Why don't you carry the same weapon all the time?

Why don't you carry the same weapon all the time?

This is a discussion on Why don't you carry the same weapon all the time? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm just curious, why do I hear so many people talk about carrying various gun? Why not pick one weapon, and carry it all the ...

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Thread: Why don't you carry the same weapon all the time?

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    Why don't you carry the same weapon all the time?

    I'm just curious, why do I hear so many people talk about carrying various gun? Why not pick one weapon, and carry it all the time instead of switching up? I understand the "clothing" consideration, but why not always carry the one weapon that you can carry no matter what you are wearing? To me, it just makes sense to use the same weapon all the time. Familiarity right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post
    To me, it just makes sense to use the same weapon all the time.

    Glock 21, all day, every day.

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    That's what DH keeps telling me. But as a woman I am allowed to change my mind, right?

    Seriously, I practice a lot with the main carry guns (2) and they are enough alike that I feel comfortable with them. I don't carry something that I'm not 100% sure that I could access quickly and hit COM.

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    Variety is the spice of life...it's about preference

    Sometimes I prefer to carry to P229....ideally, I would like to get a P239/.40 (if I do, might turn into my EDC)...

    Sometimes I want 12+1 .40 S&W rounds, other times I feel my 7+1 9mm MK9 is sufficient. Depends on what I am wearing and the event.

    For the longest time I felt the same way you do....and carried a P226 9mm. Then I realized I can have more than one gun...and <gasp> carry more that one gun...

    It's about choice

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    Familiarity right?

    Can't a person be intimately familiar with more than one weapon? I carry three different weapons at the same time, yet have no problem going to any one at anytime. Yes it does take a lot of practice and time with the weapon. I have always been of the mind that one should be extremely familiar with as many weapons as one can. You never know when you will be forced to use a weapon that is not your EDC weapon. Then again, I could be wrong.
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    My EDC is large and heavy - 226 ..... and I am fortunate that lifestyle does not require a change from that much at all - it is therefore from choice and options a dedicated constant companion.

    I prefer the familiarity of just one gun - altho the over-riding ideal requirement IMO is constant manual of arms. I could just as easily have 228 or even 220 on board - they are essentially the same, other than mag capacity.

    For those who need to change for reasons of lifestyle then I always recommend a high degree of practice with any and all that will be carried. Even this might not tho in extremis translate into quite the ''automatic flow'' engendered by just one constant choice.
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    I default to my .45. I do everything I can to carry it before I'll go to a smaller gun. Unfortunately, sometimes it's necessary with clothing the way it is for a woman. I'm intimately familiar with my guns and I don't have a problem with switching from one to the other. I prefer my .45.

    But you asked, "Why not, then, carry the gun that would fit every day?"

    Well, because the gun that allows for easy concealment in almost every garment I choose is not very accurate past about seven yards and it doesn't have NEARLY the stopping power that my .45 has.

    For instance, if I'm going to work on a Tuesday and want to wear something a little nicer, I go ahead and carry my .380. Even if the crap hits the fan while at work I have at least four other heavily armed men with everything from a .357s to .45s to back me up. However, if I'm going to Philly or to some other place that I'm not too familiar with and I want that higher stopping power and greater accuracy at further distances, well, then, I'm going to dress appropriately so that I can carry and conceal my .45.

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    I agree with the OP's sentiment. One gun, one trigger, one grip, one feel, one instinct. When it hits the fan you will revert to instinct and/or training. Don't needlessly confuse your subconscious--'cuz that's what's gonna be operating when it comes time. The only variation I allow myself is to occasionally carry my G27 (EDC) with a G23 mag & grip extender. There's very little difference in overall feel--just a little more backstrap than I'm otherwise used to. Beyond that, zero variance. It just doesn't make sense, IMHO.

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    Last night went for a walk carried Springfield 1911 for something different.It's one I practice with so I have a comfort level with it.
    I like to have a little versatility when it comes to carry pistols.
    What happens if one breaks?

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    All my carry pieces are 1911s. If I'm going to the in laws or they are coming here , I carry the Para CCO. For some strange reason a C1 1911 makes my father in law nervous.
    If I think I'm going to be bending at the waist alot, then I'll carry the Talon II or my GRP (when my 4.25 IWB rig shows up) because they both are bobtailed. They don't print as bad
    My day to day carry is still my CDP
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    Familiar weapons are paramount! Lots of factors play into peoples decisions for what they carry.

    For me, I used to carry 1911's. Then I became a member of a Sheriff dept. tactical team as their medic. Sheriff's dept. policy mandates a .40 cal Glock. So now I carry a G-23 and an XD9sc as a BUG or a revolver as a BUG.

    The Glock, XD's and revolvers are all platforms where you do not have to manipulate a manual safety in order to make them fire.

    This is why I am not presently carrying a 1911 platform anymore as a ccw piece even though I like and prefer the .45 round and the 1911 platform in general.

    I do not want to pull a 1911 in a life or death situation and fail to disengage the safety because I have been using the Glock for the last 8 years and the Glock platform is now in my "muscle memory!" The XD and revolvers are all ok since like the Glock, it is a draw and fire proposition.

    When I leave the Sheriff's dept. and decide to carry a 1911 platform again, I will exclusively carry a 1911 platform and nothing else for the same reason.

    That is basically my criteria!

    It's either all or nothing with regards to something that has an "external safety lever" that has to be manipulated in order to fire the weapon.

    Although, if you carry a 1911 where you have an engrained response to disengaging the safety and on few occasions you carry a Glock, I don't feel it will be very detrimental since you will go through the same (engrained) steps of wiping off the safety of the 1911 on the Glock... there just won't be one there to actually manipulate, but you will still be able to fire the gun just as if it was a 1911 you were holding, if that makes any sense.

    It doesn't work the otherway around though. For example, if you have engrained the manual of arms of firing a Glock... draw, aim, shoot but on this one occaision you have a 1911 and under stress you... draw, aim, shoot... you are going to have a gun sitting there with a safety on and will not get the desired "BANG" you are expecting.
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    I carry a Sig P239 40 when the weather down south allows a cover shirt, jacket, or vest without looking like a idot.... I carry a S & W 642 in a pocket holster 70% of the time, dress pants, work clothes, I carry a 380 Kel Tec with close fitting shorts, or blue jeans, or pants with too small a pocket to cover my 642.
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    From May until November my defensive carry is more for 4-legged critters with long claws and sharp teeth. Therefore I carry a .41 Magnum. From November until May I only concern myself with 2-legged beasts. Then I carry a .40.

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    I carry my 45 whenever possible. I work a part time job that is not exactly gun friendly, so when I am there I carry a P3AT in a smartcarry.

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    I carry my 1911 (Talon III) everyday. For awhile, it has been my only option. We just got my wife a Kahr MK9. But, after getting used to my single-action trigger, I don't think I want to try switching back and forth. Also, I certainly notice the difference in grip angle between my 1911 and a Glock. I cannot imagine switching between the two of those. I've practiced a lot to engrain the feel of the 1911 grip angle into my memory.

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