Gun nut or just ccw ?

Gun nut or just ccw ?

This is a discussion on Gun nut or just ccw ? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I bought my first real home defense gun (S&W 38, 64-3 ) when I was about 25 years old. I did'nt really get into guns ...

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Thread: Gun nut or just ccw ?

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    Gun nut or just ccw ?

    I bought my first real home defense gun (S&W 38, 64-3 ) when I was about 25 years old. I did'nt really get into guns until about a year and a half ago. I'm pushing 50 years old. For carry, I have my XD40SC and my 642 . Holsters, I have IWB and OWB for each gun, and a Galco deep concealment holster , a Mika pocket holster and a smart carry for my 642.
    I'm not itching to buy anymore equipment or guns, I only have what I feel I need for ccw. I've also spent a fortune on new clothes for concealment.
    So my question is, how many of you are "gun nuts" and just can't resist buying new gear or new guns and how many just want the necessary equipment to ccw? I'm aware money plays a part in it , so I'm sure there are lots out there that would buy more "toys" if they could afford it.
    I'm just happy knowing I've got good equipment for carry. I believe "if you're gonna do it , do it right".

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    I dislike the term but for the purposes of this conversation, I am a gun nut.
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    my wife thinks I am....I prefer gun enthusiast...or self-defense enthusiast.....

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    I have to admit, this was stolen from someone else's signature but

    "I may be a gun nut, but I am most definitely NOT a nut with a gun"
    "Life exists at a level of complexity almost beyond our ability to comprehend. It's a well known fact that if you try to take apart a cat to see how it works one of the first things you have on your hands is a non-working cat" - Douglas Adams

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    I wish I was a gun nut, but being a Disabled Veteran I live month to month. So I can only afford so much at one time. I only have one semi auto 1911 which I traded two other SA's and a 10/22 for, but it was new when I got it. I also have a lever action and two shot guns. Will be getting another 10/22 though just for fun.
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    Robere, like you said it depends on the budget and still you will end up buying stuff. Let's say you get the itch to try a shooting sport that dovetails with your CCW outlook because just going to the range and shoot at paper without moving is no fun. You start shooting IDPA, exchange info with other shooters and <gasp> try their guns. All of the sudden you will want to change springs, maybe change the sights (after all we are getting old and need them Xpress Big Dot front sigh), or maybe the new UPLULA magazine loader to save a sore thumb......... believe me even going cheap you will spend money but it is well spent money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    ...I prefer gun enthusiast...or self-defense enthusiast.....
    Me too. I have shot guns since being old enough to hunt. Also target shooting since 12 yrs old too.
    "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by robere View Post
    I'm aware money plays a part in it , so I'm sure there are lots out there that would buy more "toys" if they could afford it.

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    Been doing it a long time. Got guns for all kinds of purposes, CC just happens to be one and If got numerous guns & options for that too.
    Guns and shooting are hobbies I shared with my dad since I was a young boy.

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    Gun nut of just ccw

    Have been trying to find something in the gun world equivalent to what AA is to the drinker. Gave up and just embraced my weakness, so , I guess that makes me somewhat of a gun nut.

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    I wouldn't consider calling someone a golf nut or a tennis nut or my wife a shoe why a gun nut? guns and shooting are my hobbies;a friend of mine has four different sets of golf clubs..its his hobby.
    I have several handguns and long guns ..its my hobby and pastime..nothing "nuts"about it!

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    comfort is priceless. what's the point of defending one's self in this day and age if you have a howitzer under tissue paper and can't stand going out in public because it's such an effort to conceal. it's worth the little extra to have the peace of mind that it's in the shadows until needed. all willing, i think we all hope that's where it's going to stay... so why not be comfortable without the tucked arms and readjustments, as much as possible.
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    I don't think gun nut is a good way to describe what I am. Hang on I'll ask my wife...

    "You're so crazy about 'em" (giggles) (a lot)

    I think I was in denial. I like to think of it as being prepared. But I would like to be prepared by having a gun for every possible situation.

    "You're also very good at coming up with reasons for having any gun you want."

    So, I'm crazy, and talented. I can live with that.


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    I shoot my extensive collection, and I love guns. Shot my whole life, started collecting guns as soon as I was old enough to do so. Dealer for most of my adult life, helped fuel the desire. Competed most of my life as well, short range, long range, rifle and handgun. Gun nut? did not realize they grew them....
    I know, I know, you are smarter than me..just ask you..

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    Not a "gun nut", just a purchaser fulfilling the needs of a strategic plan.

    1. CCW - 9mm full size, 9mm compact, .38 pocket
    2. Home Defense - .45 handgun, 12 ga. shotgun
    3. SHTF - AR, AK-47, .308 precision scoped rifle

    Buying the above list, including all accessories, requires alot of cash for weapons that may or may not ever be used except for practice. This is ok by me as I guess I'm the pessimist that believes the inevitable need for these weapons could and will come to pass.
    I believe it is better to be prepared for the worst rather than hope for the best!

    Stay Safe!

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