VCDL is taking Fairfax County to court so that VCDL can proceed with its "Bloomberg Gun GiveAway I" drawing!

That drawing had been postponed in May due to a ***last minute*** concern by the Fairfax County Attorney and the Commonwealth Attorney for Fairfax County as to the legality of the drawing.

Instead, VCDL gave away two firearms as "door prizes" at the scheduled drawing, which VCDL deemed the "Bloomberg Gun GiveAway II."

At issue was the fact that VCDL only gave the free tickets to those customers of Bob Moates Gun Store and Old Dominion Guns and Tackle who purchased at least $100 of merchandise.

Richard Gardiner, VCDL's corporate attorney, has reviewed the law and is convinced that the drawing is 100 percent legal.

VCDL received NO money from the tickets, and in fact donated the tickets and prizes causing a loss of several thousand dollars. The gun stores sold merchandise like they always do, but simply gave a free VCDL drawing ticket to those who spent at least $100. The tickets themselves were NOT for sale at any price.

As a courtesy, Richard gave both the County Attorney and the Commonwealth Attorney a chance to change their position on the drawing.

Not unexpectedly, both declined.

The legal filing is asking the Court to make a "declaratory judgement" in VCDL's favor based on the law. That would bar the Commonwealth Attorney and Fairfax County from interfering in the drawing.

I will advise you as the legal action moves forward.

Hopefully, this will be resolved quickly so that we can proceed with the drawing.

Here is a link to the papers filed in court today: