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This is a discussion on Another why I carry rant... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey Why? Do you rule out the possibility that "the regular guy" can never encounter a person out in public on whom ...

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Thread: Another why I carry rant...

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey View Post
    Why? Do you rule out the possibility that "the regular guy" can never encounter a person out in public on whom he called the police and got into legal trouble?
    The regular guy may encounter it but LEO do deal with it all of the time. From experience it's not the person that called the Police that he remembers, it's the cop that locked them up. Post it up all you want but there is a big difference between calling the Police and actually incarcerating someone, especially someone who doesn't want to go. Please don't try turning this into your "CCW versus LEO" platform.

    No disrespect to CCW's but I don't think you truly experience this the way LEO does on such a regular basis. I have found that domestic violence arrests are the most common that I come across. They are usually substance dependent, volatile, resistent to arrest and have already proven that they have a propensity for violence. Add to that the fact that you now are ruining their lives and taking away their children/home and it just a little hair raising when you encounter them in public.

    Like I said before this is why our situational awareness is high and we can usually pick out other LEO based on this observation.

    Go ahead PJ...
    Training means learning the rules. Experience means learning the exceptions.

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    heck its not just LEO's, while they run into way more than any average joe will, normal people have this problem too. I was a bouncer for 2 years in a rougher area of phoenix. Bobby will be getting out of prison this year. (6yrs) He knows I put him there and he's dumb enough to come after me. (if he can find me). Anyone who has been a witness to a crime in a small community will probably have to deal with it.

    'Gratts on the new baby
    Thanks for serving your community

    Semper Fi
    To those that paid for my freedom,

    As with all statements I've made and All that I will make, please check your local laws to verify accuracy. (and if i'm wrong let me know as I like to be right in the future) After all I'm just some goofball posting on an internet forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by semperfi.45 View Post
    ...The bad guys are much more observant of everything...

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    This is a great thread. I apparently missed the one about LEO's (work has been a bear recently.

    LEO are going to run into more scum more often. A lot more often.

    But how about the idea that the scum, who we agree are more observant- - trust me, I KNOW in my line of work that some of them, at least are (some aren't), are going to KNOW an LEO is likely not to be as easy a target.

    They will see an easier payoff, more bang for the buck, more return for effort expended with less risk, in retaliating against a non-LEO witness.

    They may have a greater need of arms than the LEO just because of that, weird though it seems.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

    Gary D. Mitchell, A Sniper's Journey: The Truth About the Man and the Rifle, P. 103, NAL Caliber books, 2006, 1st Ed.

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    i do agree that not just LEO's can get repercussions (like bouncers and such) but i think as a whole, it would be the higher statistic.
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