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    Hey... I'm curious... anyone know what happened to

    God bless,


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    Not sure...but there is a thread discussing Packing Dot.Org here:


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    For all practical purposes,

    I think Packing.Org has finally died; I say this because I tried "pinging" Packings' DNS Server address, and it did not answer. Pinging a server should result in a return "ping" even if the site has been taken down for maintenance, etc. which was the case last time (in April, I think) when Packing went down and Mark Solomon suposedly replaced his server. The fact that the DNS server did not answer tells me one of two possiblities: Mark either forgot to pay his bill to the Hosting service and may not be aware, (the place that manages the IP addresses, containing the DNS servers) or he deliberately let the account expire, which means that he decided to just let Packing.Org die out when the hosting agreement expired.

    One other possibility is that Mark is doing some serious coding to revamp the site to (hopefully) do away with the incredibly flawed "rating" system, which really led to the sites' demise in my opinion. No web forum can be even marginally successful without some effective moderation on the part of website management; I volunteered several times via e-mail to help Mark with this, and he never replied to any of my messages. I know some other folks that volunteered as well, and none of their messages were returned either. I can only assume that Mark probably tossed around the idea of re-moderating the site, then figured it would probably cost more headaches than it was worth, and simply let the site die.

    What a sad end to what was a pioneering website in the field of Concealed carry issues.

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    As the other thread is running I'll close this one off.
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