Question for the ladies who carry

Question for the ladies who carry

This is a discussion on Question for the ladies who carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I can convince my wife to carry, she carries a S&W 642 (.38sp). Problem is, she is one who likes tight jeans and shirts ...

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Thread: Question for the ladies who carry

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    Question for the ladies who carry

    When I can convince my wife to carry, she carries a S&W 642 (.38sp). Problem is, she is one who likes tight jeans and shirts that come down as far as the tops of her jeans/pants.

    Since her jeans don't have another 1-2" of room for IWB, and the tops won't cover an OWB holster it is a problem for her to carry with her current wardrobe, save for a few longer shirts that let her carry OWB.

    She's about 5'2 and 125 lbs, medium frame.

    Any ideas, other than off-body carry?

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    If her jeans are not tapered at the leg, try an ankle holster.
    Fashion can be tweaked in order to provide safety.

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    Thunderwear/Smartcarry. However, in tight jeans with a revolver it still tends to print a little. Had the same problems with my fiance.
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    theres only one answer to this question in my opinion.
    she needs to change her clothing style.
    IWB, smartcarry, and ankle ALL require looser pants.
    What I am doing (being in a similar situation) is going with IWB and buying some new jeans and a few new shirts. The jeans really dont have to be much looser. just a little but more room around the waist but the rest can be the same. may take a little shopping around but im sure she will be ok with that (unlike me. i haaaate shopping).
    So get some different jeans and then get some loose button up kinda shirts that can be worn over her normal shirts. This seems to work pretty well and actually is kinda a nice look!
    It will take a long time at the mall to figure it out but IWB is very reasonable for females.
    Once fall and winter comes around it will be a lot easier but even in the summer time this option works fine.
    no matter how she chooses to carry, there will be some changes in the clothing department.

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    My wife would like to answer this question so with out further a due, I will turn my screen name over to her for a few minutes. Take it away Dear:

    Hello. This is TN_Mike's wife. I know I should sign up with my own screen name, I just have not gotten around to it. I have to raise 5 kids and look after Mike so I am pretty busy.

    My answer to your wife may sound a bit harsh but it isn't meant to be. She needs to do what I did when I decided I was going to carry for my self defense and the protection of my family. I had to grow up and stop dressing like I was still in college. I stopped wearing tight jeans and short shirts and started buying pants that were looser so I could carry a gun IWB if I wanted to. I bought shirts that would conceal my gun.

    If she is serious about carrying and since you said "When you can get her to carry" it is pretty obvious she isn't serious about it, she just needs to start dressing around the gun, not to accentuate her body.

    Hope that helps. Mrs TN_Mike (until I can come up with my own screen name)
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    TN_Mike's wife,

    Great advice. I hope she sees it in the light it was given in. I thought about this for a while and your answer is the only senseable one.
    A woman must not depend on protection by men. A woman must learn to protect herself.
    Susan B. Anthony
    A armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one has to back it up with his life.
    Robert Heinlein

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    TN_Mike's Wife is right, but it seems most women don't take the decision seriously.

    I suspect if something happened to me, my wife would soon stop carrying. Not that I have forced it on her, but my concerns for her safety, have influenced her somewhat.

    Our friends who carry have a similar story, with the husbands trying to come up with solutions for the wife to carry. And the wife is resistant because of fashion, comfort, or lack of concern.

    Purse or fanny pack are the only solutions my wife will consider. So I console myself that at least she has it with her if the car breaks down out in the boonies.

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    I also think TN Mikes wife said what needed to be said. I went through this with my wife. She is taller with a long torso so she gets away with carrying a PPK IWB appendix. Too me off body you might as well go without, to me is says here is my purse and my weapon. Have her spend some time reading Cornered cat on the web. We also have some slender women on hear that I'm sure will chime in soon. Limatunes is one that comes to mind, she is slender, somewhat short and caries a 1911.

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    I have to agree with TN-Mike's wife. the only real way to carry concealed is to chage the wardrobe a bit. I just did it myself a couple of weeks ago. I did check and took her adivce and went to mens Levis...the waist size can go up without looking too baggy in the rear. and ordered a bunch of nice button down's on sale from LL Bean...She needs to decide what comes first.....personal safety or skimpy fashion

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    Question for the ladies who carry

    You could try
    They have all sorts of carry options. Vests, bags, jackets.
    Good luck in your search.

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    Changing dress is a good solution but if she's already apathetic to carrying... make a solution for her. Galco has some very nice looking bags on their site. I am not exactly an expert on women's purses, but they look very fashionable and nice leather. They are priced along the lines of any other high end handbag from what my g/f tells me. Off the body is not always the most favorite of carry options for some. But if you make seem like not such a chore she might warm up to it and her style of dress will change with time/age.
    Friends don't let friends be MALL NINJAS.

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    Try a small digital camera case (Walmart $6) that goes on her belt. My bride carries either 642 or her Keltec .380 that way and wears any damn thing she wants. Doesn't look like a gun bag either. She also has a nice small leather hand/shoulder strap leather purse with a gun section that contains a holster, $28 at gun show.

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    Obviously the off-body mode of carry is less than ideal. If that is the only way she is comfortable then you must help her as much as you can.

    Men will not admit it but most of them had to make some changes to the way they dress when they made the decision to carry. Most men do not care about making a change to their dress habits. The older the man is the less of a problem this becomes. As has been stated by so many women, this is cold comfort for them because they tend to think of their style of dress as a way to define themselves to the world at large. Age does not affect this very much.

    Everyone, man or woman, must make the decision on what their priorities will be when they have decided to have a gun in their lives. Is it more important to be able to draw quickly and cleanly, fumble with off body carry, or just leave the gun in a drawer at home?
    Never underestimate the value of early training.

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    It all comes down to priorities. Slight changes in wardrobe are necessary. But it doesn't mean you have to dress frumpy! Truth be known, I think that we (ladies) have many more cc options than men. If your wife is interested, have her pm me and I'll be happy to help her in any way I can.

    Personally, in a SHTF situation I would prefer to have folks say "wow that lady was prepared" instead of "what a beautifully dressed corpse". I'm not trying to be cruel but I honestly believe that my personal protection is my responsibility.

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    How about the woman's version of the UCcomfort shirt? You could probably still get away with a short shirt as long as it was roomy enough.


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