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This is a discussion on Traffic Stop within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry my drivers license and permit in a credit card sized leather ID holder. I was pulled over recently and had plenty of time ...

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Thread: Traffic Stop

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    I carry my drivers license and permit in a credit card sized leather ID holder.

    I was pulled over recently and had plenty of time to turn off the engine, and get my ID holder out before the LEO got to the door.

    I didn't attempt to get the registration out until after I gave him my license and permit and let him know I was armed.

    I used to be worried about getting this stuff out before the LEO approached but don't worry about it anymore.

    I see no problem with pulling over, turning off the engine (depending on the weather), turning on the dome light, letting the LEO know I have a permit and am armed and simply following the his directions.

    Like Sixto said in a previous thread, we are over thinking this problem.
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    The best thing to do is exactly what the officer says to do. Pull over at a good spot for the LEO to get out of his car and roll your window down and turn off your car. Keep both hands on the wheel. When he approaches the window tell him you are armed and have a permit. Then do what he says to do, if you are not sure whet he wants then ask him to repeat it.

    Bottom line do as you are told and nothing more. Don't reach for your gun or the glove box. The officer wont know what you are doing. Just sit still and follow directions.
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    i keep all pertinent paperwork in the overhead visor, except for my ID, which i keep in my shirt pocket when i drive.

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    I remove any personal information from the vehicle. I carry id, permit, insurance, and cards in a thin carrier in front weak side pocket. When stopped, keep hands visible, make eye contact, smile, and follow instructions.

    Well, OK, maybe the smile part would be hard.
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    I don't neccessarily think that the "Traffic Stops 101" thread should be reopened for discusion.

    However, I do think that the full thread should be moved to this section and stickied since this topic is one of the regular recycles.

    I would also nominate Sixto's original article to be submitted into the reference and how to library.
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    I drive a 4X4 E350 panel van with a 6 inch suspension lift, so I can't be seen until someone walks right up to the door. By then, I have the paperwork in my hands. Never had a problem.
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    And this is why I love using a photographer's vest. Wallet with DL and CCW inside left top front pocket. No need for twisting and reaching behind you. My truck has a compartment on the ceiling to keep the garage door opener but since I have no garage, that is where I keep the registration and insurance card.
    And since I am such a good driver, I never had a ticket for a moving violation ever.

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    I agree with some of the above...this is way overworked!

    On my part, I wouldn't act any different being stopped with or without a weapon. Common sense says you should be polite and display the actions of a polite, and low-key individual.

    On the LEO's part, he's is probably going to assume that every stop could involve a weapon, and your calm attitude and correct info will make things go more smoothly for all...
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