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Your personal perceived risk rating?

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Thread: Your personal perceived risk rating?

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    At home low risk but at work medium to high risk.

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    I live in a predomiantely Chech/German community of less than a thousand people. 75% are of retirement age or older. You know one of those "I don't even need to lock my doors when I leave the house" kind of places. The town itself is probably one of the safest places in my county to live. Unfortunately there are larger surrounding communities and small towns that are experiencing problems of the major metropolitan areas. Rapes are up, burgulary is up, drug busts are up, and lets not even talk about gang activity. Yes I live in a very rural community that I wish was like the Norman Rockwell vision of a great place to live or even the TV commercial about thr community of Perfect. I keep guns loaded and stored in safe places strategically around my home. I am never outside without a gun in my pocket. I never go anywhere without a gun in my pocket and another easily accessable in my car or truck. I even carry in church. I am constantly in condition yellow. I keep tabs on the number of times any strange vehicles pass my house. I look for strange faces in the local merchant shops. When traveling to some of the afore mentioned surrounding communities I go well armed and prepared for the worst. And I return home with a sigh of relief and a thorough inspection of my domicile prior to entering. Neurotic....mabey, sheeple...never. Funny....having grown up in a medium sized town that was fairly safe, all of this is natural to me. I pulled quite a bit of Shore Patrol duty in the Navy, worked as a bouncer for 10 years and had considered a carrer in law enforcement at one time.

    Now after all that rambling I consider my threat level always high, no matter where I am. I am either checking out my wife's 6 ;) or I am watching mine.
    The only thing needed for evil to exist is for good men to stand by and do nothing!!!

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