and out of freedom did not know Indiana Had such strict Rules on Alcohol and Firearms Just food for thought for you guys If a LEO can get tagged that hard so can you
    Man that was painful to read. Maybe next time try not to drunk post?

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    Just FYI ~ In Pennsylvania it is perfectly 100% Legal to go into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol and also perfectly legal to imbibe an alcoholic beverage while legally licensed to carry a firearm.

    The State of Pennsylvania seems to feel that the folks that carry are all growed up and brimming to overflowing with personal responsibility.

    It has never presented itself to be any sort of a problem here in Pennsylvania with Licensed To Carry folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElMonoDelMar View Post
    I think cold medicine does more to most people that 1 beer. Does everyone here disarm every time they feel a bit of the flu coming on?
    Nope, I use non drowsy cold medicine. If you do use medication and carry ,in most (if not all ) states it is can be considered impaired.
    If I get prescription meds that specify drowsy or do not operate ect, I do disarm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    Let me add that I have maybe only done this on 2 occasions in the 10+ years of carrying. One of which was on duty working with undercover drug officers doing close surveillance.
    Me thinks I would not put this kind of stuff on an internet site about you drinking while on duty. I take offense to officers of the law drinking while on duty. I understand you probably have not done it since, kicked your own rear, etc. Still, it is now in the public domain my friend. Understand one thing, once it is out here, anyone can see it and use it against you.
    As for me, I don't drink at all, so not an issue with me. Kind of like speeding while carrying, asking for trouble. Luck.
    I know, I know, you are smarter than me..just ask you..

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