Why I carry

Why I carry

This is a discussion on Why I carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was out in the yard this afternoon, when the neighbor across the street came over to inform me her eldest son, 15, was robbed ...

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Thread: Why I carry

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    Why I carry

    I was out in the yard this afternoon, when the neighbor across the street came over to inform me her eldest son, 15, was robbed at gun point last evening about 9 pm in front of their house. Seems a car drove up the street and abruptly pulled over to the curb. The 2 young boys noticed that the car did not have plates, but did not know what to do?! She said that her husband then called his father and asked if he could borrow a gun, but that she was apprehensive as he had never handled a gun before. The punks got away with their house key although she does not believe they know exactly what house it fits.

    I offered to run a safety class for her family and to review some basic gun handling issues to insure they remain safe. She said she will pass it on. I hope he takes me up on the offer. I would hate to see one bad situation force them into a rash decision and lead to further tragedy as they have 3 younger children in the home as well.

    Lastly, it seems I left my home out the front door not 15 minutes earlier. I took my 16 mnth old daughter to get some ice cream. Damn, this makes me very upset. I hate punks. Guess it may be time to up my involvement in the block leadership. Damn, I hate punks. Did I mention that? Just another in a long list of reasons to carry 24/7 and stay in condition orange. :chairshot
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    Good Thread mobyclarke

    Make sure that you also tell your neighbor to call a locksmith & have their door lock re~keyed.
    That will be the best $50.00 that they ever spent just for the "Peace Of Mind" of knowing that their front door key (in the hands of obvious thugs) will not give Bad People free access to their home...in the middle of the night.

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    Time for some new locks thats for sure ...

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    Moby - welcome to you ....... sad indeed and a reflection on this day and age in places - way too many places.

    I hope your offer is taken up - all for folks getting armed but NOT on a whim, with zero skills or knowledge - no way.

    I too have developed a ''punk complex'' - seeing as I do instances of their activities - usually destructive - often drug linked and overall, I find them a smear on our society. I am always prepared to try and not stereotype and give some slack - but only SO far - after which - let em come play if they must - I at least will after doing my best at avoidance, answer them if needed in terms they can understand, if they threaten me or mine.
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    Welcome to you mobyclarke-the folks should be considering all they can do to ensure home security, with lights deadbolts etc. I don't think they should be worrying about a gun right off. Clue the teens to be cool and not hot headed, don't search for problems avoid it for awhile and test the waters around the block. A shotgun with training may be the first step if they feel insecure but they may want to check out the street and house prior to coming home for awhile. Just some thoughts, others may chime in.
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