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Your personal perceived risk rating?

This is a discussion on Your personal perceived risk rating? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I knew you had to be pretty on the alert Steve but - sounds like it is more than I imagined. Watching six must be ...

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Thread: Your personal perceived risk rating?

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    I knew you had to be pretty on the alert Steve but - sounds like it is more than I imagined. Watching six must be second nature to you!

    I am indeed most fortunate.
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    Suburban dweller, high risk area. Metro area of about 3 million people, high crime rates, increasing violent gang activity.

    Wife and I both carry and our home has 3 levels of defense. We've taken a proactive stand to provide for our own secuirty, as the cops priorities around here seem to be dictated by the County's desire to increase revenue rather than patrol the streets.

    Just this week we walked out of the movie theater at 12:15 in the afternoon right into the middle of a drug bust and police shoot out. Fortunately our car was not one of the 6 or 7 the BG rammed trying to get away, befor the cops shot him!

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    My wife and I live in an urban area with low risk in the immediate neighborhood, but high rates of burglery and theft all around us. My primary concern is the risk from drug users stealing to feed their habit, plus the fact that there are lots of scum bags all around who will kill or injure without batting an eye. Our local papers are full of crime stories every day. We keep loaded firearms in the house, in the car, and I carry wherever I go, except that I teach part time at a private school and have to leave my pistol outside the building when I work. However, it goes back on my person as soon as I'm out of the building. I always carry one pistol with one extra magazine plus two knives, one a folder in my pocket and one quick opener clipped to my belt.

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    Rural/Low risk

    I live in a rural community and I would classify it as low risk. However, when my house was still under construction (several years ago) someone broke in and swiped some tools and such. This incident is what prompted my first gun purchase. Several years later, Ohio passed their CCW law. I got my license and carry whenever I leave the house, except at work (more on this later). Depending on my mood, either my Glock 19 or my PT-145 are along for the ride. I avoid CPZ's whenever possible. I can always find another place to meet my needs. I installed an alarm system in my home and my car has an alarm system as well. I am a Security Officer (local college campus) and we are unarmed. Of course, universities are a CPZ so I am unable to carry at work. However, I always have my department issue Pepper Spray and at least 2 folders on my person. In a pinch, I always have my maglight as well. There is a bill in the Ohio House at present, that will exempt universities as CPZ's. Sounds good to me! Hopefully, it will pass someday.

    Are my security measures overly paranoid? To some, maybe. For me, no. I guess having been a Security Officer for 10+ years, I am "paranoid" by nature. Oh well, I refuse to go through life in condition white like one of the sheeple. BTW, I also carry at home quite frequently. When I'm not, I am never too far away from a loaded firearm (fast access gun safe).
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    We live in a fairly low crime suburban area, so realistically we are probably around 3 or 4 for risk. I usually assume a much higher level of risk because I know that bad stuff can happen anywhere. We have a monitored alarm system, good door locks and deadbolts, a 7' block wall around the back yard with locked gates, lots of lights in the front yard on a timer, IR perimeter floodlights, exterior door locks on my bedroom and office doors, a large dog (friendly, but alert and loud) and, of course, an assortment of guns ready to use. I stay in yellow most of the time, although usually pale yellow while secure in my house. It's a big house and even if someone kicked in the front door, I would have time to react.
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    Where I live is technically rural. I live just outside the town limits population 346. The county is growing like nobody's business, 160K at last count. So I'm moving. Crime in my part of the county is almost non-existent. Crime where I'm moving is non-existent. So the risk factor is low. Doesn't mean I'm not prepared however.

    Most of my risk factor comes because I do most of my work traveling and at military installations. So I fly to a strange city, no reciprocity usually, and I work on a military installation. So I don't bring a gun.

    So I make do with items that aren't classified as weapons.

    Most I can carry on the plane as well, which is nice.


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    rural dweller...very low risk.

    Reserve Deputy...very high risk...but thats the way I like it...

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    I live and work in a suburb south of Denver. Englewood used to be a quiet community with a lot of retired folks, but like most of the front range of Colorado, things are growing fast.

    I'm living in an apartment building about 1/2 block from the major hospital where I work. My main concern is probably burglary...some shady characters move in and out of this building. There is also some gang type activity here, but not as much as in other parts of Denver.

    As far as your rating poll goes, usually a 4, but when I get off of work at 11:30 PM and walk home in the dark, condition is a strong yellow and I would say poll rating #3, as I'm not allowed to carry any weapons at work. I really need to look into an unobtrusive belt type folding knife that may pass muster at work
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    Polling doesn't make any difference, when was the last time you saw a tree, wind or rain cause any crime? Any place where you have a population, you are eventually going to be subject to some law bending/breakers. If insisting on living with others; better to be prepared.

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    I live in a small bedroom community that is very close to The Dane County Airport.

    This airport has many frequent and low cost fares to and from Tennessee, where Betty lives.

    I would classify my exposure to danger as 'very high risk,' in a possible, plausible and very likely ocurrance at reasonable rates.

    Oh sure, you laugh. But has it crossed your mind that I could get my rosy red rump blown away for the $78.50 weekend rates?

    Check the schedule in your area wise guy...

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    I live in Northern VA/DC Metro area. I would have classified it as low risk 5 years ago, before MS-13 and the SSL (Southside Locos) moved in. Now there doesn't seem to be a week that goes by without a machette attack. There was one this weekend in Springfield where I do most of my shopping. So I would say I am about a 4. I always carry my Para Warthog which is 10+1 and I sometimes add my double mag holster to the mix for a total of 31 rounds. I almost aways have my little Gerber folder with me as well. Like I tell my wife "I would rather have it and never need it, then not have it and need it."
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    Rural dwelling - low risk Population of entire county is around 20,000. Two hours to a medium city. Low crime rate, but stuff does happen. Like most areas, I've seen it get worse over the past 20 years.

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    Rural Dweller - low risk. With that said it varies by day with contacts from work. I always sit with my back to the wall with good visibility in public places. I dont like suprises, unless its my birthday.

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    Suburban, I would have said low but last week someone broke into my wife's car in our driveway, so I'm bumping it up to medium, maybe high.

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    Suburban low risk.

    I try to avoid obvious combat zones in the nearby urban area and carry as much as possible given that my workplace is a CPZ as "S" can hit the fan anywhere.

    I strive to maintain situational awarness at all times and always have alternate defensive means available.

    The primary reason I carry as much as I do is more along the lines of rather have it and not need it any specific threat level. If I do percieve an increased threat level then the Mossberg or AR come out to play as well.

    There's also the element of I carry because I can, and Citizens need to exercise their rights.
    NRA Life Member

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