Fielded a query about FL CCW at work tonight

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Thread: Fielded a query about FL CCW at work tonight

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    Fielded a query about FL CCW at work tonight

    Tonight I ran into a guy I see sometimes at work (it's a large building and night staff come and go), and as we were alone on our way down a hall he happened to call after me and ask if I had a concealed carry permit.

    Now, he and I are not "friends" in the sense that we don't hang out together anywhere but we're friendly with each other when we pass at work, so I wasn't upset that he asked. Figured he must have some reason to.

    So I turned around as I walked, as he was a few paces behind me, and smirked, put on a mild bit of a British accent, and said, "That's rather a personal question, there, isn't it sir?" (That's from an old Monty Python skit, actually.) But then I followed it up with, "Hell yeah I do. Why?"

    Turns out he wanted to know about turnaround time for obtaining a FL CCW license. I didn't have time to discuss it with him at length, but I did tell him about the sequence you go through, mentioned that he can take the class and get the fingerprinting done at the next gun show, approximate fees and stuff, and said that people I've seen discuss it have said that they got their license in the mail in anywhere from a couple of weeks to about 3 months.

    I didn't get a chance to ask him why he happened to ask me about it, though. I don't necessarily look like a gun owner -- more like a hippie. (Long hair, glasses, t-shirt & jeans...) It may be because I have edged into a discussion about guns/crime etc. with him in the past. I don't specifically recall whether I ever said I had the license, but I well might have.

    So anyway, I like this guy, I think he's decent. I'm glad that he seems to be plumbing the idea of getting a CCW. I'm going to try to catch up with him tomorrow night, satisfy my curiosity about why he figured I was a likely person to ask, and ask him if he needs any more information or guidance. I also plan to say that if he's interested in trying out any shooting, we can make a plan to go to a range some time. This would be my first time "taking someone under my wing" about guns. I hope it ends up that way, to be honest.

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    CCW at work tonight

    Good work
    Just imagine if we all could get one person to start the process towards CC. We might not have to defend against all these crazy laws that are always being proposed.

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    Excellent! I think it is fun to help others on their way to becoming a CC permit holder. I guess that is why I teach for the permit here in MN.

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