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Hi ethereal,

I believe you are incorrect that state law prohibits CCW on campus. Sheriff Jim Alderden (Larimer County) wrote an article discussing this issue. Here is a link to that article:


Here is a relevant snippet:
“The most interesting aspect of this controversy is that Colorado state law does NOT prohibit carrying a weapon on campus with a valid permit. CU and other institutions of higher learning are relying on policy set by the Regents of the university and a Formal Opinion, No. 03-03, by then Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar that university policy trumps state law. While I do respect Ken Salazar, there is enough grey area in the cited case laws to think that another attorney or a court could come to a different conclusion.”

CSU does not prohibit CCW while CU does not based on state law but the Attorney General’s opinion.

Here is a link to the Ken Salazar’s opinion:


Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I've seen the articles and the former AG opinion. However, they dont' call it the "People's Republic of Boulder" for nothin'. Truth be told, I have carried, briefly, when picking up my son to drive him home for a weekend visit - Walking to his room, knocking, and then going back to the car. (my wife's truck does not have a locking compartment inside, and I forgot the lock box - rather keep it where I can control it).

But, CU Boulder doesn't see the world the same way the Larimer County Sheriff does - thus the title of my post.