Traffic Stop

Traffic Stop

This is a discussion on Traffic Stop within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a simple question. This is not going to be another tell or not tell thread. I keep my registration and proof of insurance ...

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Thread: Traffic Stop

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    Traffic Stop

    I have a simple question. This is not going to be another tell or not tell thread.

    I keep my registration and proof of insurance in my glove compartment. I keep my driver's license and CCW permit in my back right pocket. I carry my gun at 3:00-4:00.

    Consider a routine traffic stop. You have been followed for a short time. What movements do you make? The end result is to have your hands on the steering wheel (and dome light on if at night) as the LEO approaches. Do you reach over to the glove compartment and fumble for you wallet while you are slowing? All of that movement will surely draw some attention.

    Do you get the glove compartment stuff and then talk to the LEO? That means you tell him you are carrying and then you must reach back (near your gun) to get your permit and license.

    Do you get your permit and license, tell the LEO you are armed and then go for the glove compartment?

    Do you prepare before you start driving to have all that stuff readily accessible in the unlikely event you are stopped.

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    When I started carrying I switched and put my wallet in my left hand rear pocket. I also put my registration and insurance in a holder on the driver’s sun visor.
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    I keep my reg' and insurance in one of those sunvisor wallet dealies. My DL and permit tho are rear left pocket.

    My own personal priority will be not to be seen fidgeting around at all - but have hands visible on steering wheel and dome on, window down once stationary. I would declare my CCW status, where gun is and where wallet is - and request guidance on what is to be my next step.

    My stuff is as ready as I think it need be any time - to prepare more would be inconvenient and risk losing/mislaying something. I'll leave it to LE to inform me of how to proceed.
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    +1 Chris
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    have ever thing 0ut and ready befor the officer gets to your car, i keep my registration & insurance togather in my gove box in a small folder.ccw & drivers lic in my wallet, first thing i do is hand the nice officer my drivers lic & ccw togather, and have everthing else ready. you will make him very nervous fumbling around looking for things while he's looking at your ccw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lochinver View Post
    +1 Chris
    +2 Chris

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    Reg. and Insurance attached to visor.
    License in card case in front pocket.

    Don't touch anything until asked.
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    know your rights!

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    I point you to here...

    Its answers all your questions and then some from the LEO point of view.

    Mods, perhaps its time to open this one back up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I point you to here...

    Its answers all your questions and then some from the LEO point of view.

    Mods, perhaps its time to open this one back up?
    Thanks for the link, SIXTO. It took me two hours to get though the thread. Very good information and some good stories.

    As in one of the stories in that thread I, too, was a recipient of LEO discretion when I was younger. I thank that LEO every day. He literally saved my life.

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    I just read EVERY post in

    Excellent thread! I just have a couple of comments/questions:
    1. Many years ago in this area there was a red light bandit that stopped a college student on her way home from a night class. He took her in the woods, raped her and killed her. There are a lot of people that still remember that and most of the younger people have heard the story at least once. Is it really that unreasonable for someone to want to be in a lighted area with people?

    Several years ago, my wife worked across the river in Ohio and was driving through a small WV town on her way to work about 23:30. Apparently the town police officer clocked her exceeding the speed limit. Just as she was getting on the bridge to cross the river to Ohio, the cop lit her up. It was dark and nobody was around. She knew that just across the bridge was a lighted 24 hour grocery store, so she slowed, put on her emergency flashers and waved at the officer to indicate that she was aware that she needed to stop. About half way across the bridge, the officer sped up and passed her, turned the car across both lanes, jumped out of the car and pulled his pistol and pointed it at my wife. I would appreciate LEO comments. I understand that she could have waited with her doors locked, but just as people can buy lights and put them on a vehicle, can't they also buy uniforms and badges?

    2. Like I said, the city in which I live is on the WV/Ohio border, so there were residents of both states in my CCL class. Our instructor indicated that it was against the law to directly handle a weapon in the presence of a LEO. He recommended that everyone have a case (Like a fanny pack) with a zippered closure so that before the officer approached the car, you could remove your firearm and place it in the case. That way, if the officer wanted you to disarm, you could hand him the case with the gun and not violate the law. He said that there might be a few cops who would ask for your weapon and if you handed it to him then arrest you for it. I have read the gun laws for WV and OH and I found it in the Ohio code. I would just like to have the views of any LEO's on this. Is this a realistic positive practice, or is it more dangerous? Is it better just to leave the weapon where it is and if asked to remove it (when in Ohio) offer to allow the officer to remove it himself?

    Sorry to be so long winded and hope these seem reasonable questions?


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    In a place you've only dreamed of where your soul is always free...
    No matter what you do you'll find an equal number of cops who will praise you as who will lecture you (or worse). Do your best to not get stopped in the first place.
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    I don't keep any identifying paperwork in my vehicles, reg. and insurance cards are in my wallet. I usually keep my wallet in my back left poket or the console when driving. I would have it out and accessable when he approached my window, then go from there.

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    +3 Chris...

    My registration is in glove box... My DL & CCW on money clip in Left Front Pocket.

    Pistol(s) will be in one or two of three different places either on my person or mounted below the dash by my right leg.

    I usually inform when LEO greets me (though not required) and let him tell me how to proceed.
    Semper Fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    I keep my registration and proof of insurance in my glove compartment. I keep my driver's license and CCW permit in my back right pocket. I carry my gun at 3:00-4:00.

    Consider a routine traffic stop. What movements do you make?
    I assume the LEO following me knows I'm armed, or at least licensed to be armed. At minimum, any LEO worth his/her salt is assuming I'm armed, legally or not. Any unexpected movement could have ugly results. So, for me it's simple: await instructions patiently, while keeping hands in view and minimizing movement until he's got visibility and control of the situation. The last thing I want is a Glock in the ear.

    I keep no identifying info in the car, unattended. It's on me. So, when asked, I'll open up the wallet and get the various items requested, all in plain view.
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    Why not take a hint out of the LEO carry book and wear your ID (not a CCW badge) around your neck so it's with you at all times. Sometimes I leave my wallet in the car but my LEO ID is always on me.
    Last edited by semperfi.45; August 22nd, 2007 at 09:08 AM. Reason: Addition of language to ensure that everyone knows that a CCW badge is a bad idea.
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