need opinions on carry decision

need opinions on carry decision

This is a discussion on need opinions on carry decision within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been carrying off and on for about a year and a half now. Admittedly off for the most part due to my carry ...

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Thread: need opinions on carry decision

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    need opinions on carry decision

    I have been carrying off and on for about a year and a half now. Admittedly off for the most part due to my carry weapon being a full size 1911 and my inability to comfortably carry it despite trying different carry methods. I am in the market for a smaller firearm so that I will carry more often, but thats not what Im here to ask about.

    Recently I have made a career change to be an appliance repairman (yes Im the maytag man, no I dont sit around all day). Ive been debating whether or not to carry while working. My job takes me into peoples homes. Sometimes those homes are in shall we say "unsavory" neighborhoods. At times I do feel unsafe in these "hoods". Im looking for opinions on whether or not to carry in other peoples homes. Im seriously on the fence on this one because sometimes have to crouch, lay down and contort myself to fix things. I worry that if I were to carry in a strangers home and I was made it could turn ugly. On the other hand if I can conceal well enough then they would be none the wiser. Ive considered talking to my boss about it but I dont know if he is pro gun or not yet and I dont want to alienate him because Im still new. Thoughts from anybody that does this kind of work would be highly appreciated
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    This sounds like an opportunity to use some kind of fanny pack. I wouldn't think twice about a repair man with a fanny pack. And with that, you could carry your full-size 1911. Taking the fanny pack off wouldn't draw attention if you have to really contort to do the job. Perhaps just zipping the pistol in a soft container and putting it in something you'll have with you, like a tool box, would work.

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    If company policy does not address it, is silent, or does not exist, and assuming it is otherwise legal in Florida (e.g. no exceptions or limitations on you or your matter of interest) I would carry. Most certainly.

    I would get a high quality holster and carry on your body - a pack IMHO is a bad idea due to trips out to the truck, small children pestering you at customers homes, etc.
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    Rules say no, then no. Otherwise, go with your gut. It is your decision, and as you are inferring, not one made lightly. Luck.
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    If no rules against it by your employer, I'd go with pocket carry. and a smalller gun, such as a SW J frame of a Kel tec. Less likely to be exposed while you are wriggling around doing your job. Perhaps a SMART CARRY carry might also work. 5" 1911 is a big gun to carry, and I would expect a bit more difficult to conceal, especially in your line of work with frequent bending, stooping etc. although I'm sure there are many who do

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    After tweleve years of delivering appliances in Maricopa County. I had not found a comfortable way to carry on body concealed. I finally settled on a lap top bag that holds a full size .45 and two ten round magazines.
    Fanny packs don't work because you have to take them off 90% of the time, IWB and owb does not work because I am a big heavy guy and you end up banging up wood work or stainless.
    Ankle carry will show while installing disposals or dish washers.
    Vests only work for two months out of the year here.

    The gun was holstered in an IWB holster ( inside the bag) that I could put on when I had too.

    Good luck with your decesion,

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    Why not do what a Maytag Repairman does and carry an Airweight J-Frame in the pocket?

    It works, even in the hottest of weather. I'm in a desert southwest state and carry my BUG that way off duty.


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    Search out the company policy...but DO NOT ask...
    I would use something you feel comfortable with that you could 'pocket' carry.
    No fanny pack, or holster to explain to anyone.
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    Really deep concealment - small gun

    Although you could carry a gun off body in your tool kit, enclosed in a soft container, this is probably not the best solution for reasons already mentioned. You might have to be separated from the gun for some reason, and would not have control of it at all times.

    I think the best solution is on body carry of a small gun in very deep concealment, so that it would not flash or print while you are working. Your full size 1911 probably won't work due to its size. A better choice might be an airweight internal hammer revolver or a Kahr PM9/Walther PPS semiauto. Besides the pocket carry already suggested, you might consider the "Kangaroo Carry" holster worn under your shirt in the armpit area, as shown below. It is a slow draw but the concealment is almost perfect.

    Kangaroo holster website

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    How about an XD compact or sub compact? Or a Beretta PX4 Storm? Either should be easy to conceal. I IWB jean & T shirt 365 days a year with a flannel & coat over in the winter. Ditto on don't ask don't tell if the empoyees manual doesn't say anything about it.

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    Sounds like time for a Seecamp, NAA Guardian or a Kel-tec in a good pocket holster. And don't ask anyone about it. Just keep it in your pocket unless/until you find yourself in a situation where no explanation was needed, and you're glad you have it on you.

    Concealed is the key word for you, my friend. Keep it to yourself, and definitely don't ask you boss. He could fear liability if he knowingly allowed you to carry into a customer's house. Just conceal it well and keep it to yourself.

    That's my $0.02, at least..
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    Pocket carry something like a Kahr PM9. Practice to re-program your thinking. I carry mine and forget (in a manner of speaking) it's there. I don't trust a gun to be off my person when out and about. The Kahr's profile is more to my liking than a wheelie. Get a good pocket holster, too. JMHO
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    check your local laws.

    Here in NY it's illegal to carry into a residence without the permission of the resident. No idea if FL has anything like that.

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    I'd go with pocket carry in a good pocket holster or a smart carry.
    The smart carry will give you the option of a larger gun then pocket carry will.
    As for talking to your boss, I wouldn't do it, just read thru the company policy manual (if there is one) and find out, otherwise keep quiet about it, keep it concealed (unless you need it) and carry!

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    Well, a 1911 is "ease of carry" personified. If you mean that it's too heavy--okay--but it's thin and none too big. Anything else is likely to feel bulky.

    Do you have room in the tool box? Or maybe do the old "holster in a book" thing?

    HK Dan
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