University of Utah Campus Gun Policy

University of Utah Campus Gun Policy

This is a discussion on University of Utah Campus Gun Policy within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thanks to Utah's excellent preemption law, it is possible to carry a concealed weapon on the University of Utah campus (and the campuses of other ...

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Thread: University of Utah Campus Gun Policy

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    Thumbs up University of Utah Campus Gun Policy

    Thanks to Utah's excellent preemption law, it is possible to carry a concealed weapon on the University of Utah campus (and the campuses of other state universities) without violating the law or University policy. I'm a UofU student and I take full advantage of this.

    This excellent situation came about despite fierce resistance from the university administration. Despite the law clearly prohibiting any state agency from banning guns, the university had to be dragged kicking and screaming through the courts before they agreed to change the rules and allow students, faculty and staff to carry firearms on campus. Thus far, the university has not been very friendly towards the idea of concealed weapons.

    Given this background, I was pleasantly surprised to get the following e-mail from the University today.

    Quote Originally Posted by University of Utah
    Questions about Weapons on Campus

    The Campus Security Task Force was appointed by President Young to address concerns regarding campus safety in the face of news reports about violence and weapons on college campuses. One of its charges was to provide some guidance to the campus community regarding weapons.

    With two exceptions, the University of Utah does not allow lethal weapons on campus – that policy applies to firearms, knives, explosives, or other items whose central purpose is inflicting harm on others. The two exceptions to this policy are the firearms carried by law enforcement officers and concealed weapons carried by lawful permit holders. Those persons who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon must keep their weapons concealed while on campus.

    Faculty, staff, or students may become aware of the presence of a weapon in their immediate vicinity either by happenstance as when a concealed weapon is momentarily visible or through deliberate action of the possessor. In either event, the advice of law enforcement experts is the same – stay calm and avoid confrontation whenever possible.

    Nobody other than an official law enforcement officer should ask the possessor of a weapon whether he/she has a concealed carry permit. Trained peace officers are the right people to deal with this issue.

    In all situations – STAY CALM – AVOID CONFRONTATION if at all possible

    1. If a weapon is not being brandished in a threatening manner, there is no reason for you to become directly involved with the weapon. This is true whether it is openly visible or only briefly exposed. If you have any concern about the weapon’s presence, then
    a. make note of the identity of the possessor
    b. call 585-2677 (5-COPS) or 9-911
    c. do not ask the possessor for a weapon permit

    2. If a weapon is being brandished in a threatening manner or the possessor seems unstable, then
    a. STAY CALM – do not make the situation worse by confrontation if it can be avoided
    b. call 585-2677 (5-COPS) or 9-911

    3. If you are threatened directly or if violence erupts, then
    a. STAY CALM
    i. take evasive action
    ii. do not enter any area without knowing what is there
    iii. use self-defense methods only to the extent that you are familiar or comfortable with them
    iv. look for the most solid protection available (e.g., prefer solid wood furniture over drywall)
    b. call 585-2677 (5-COPS) or 9-911
    I've highlighted the two bits that stand out to me. First, the university acknowledges that not every sighting of a weapon should prompt a call to the police. Of course this may just be a matter of practicality. If the university police were called every time someone printed or accidentally flashed on campus, it would suck up a huge amount of their time. While the policy described above is pretty good, it's not beyond improvement. I would like to see a bit more guidance about what sort of behavior is cause for "concern" that would merit calling the police. After all, I'm sure there are plenty of people on campus who would freak out at the mere sight of a firearm. Nonetheless, this acknowledgment that not all firearms on campus are "bad" is a good start.

    The second bit I bolded is the one that really surprises me. I would have expected the usual lily livered, "don't resist because you might get hurt," sort of admonition. However, the university seems to be acknowledging that there is actually a valid place for self defense when you are faced with the threat of violence. This would be a refreshing position for any governmental authority to take, and coming from an organization that has spent so much time and effort trying to prevent students, faculty, and staff from being able to effectively defend themselves, it is truly amazing.

    The university administration has not been a friend to CCWers in the past, but I have to give credit where it is due. This is probably the most sensible weapons and self defense policy that I've seen from any government organization, much less a university. Kudos to the University of Utah! Go Utes!

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    Even if there is scope for wording improvement - I am overall impressed!!

    Oh to see something of that nature sent out by all academic bodies in all states - we might then be seeing some lessening of gun-free zones - ergo - criminal's paradise!

    Not holding breath tho - prejudicial to health!
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    wow i never thought id say this, but maybe i'll go to school in utah.
    "Wear a gun to someone else's house, you're saying, 'I'll defend this home as if it were my own.' When your guests see you carry a weapon, you're telling them, 'I'll defend you as if you were my own family"

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    way to go utah.

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    Why isn't it that way on every campus, everywhere?
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    Jeez. Stay calm! Don't panic!

    People will probably freak out even more after reading that :)

    edit: on second read it's talking about brandishing, not a momentary accidental exposure.

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    It sounds like someone is finally using a little good old common sense for a change. How refreshing! Not that it couldn't be fine-tuned a little, but that is one big step in the right direction. Maybe you should send a copy or e-mail of that letter to at least all the state universities around the country to show them what a fine example Utah has set. Who knows what might happen?

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    Yes, I am contemplating talking to my school saftey officer. I would like a copy to show, if things go well or not...Thanks!
    Happiness is a warm 9mm

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    Hurray Utah! Not every day that people speak well of this state. I will take the good whenever I can get it. Nice to know I can carry on campus.
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    hip hip hooray job well done.
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    not that way on every campus every where because of same reason not every state has concealed carry law.....bonehead politians!

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    I wonder if I could send a letter to the Attorney General here about a state body banning firearms. VT has a policy against them but the AG already stated that it is NOT illegal to carry on Virginia campuses (except for VCU--where you would probably need it the most...go go liberal retards).

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    Our esteemed Governor Kaine appointed a "blue ribbon committee" to investigate what happened at VT.
    It was a sham at taxpayer expense; when the inability of students and faculty to defend themselves was brought up to the panel they adamantly and predictably ignored the common sense that would be recognized by anyone with half a brain. They were lackey's for an anti-gun/self defense agenda and we the taxpayer had to pay for their nonsense.
    I won't forget when it comes election time again.

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    Hopefully......with no 'high noon shoot outs' in the student union ...people will begin to see that CCW on campus is no big deal. Now if a CCW'er could just stop the next 'campus nut' from pulling off some evil scheme...

    Go Utah!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    love to see that
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